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Розвиток навичок читання

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Вправа з перевірки навичок читання. Містить текст та завдання до нього. True or false, complete the sentences
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Working in pairs and groups 11 form

The tendency with primary learners is to treat the class as a whole group and underestimate their ability to work in pairs or in small groups. Even very young learners can become independent in their learning and guided early on they will be more likely to grow into autonomous and successful language learners.

The advantages of pair work and small group work

  • Gives learners more speaking time
  • Changes the pace of the lesson
  • Takes the spotlight off you and puts it onto the children
  • Allows them to mix with everyone in the group
  • Gives them a sense of achievement when reaching a team goal
  • Teaches them how to lead and be led by someone other than the teacher
  • Allows you to monitor, move around the class and really listen to the language they are producing

How to set up pair and group work

  • Be sure to fully explain the procedure before splitting the class up.
  • Always demonstrate either yourself of with the help of a volunteer exactly what they have to do.
  • Ask them to tell you what they have to do before they do it (in their mother tongue if need be) to check their understanding.
  • Have fill in activities ready for the quick finishers – but be sure that they have completed the task correctly first and haven’t just finished early because they misunderstood what they had to do.
  • Don’t forget to have feedback time after pair work so that the children don’t feel that they have been wasting time. It’s important to share their work as a whole group although this doesn’t have to be systematic.
  • Set a clear time limit.
  • Control who works with who so children aren’t always being dominated or dominating others.



1.Do true or false.

1. Very young learners can become independent in their life.

2. The disadvantage of pair work is gives the learners a sense of achievement when reaching a team goal.

3. Teacher must set a clear time limit.

4. A feedback it’s important although this doesn’t have to be systematic.

      5. Gives learners more  time for speaking.

 6. Demonstrate a volunteer exactly what they have to do.

 2.Make a word combinations.

 1. language …

 2. a sense of…

 3. completed…

 4. mother…

5. feedback…

6. dominating …











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