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Проблема булінгу в сучасній школі

Про матеріал
Учням пропонується проаналізувати причини виникнення проблеми булінгу, висловити свою думку. Мета уроку : розвиток навичок усного мовлення учнів.
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Topic : Bullying

Objectives :  Practical  : to exchange opinions practicing the material of the lesson in as natural way as possible ;

Developing: to develop students" reading skills; to develop students"speaking skills;

Upbringing: to motivate students to analyze the problematic situation suggesting their own ideas;            

Materials needed:  copies of the text  " Bullying"




1. Beginning

1) Introduction of the lesson

2) Warming-up

1. Work with the dictionary. Find the definition of the notion "Bully"

Bully   1. To threaten to hurt someone or to frighten them, especially someone smaller or weaker.

             2. to put pressure on someone in order to make them do what you want

 (Longman Exams Dictionary)

2. The main part

 Reading  activity

Pre-reading  activity

1. T. Answer the question:

Have you ever been bullied by your classmates ?

2. What is your point of view?

Bullying has many dangerous and harmful side effects.(yes/no)

Express your opinion and mark it in the   following scale :

          + Yes                           I don't care                  -No


3. Vocabulary A

Check that you understand the meanings of the words from the text


Ask a large number of people questions in order to

Find out their attitudes and opinions

To be alert

To know about or understand smth., especially a possible danger or problem

To tackle

To try  to deal with a difficult problem


A feeling of extreme unhappiness

To affect

To do smth. that produces an effect or change in smth. or in someone's situation


Behavior that is intended to hurt other people physically



While- reading  activity

Read the text and fill in the following  table:

"+" I know

"-" I don't know

"?" I don't understand

"!" It's a surprise to me

Schools   urged to tackle pupils' fear of bullying

Survey finds widespread emotional distress among 12-year-olds

Donald MacLead Educational Correspondent

    One in three 12-yyar- old schoolgirls and one in four boys are afraid of going to school because of bullying, according to a survey published yesterday.

"Schools must tackle the unacceptably high levels of fear and doctors should be more alert to the number of children with illnesses  linked to emotional distress cause by bullying"- said John Balding, director of the School Health Education Unit at Exeter University, who surveyed nearly 5,500 pupils aged 12 to 13 in 60 schools across the country. I have learned horrendous stories about children hanging themselves, being beaten up, suffering broken bones. We are now hearing from lots of distressed people who want to be listened to. It is dreadful. Children with low self-esteem were more likely to be afraid. There was a clear connection with higher frequency of illness and referral to the doctor among these children. "There are also clear links with breathing problems and loss of sleep, which may both be pointers to anxiety levels."

    The weakest  get weaker. It's like the law of the jungle. Those who are more often ill and in medication are those who fear bullying. They are losing sleep. Have colds and coughs, skin complaints and worry a lot.

    This climate of fear goes some way to explaining Dr Baldong's previous survey, which found more than one in five secondary schoolchildren said they had recently carries an offensive weapon, including knives and guns.

    While children" s fears may be exaggerated, another recent study found nearly half of all 13 to 16 –year-olds reported being bullied verbally or physically, and there were often knock-on effects on their schoolwork.

     "Bullying is a fact of life, but it affects kids" performance in school and it is totally undesirable", said Dr Balding. None of the schools surveyed, from Cornwall to Teesside, were in trouble spots noted for violence. Pupils with home support who felt able to turn to both mother and father for help were least likely to fear bullying.



Post-reading  activity

Oral  spеech.  Discussion

Метод  "Прес"

Make a group of four. And think over the following  statement from the text.

"The weakest get weaker. It's like the law of the jungle."



Home Assignment:  Write  a letter to the editor of school newspaper  concerning the possible measures to prevent bullying.



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