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Вся лексика та граматика зібрана за вивчені теми 2 семестру. Лексичний матеріал: Тема: Наука і технічний прогрес : a handset, a range, stuff, a victim, to enable, average, cellular, .....
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Що повинні знати учні 11 клас ІІ семестр

Лексичний матеріал:

Тема: Наука і технічний прогрес : a handset, a range, stuff, a victim, to enable, average, cellular, appliances, device, gadgets, machine, motor, an mp3 player, texting, an iPod, online, to download, YouTube, website, a  gigabyte, a password, a hacker, a blogger, a virus, a gadget, a laptop, delete, highlight, paste, store, switch, correction, drive, icon, file.


Тема: Природа і довкілля: Conservation, heritage, recreation, reproduction, reserve, value, virgin, to admire, to constitute, to preserve, precious, varying, Extinction, a particle, shortage, waste disposal, to escape, to react, damaging, Pesticides, to complain, to convince, to dig, to persuade, to remind, harmful, renewable, sustainable.


Тема: Мистецтво: Art, work of art, an approval, a fiction film, a must see movie, recognition, heartwarming, meaningless, stroking, Surrealist, realistic, cubism, images, scenes, Science fiction thriller, minds, directed.


Тема: Молодь і молодіжна культура:an addict, a citizen, drug, government, hardship, a participant, a pregnancy, to benefit, to handle, to get, dumped, an anxiety, an envy, a handicap, an illiteracy, a rage, to stunt, vulnerable, an abuse, bulling, a disease, a disorder,  a suicide, to embarrass, to expose, to frustrate, to neglect

Тема: Країни виучуваної мови. Україна в світі:conscious, a favor, nowadays, sovereign, a novice, a co-founder, to ingrate, to resolve, a secure, an issue, fundamental, to overcome, a collapse, a  ranking,  vote, brexit, an affair, a guideline, headquarters, integration, jurisdiction, justice, labor, a procedure, violation, to concern, to promote, voluntary, a member, a suggestion, an activist, to donate, a charity, a petition, to raise, to register, to encourage, to approve.


Граматичний матеріал:

relative clauses and compound sentences direct and reported speech first, second and third conditional, sequence of tenses infinitive present/past participle.

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Англійська мова (10-й рік навчання, рівень стандарту) 11 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
7 квітня 2020
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