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Теми для написання листа другу

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10 тем, які допоможуть у підготовці для написання розгорнутої відповіді ( листа другу) під час ЗНО з англійської мови
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10 topics for practising writing skills

Informal letter

1.You have seen an advertisement in the newspaper : “ A famous travel agency is looking for a guide to work with foreign tourists in Kyiv”. Write an e-mail to your friend and say:

-  why you want to get this job;

- what personal qualities you have for this job;

-say the reasons for your friend to apply for this job too.


2. Your friend wants to have a pet but his/her parents aren’t fond of this idea. Write an e-mail to your friend and write :

-if you want to have a pet or you already have one;

- what pets are the most popular in Ukraine;

- give him/her some advice how to persuade his\her parents to get a pet.


3. You have got a letter from your friend in which he/she tells about winter holidays. He/she went skiing to the Alps with family. Tell him about your winter holidays:


- where and when you were ;

-who was with you and what you did/saw;

-what you liked most about this period.


4. You took part in a school event. Write a letter to your friend in which you tell him/her:


- the name of it and its description;

-the preparations for this event;

- what you did there and how many people were there.


5. You have received an e-mail from an English friend inviting you to spend New Year in England. With the help of your letter :


- thank him/her for inviting you and tell him/her why you can not come;

- describe New Year traditions in your family;

- invite your friend to come and visit you in spring.


6. You want to go on a cycling weekend in the mountains. Write an e-mail to your friend in which:


- you invite him/her to go with you;

- say where you are going to live and for how long;

- tell him/her what you can do there and why you want to go there.


7. You have asked your friend to help you with a school assignment recently and now you want to thank him/her. Write an e-mail to your friend and :


- say if your teacher was satisfied with it and what mark you got;

- invite your friend to celebrate ;

-  say the date, place and describe the activities you can do



8. Your friend is crazy about shopping. But his/her parents don’t like it. They often have a conflict about it. Write a letter to your friend in which:


- say the reason of your quarrelling with parents and how you behave then;

- say your attitude to shopping and how often you do it;

- give him/her some advice how to make up with parents.


9.You have received a letter from your friend in which he\she complains that there has been a lot of rain in his\her region lately, so he\she has to spend much time indoors and feels bored there. Write the letter and tell:


- whether you have a lot of spare time at present and why;

-how you usually spend your time indoors;

-you advice how to make his\her stay more exciting.


10.You have received a letter from your pen-friend in which he\she writes that he\she has been playing volleyball for years. Now he\she has decided to start tennis. Write him\her back and say:


-whether you support his\her decision to take up one more kind of sport and why;

-what kinds of sport are popular with your friends;

-whether you do any sports or prefer watching sport programs on TV.


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