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Презентація "Сities of Ukraine"

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Презентація "Сities of Ukraine" до уроку з англійської мови для учнів 10-х класів.
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Cities of Ukraine

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Let‘s answer some questions:1. Where is Ukraine situated ?2. What is the capital of Ukraine?3. What is the climate of Ukraine?4. What is the largest range of mountain?5. What is the highest peak of mountain?6. What are the main rivers of Ukraine?7. What is the national symbol of Ukraine?8. What is the largest city in Ukraine?Ukraine is situated in the eastern part of Europe. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. The climate of Ukraine is continental. The largest range of mountains is Carpathians. The highest peak is Hoverla. The main rivers are the Buh, the Dniper and the Dnister. The nation symbols of Ukraine are the flag, the Trident and the anthem. The largest cities are Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, and Zaporizhya

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Match the words with their definitions. a. someone who is kept in prison as a legal punishment for a crime b. a show of paintings, photographs or other objects that people can go to see c. the official home of a person of a very high rank, especially a king or queen d. a large building where people can see famous pieces of art e. a complicated and confusing arrangement of streets, roads etc. f. famous or interesting places that tourists visitg. an object made of valuable stones and used for decoration h. a tall narrow building either built on its own or forming part of a castle, church etc. palace the sights mazeprisoner towerjewelexhibition gallery

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Look at the pictures of Ukrainian cities. Match the cities with the pictures. Then look at the map given below and say the names of regional centres and the names of the regions. Kharkiv. Donetsk. Zaporizhzhia. Lviv. Chernivtsi. Odessa

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Read the words and word combinations.

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Practise saying the words.

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LVIV LVIV (population 733,000) is an important transportation and industrial centre. Its manufactures include electronic equipment, motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, chemicals, textiles, and processed food. It is one of the leading cultural centres. Это изображение, автор: Неизвестный автор, лицензия: CC BY-SA

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ZAPORIZHZHYA Zaporizhzhya (815,000) is the major industrial city. Products include aluminium, processed magnesium, iron and steel, motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, and chemicals. The city is the site of the large Dniprohes hydroelectric station.

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ODESA Odesa (1,029,000) is the chief trade and fishing port of the country. It is also a major manufacturing, railroad, and cultural centre and a popular resort. Products of the city include refined petroleum, processed food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and clothing.

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TERNOPIL Ternopil (233,152) is an important rail junction and highway hub. Its industries produce food products (sugar, beer, dairy, meat), cotton textiles, synthetic leather, clothing, electric parts, farm machinery, and building materials.

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DONETSK Donetsk (1,016,000) is a chief industrial city. Among the city’s principal manufactures are iron and steel, machinery, chemicals, electric equipment, and processed food.

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DNIPRO Dnipro (1,065,000) is a chief industrial city of Ukraine. Its manufactures include steel, construction materials, chemicals, railroad equipment, and agricultural and mining machinery.

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RIVNE Rivne (244,357) is a road and rail junction and industrial centre. Industries in the city produce tractors, high-power equipment, chemicals (ammonia, acids, and fertilizers), building materials, food products, linen and other consumer goods. Flax, small grains, sugar beets, and potatoes are grown nearby.

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KHARKIV Kharkiv (1,470,000) is a chief industrial and transportation centre. Manufactures include farm and mining machinery, electric and railroad equipment, chemicals, machine tools, and processed food.

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Talk about the cities of Ukraine. Use phrases given below. What do you think of...? How do you like...?How do you find...? What about...?Model: A: What do you think of Ternopil? B: It is rather like Rivne. They both produce building materials, food products, and clothing, and are important rail junctions.

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Look at the pictures. Say which city is depicted on each picture. Describe the cities.

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