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інтегрований урок (англійська та німецька мови) за темою "Спорт". Саме спорт об*єднує нації та людей. Учні спілкувалися, читали паралельно двома мовами. Показали, що кожен з них цікавиться спортом.
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Topic: Sport. Form 6

Objectives: -to practice vocabulary on the topic; to develop pupils’ listening, reading and speaking skills;

                    -to encourage pupils to work in groups and pairs; to practice English and German;

                    -to develop pupils’ communication skills; to develop pupils' interests of studying foreign       languages: English and German.

Equipment: texts, cards, pictures, presentation in Power Point, a ball.


I. Introduction

English teacher: How are you? How are you today?

Deutschlehrerin: Alle wollen fit und gesund sein. Was sollen wir dafür machen? Seht ihr an den Bildschirm an und sagt mir welches Wort fehlt hier?

English teacher: To my mind we have a fantastic lesson today. You’ll have a nice opportunity to speak about different things not only in English but in German too. We have a lot of activities to do today. Are you ready to work hard and get good marks?

Deutschlehrerin: Wir setzen heute unsere Arbeit am Thema «Sport» fort. Das heutige Thema heißt „Meine Lieblingssportart“. Wir werden heute über verschiedene Sportarten, über die  Rolle des Sports in unserem Leben sprechen. Wir werden auch verschiedene Übungen machen.

II. Warming-up

English teacher: you see, nowadays more and more people want to stay healthy. What should you do to be active and full of energy? – Look at the screen, read a short rhyme and try to guess what word is missed. It will be a key word of our lesson. (p-s read the rhyme)

 If you want to be healthy and strong

And sound and gay

You should do any ………………. (Sport)

Try to do it every day.

Deutschlehrerin: Viele Leute treiben …...

in jedem Stadt, in jedem Ort.

Sie wollen stark, gesund, fit bleiben,

darum so viele …...gern treiben.

III. Main part.

English teacher: So. The topic is “Sport” and the topic of our lesson is “My favourite kind of sport”.


English teacher: You will learn how to do or to play your favourite kind of sport through different activities.

 Our motto is Keep moving

Deutschlehrerin: Unser Motto : Treibe Sport und spielе mit, so bleibt man jung, gesund und fit.

2. Let᾽s remind proverbs about sport and games.

English teacher: you see sport has been always very popular among people. And of course, there are a lot of proverbs about sport. Let’s remind some of them.  Well, are there the same ones in German?

Deutschlehrerin: Welche Sprichwörter über Sport kennt ihr?

Im gesunden Körper - ... (gesunder Geist.)

Übung ... (macht den Meister.)

Wer wagt, ... (gewinnt.)

2. Revising vocabulary.

 English teacher: I’d like you to do a word search and compare kinds of sport in English and German.   The words which you can see on the screen divide into 2 groups.

Deutschlehrerin: Auf diesem Blatt Papier schreibt ihr die englischen Sportarten und auf anderem- die deutschen Sportarten.

 (Radsport, gymnastics, Volleyball, badminton, Judo, Skifahren, football, Leichtathletik aerobics, Fußball, cycling, Golf, swimming, boxing, Gymnastik basketball, Schwimmen,volleyball, Turnen skating, Basketball skiing, Boxen, karate, golf, sailing)

 3. Let᾽s play snowballs (3 minutes).

English teacher:  Stand up and form 2 teams. Face each other.

Deutschlehrerin: Ein Schüler wirft einen Schneeball und nennt die englische Sportart und anderer Schüler übersetzt und nennt andere Sportart  auf Deutsch.

English teacher: As you can see there are a lot of similar words and you can easily guess about their meaning. So, sport unites people and nationalities.

4. Pantomime. Ratespiel

Deutschlehrerin: Kinder, sagt mir, treibt ihr alle Sport?  Welche Sportarten treibt ihr?

Es ist sehr gut, dass ihr alle Sport treibt. Aber sagt mir: warum treibt ihr Sport? Ein Schüler geht an die Tafel und nimmt ein Zettel .Danach soll er  pantomimisch darstellen, welche Sportart treibt er. Und ihr sollt raten, was er dargestellt hat.

5.  Oral practice. Riddles.

English teacher: People of different ages are fond of sports and sport helps them to become strong. There are a lot of popular games. And now guess what kind of sport you read about.

  1. It is a game. Both men and women can play it. The players have a ball. They play ball with their hands. There are 6 players in every team.

b) It is a very beautiful kind of sports. It gives the sportsmen strength, rhythm and grace. The sportsmen do some exercises or dance to the music. The sportsmen have beautiful costumes too.

с) This game is played in our country: at school, universities and sports clubs. It was first played in the USA. The team has 5 players. They bounce the ball in the floor up and down with one hand. They try to throw the ball into the basket.

d) It is the most popular game in England and in our country. The players have a ball. The game lasts for 90 minutes. The players try to score a goal. е) It is a game of 2 players. Each player starts with sixteen different playing pieces. They move the playing pieces on a board. The aim of the game is taking your opponent’s king.

(Volleyball) (Figure-skating) (Basketball) (Football) (Chess)

6.  Sport pause

Deutschlehrerin: Deutschlehrerin: Seid ihr schon müde? Es ist Zeit, sich zu erholen.

7. Interviewing

English teacher: It has become very popular nowadays to make a survey. We have come to conclusion that the most widespread questions among people are......please look on the screen, read them. So, I want 2 pupils to ask you these questions and then share us the information. Do you understand me?

  • What is your favourite kind of sport?
  • Do you prefer quiet or noisy games?
  • Do you attend any Sport Club?
  • What are the most popular kinds of sport in our country?

8. Reading

English teacher: pre-reading activity. Now  guess what game I am interested in,  ask  me (Is it a ball game?, Is it a noisy game?,......). I help you. It is popular in America and it is played with an orange ball...  O.k., lets read the text and learn how to play this game. New words are on the screen. Try to guess about their meaning..

Deutschlehrerin:     Meine Lieblingssportart ist auch Basketball.  Basketball, einer der beliebtesten         Sportarten in Deutschland.                                                       

Bounce        throw     kick         catch     shoot

dribbeln      werfen     kicken     fassen   einwerfen

English teacher: while-reading activity.

Read  the text and match the questions to the paragraphs

  1. What basketball rules?
  2. What is the aim of the game?
  3. Where do people play basketball?
  1. ____________________________________________________________________

    Basketball is from North America and all schools in the USA have got a basketball team. It’s also popular in Britain today and many schools have basketball teams for both boys and girls.

  1. ____________________________________________________________________

It is a team game. There are two baskets. There are five players in each team. The aim of the game is for players to shoot the ball into the basket. The team scores points when the ball goes in the basket. The team with more points is the winner.

  1. ____________________________________________________________________

    Basketball is a very fast game. There are a lot of rules to learn. You can run and bounce the ball. You can pass the ball to the player of our team. You can jump when shoot the ball into the basket. You can’t kick the ball or throw it out of the court. If you break the  rules, the other team gets the ball.   

Post-reading activity. Make up rules how to play this game using modal verb can or can't.


Can                                                                                                             Can’t

__________________________________                                       _________________________________

__________________________________                                       _________________________________

Deutschlehrerin:    Kennt ihr die wichtigsten Regeln beim Basketball? Das Modalverb «dürfen» hilft euch diese Regeln schreiben.

9. English teacher: Summing up.

 At our lesson we tried to show that sport really unites people and no wars during Olympic games.

Deutschlehrerin: :         

Also unser Motto war:

„Treibe Sport und mache mit,

So bleibt man jung, gesund und fit“.

Wir haben heute davon  überzeugt.

Alle waren aktiv. Ich danke euch für eure Arbeit.

 Es ist sehr gut, dass ihr alle Sport treibt. Aber sagt mir: warum treibt ihr Sport?

Ich treibe Sport, weil…   (es gesund ist; es mich stark macht; er viel Spaß bringt; ich mir das Leben ohne Sport nicht vorstellen kann; ich Weltmeister werden will; ich schlank werden will; das modern ist…).

 Auf Wiedersehen! Alles Gute!

10. English teacher:

 Listen to a song, watch video, choose kinds of sport and your home task is to make up rules to any ball game using can/can’t.

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