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Презентація за темою "Моя школа" до підручника Несвіт

Про матеріал
РОзробка до підручника А.Несвіт стр 106-107, включає всі вправи з підручника, повторення граматики, читання та переклад тексту(листа),завдання до тексту та домашнє завдання
Зміст слайдів
Номер слайду 1

Hello. Class work Topic“My school “

Номер слайду 2

Read and translate the letter at p.106 ex 110 December 2019 Dear Oscar,I want to tell you about my school life in Ukraine. I go to school five days in a week. Saturday and Sunday are my days off. The lessons start at 8.30. I learn Ukrainian, Maths, English, Reading and other subjects. I get on well with my friends in class. We like to play together on the sport ground or in our gym after classes. We often visit museums and other interesting places with our class teacher. She is so kind. Please write soon. Best wishes, Steve

Номер слайду 3

Choose the correct item1. Steve writes about his school life in…. A England B Ukraine C the USA2. Steve goes to school ….. days a week. A five B six C seven3. The lessons start at …. A 7.30 B 8.30 C 9.304. Steve gets on well with …. A his teachers B his friends C his parents5. Steve and his classmates often visit…A cinemas B museums C libraries

Номер слайду 4

Give the answers. How many subjects have you got on your timetable?Which is your favorite lesson?When do your classes usually start?When are your classes over?Do you get on well with other pupils in class?How much time do you usually spend at school?What do you usually do after classes?What subject is the most difficult (interesting, boring )for you?

Номер слайду 5


Номер слайду 6

Read and complete the dialogueuse was/were1. A: What time did you get back home yesterday?B: OK, it …. Late. About 5 o`clock. A: ….. You tired?B: No, I …. Not tired ,but I …. Very hungry.2. A: Did you finish your homework yesterday?B: No, I didn`t finish your Maths because it … difficult. And you?A: It …. Not difficult for me because my dad helped me.

Номер слайду 7

Write a letter to your penfriendex 5 p 107

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