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Розробка розмовних тем для 4 класу "English Topics"

Про матеріал

До Вашої уваги пропонується розробка мовних тем для учнів 4 класу (з поглибленим вивченням). Ці 12 тем Ви можете взяти за основу, доповнивши їх. Теми розроблені за певними ситуаціями.

Перегляд файлу

1.You are the pupil of the 4th form. Describe your school life.

13.Tell what subjects you have at school, about your favourite lesson. Don’t forget to explain what you usually do at this lesson, why you like it.


1) Let me introduce myself. I’m Max and I’m 9, so I’m a pupil of the 4th form. 2) I go to school number 7.

3) It’s not a secret that our school life is too busy. 4) As for me I have 5 or 6 lessons a day.

5) We study English, Maths, Ukrainian, Nature Studies, Music, Art and Sport. 6) My favourite subjects are English and Maths.

7)      As a matter of fact I have English 4 times a week. I’m excellent at English.

8)      And I’m keen on learning English words, speaking, reading and writing in English.

9)      We have Maths 3 times a week.

10)  I’m fond of counting and doing sums.

11)  During my free time I take part in extra-school activities.

12)  I sing in school choir and I’m good at playing the guitar. 13) To my mind school life is fun!






2.     You are a guide in London. Meet some tourists and tell them about the city.


1)       Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! 

2)       I’m very glad to greet you in London-the capital of England.

3)       It’s not a secret that London stands on the river Thames. 4) There are a lot of bridges over the river.

5)         The Tower Bridge is very old and famous.

6)         There is a big park in London. It’s called Hyde Park.

7)         You can walk, run, ride a bike or ride a horse there.

8)         If you are interested in history you can visit the British Museum.

9)         To my mind it’s very exciting to see some very old things like mummies.

10)    I think the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace are worth to see too.

11)    As you know Big Ben is a famous clock.

12)    You can get about the town by cars, busses, which are called double-deckers and by underground. British call it the Tube.

13)    I like the popular words “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life!”





3.     You are from Ukraine. You are talking on Skype with your British friend. Describe seasons and weather in our country.

18. Tell about your favourite season:  the weather in this season, what clothes you usually wear and what you usually do in this season of the year.


1)               As you know there four seasons in a year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter.

2)               Winter starts in December and ends in February in Ukraine.

3)               The weather is cold, frosty and snowy.

4)               People wear warm coats, sweaters, scarves, hats and boots.

5)               Children can make snowmen, play snowballs, skate, ski and sledge.

6)               As for me I don’t like winter because it is often cold and slippery but tasters differ.

7)               March, April and May are spring months.

8)               The weather is warm and sometimes windy.

9)               It sometimes rains and people have to take their umbrelas.

10)           We wear jackets, raincoats, jeans and shoes in spring.

11)           We can ride bikes and fly kites.

12)           As for me my favourite season is summer. 

13)           It is hot and sunny. People wear T-shirts, shorts and sandals.

14)           I’m keen on swimming and sunbathing.

15)           In autumn is cool, foggy, windy and rainy. Children go to school. We wear raincoats, coats, sweaters and rubber boots. 

16)           But as for me each weather type has its own charm.  


4. On Christmas Eve you were in Great Britain. Tell your Ukrainian friends about holidays in England.


1)    To tell the truth there are a number of holidays, which are celebrated in Great Britain every year.

2)    One of them is, of course, the New Year's Day on the first of January. It is not so popular in England as in our country. On that day people usually visit their friends and there is a lot of dancing and eating. 

3)    The next holiday of the year is St. Valentine's Day. It is on the 14th of February.

People buy or make Valentine cards and send them to the people they love.

4)    In March there is Mother's Day. All the children and adults, come to their mothers on that day to express their love and gratitude.

5)    In April there is Easter. At Easter children eat chocolate Easter eggs. 

6)    On the 31st of October there is a Halloween. People make lanterns out of pumpkins. 

7)    The 25th of December is Christmas Day. People put Christmas trees in their houses and decorate them. There are beautiful Christmas decorations in the streets. On Christmas Eve everybody puts the presents under the Christmas tree. People say that at night Father Christmas puts presents into the stockings. The traditional Christmas meal is roasted turkey and Christmas pudding.


5.     You spent your last day off at your grandmother’s. She asks you about your friend. Tell her about him/her.

12. Prove that your friend is really the best.


1)      To tell the truth I’m very sociable and that’s why I have got a lot of friends.

2)      My best friend's name is … . (Tom). Tom is my classmate. 

3)      He is rather handsome. He has got green eyes and blond hair. He is tall and slim.

4)      Honestly speaking Tom is clever. He is the brightest pupil in the class.

5)      He is fond of reading English books and doing sums. 

6)      He likes travelling too because he is interested in visiting different countries and the places of interest. 

7)      We like to spend our free time together. He is so curious and imaginative. By the way Tom is a good story-teller.

8)      No doubt Tom is the best friend.

9)      He is helpful and friendly and he is always ready to help. 10)         To my mind a friend in need is a friend indeed.






6.     Your pen-friend invites you to visit him. He wants to know about your hobby to make your days off more interesting.

17. Tell what hobby you have. Explain why you are fond of (dancing, music,

sport, collecting things, etc). Prove that it’s really interesting.


1)                           A hobby is something you like to do in your free time. 

2)                           Some people make something, grow plants or collect things. 

3)                           A lot of people do sports in their free time. Some people are fond of traveling or gardening. 

4)                           Different people like doing different things. Tasters differ. 

5)                           Honestly speaking I spend a lot of time on my homework but in the evenings I have enough free time to do my hobby. 

6)                           My hobbies are reading, playing LEGO and roller skating. 

7)                           I like reading very much. I read interesting books, usually about animals. 

8)                           I’m interested in playing LEGO. I have built a lot of houses from LEGO blocks and I like to do it.

9)                           I'm fond of roller skating. I can roller skate but I want to skate better. 

10)                       I've done skating for about 6 months. I'm proud that I could learn to roller skate so quickly.

11)                       I think that my hobbies are exciting!


8. Your small sister has never been to the zoo. Tell her about animals she can watch there.


1)                           Honestly speaking I was at the Zoo last summer. 

2)                           Many kinds of animals live there: elephants, giraffes, lions, dolphins, brown bears, foxes, monkeys. 

3)                           There are many kinds of birds there too. 

4)                           It was so interesting to watch the animals. 

5)                           As usual the monkeys were full of fun. 

6)                           They jumped, ran, played with each other and ate bananas. 

7)                           Big birds were stretching their wings and flying down to their food. 

8)                           Two dolphins jumped out of the water to catch their fish. 

9)                           Baby lions had a fight for their meat. 

10)                       The elephant looked hungry and I shared my apple with him. 

11)                       I had a good time that day. 

12)                       No doubt my visit to the Zoo was enjoyable.







19. Talk about the holidays we celebrate in our country.



1)      We have many holidays in Ukraine but I would like to tell about the main of them.

2)      First it is the New Year. It is merry to decorate the New Year Tree, to dance near it and to get presents. 

3)      Christmas is an old and popular holiday. 

4)      In the morning boys go from house to house, sing traditional holiday songs and wish everything good to the people they visit. 

5)      The 8th of March is the Women's Day. We give presents to our mothers, grandmothers, teachers, sisters and girl-friends. 

6)      On the 9th of May we have Victory Day. We say, "Thank you very much" to old people who took part in the Great Patriotic War.

7)      In spring at Easter people bake cakes and paint and colour eggs for the holiday. 

8)      On the 24th of August we celebrate the Independence Day. 

9)      But my favourite holiday is St Valentine’s Day. It’s on the 14th of February. 10)     I like this holiday because it is a festival of love.

11)           And no doubt it is a symbol of friendship between people too. 

12)           Each holiday is interesting in its way but all of them are good and merry.


14. Tell about your favourite holiday, how you celebrate it and why you like this holiday.


1)                           We have many holidays in Ukraine but I would like to tell about the main of them. 

2)                           First it is the New Year. It is merry to decorate the New Year Tree, to dance near it and to get presents. 

3)                           Christmas is an old and popular holiday. 

4)                           The 8th of March is the Women's Day. We give presents to our mothers, grandmothers, teachers, sisters and girl-friends.

5)                           On the 9th of May we have Victory Day. 

6)                           At Easter people bake cakes and paint and colour eggs for the holiday. 

7)                           But my favourite holiday is St Valentine’s Day. It’s on the 14th of February.

8)                           The symbols of this holiday are red hearts, roses and Cupid. 

9)                           A very popular tradition is Valentine’s cards.

10)                       People write words of love and friendship there and send them for parents and friends.

11)                       People give flowers and chocolate sweets for people they love.

12)                       I like this holiday because it is a festival of love.

13)                       And no doubt it is a symbol of friendship between people too. 

14)                       Each holiday is interesting in its way but all of them are good and merry.


11. Some English guests come to your school. What are you going to tell and show them?   


1)                           My school is number 7. It is a beautiful and big building. 

2)                           There are many light and comfortable classrooms in it.

3)                           There is a sports-ground in front of our school. We can run and jump there. 

4)                           We have our Sports lessons in the gym. 

5)                           We can have dinner in our school canteen. 

6)                           If you are fond of reading you can visit our school library. There are a lot of books in it. 

7)                           We have our school parties in the Assembly hall. 

8)                           As for me my favorite classroom is English Room because I’m interested in English.

9)                           This room is light and cosy. 

10)                       There is a big blackboard on the wall and a tape recorder in it.

11)                       There are many posters and interesting books too.

12)                       To my mind we must learn English to be able to read books, listen to the news, speak with English speaking people and so on.

13)                       I like my school very much!

16. Imagine: your foreign friend is going to stay at your place. Tell him some words about your flat (house) and the room where he is going to stay.


1)                           My family lives in our own house. It is a small cottage near our town. 

2)                           There is a garage for our car, a small garden with beautiful flowers and fruit trees around the house. 

3)                           There is a hall in our house. Here you may take off your coat and shoes. 

4)                           There is a kitchen with a big window and small curtains here.

5)                           There is a gas cooker, a refrigerator, a cupboard, a sink and a big round table here. We cook and have food there.

6)                           Our living room is the biggest room in the house. There is a sofa, two arm chairs, a TV-set in it.

7)                           This room is the best place to relax, watch TV and communicate with friends. 

8)                           My favourite place in our house is my bedroom, which is also my study. 

9)                           There is a comfortable bed, a desk, a chair and a computer in my room.

10)                       The window overlooks our garden. 

11)                       I often sit by the window and watch a beautiful sunset. 12) To my mind there is no place like home!

13) As you see my room is rather big that’s why you can stay here for couple days.



9. You have your Happy Birthday. You invite your friends. What must you do?



1) As you know there are a lot of holidays in a year. 2) But my favourite one is my birthday.

3) By the way next week I’m going to have my birthday party. 4) At first I’m going to make the invitation cards.

5) Then I’ll clean my room, blow up the balloons and decorate my room. 6) I’m going to ask my mum to help me.

7.     She’ll buy some food, make a delicious pizza and bake a birthday cake.

8.     Don’t forget to buy some candles! 9) I want to blow out them.

10)After that I’ll prepare some board games such as dominoes, scrabble, chess and jigsaw puzzles.

11)Of course, I would like to make some souvenirs for my guests. 12) I hope my birthday will be exciting!


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