Самостійна робота з теми "Family Relationships" для учнів 11 класу

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Самостійна робота для учнів 11 класу за підручником Карп'юк О.Д. Комплексна робота для перевірки засвоєння лексико-граматичного матеріалу, уміння висловювати власну думку щодо прочитаного, а також знаходити взаємозв'язки у тексті.

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Ex.1. Read the definitions and choose the right word. Words: lazy, responsible, sensitive, strict, fussy, rude, hardworking. One word is extra.

  1. always doing a lot of work
  2. not polite
  3. easily upset by the things people say or do
  4. not willing or not wanting to work or use effort to do something
  5. worried or careful about unimportant details
  6. strongly limiting someone's freedom to behave as they wish

Ex.2. Use the Third Conditional

  1. If I …(to know) the course was going to be so boring, I would have gone somewhere else.
  2. I …(to go) to university a year earlier if I had passed my exams.
  3. What …(you/study) if you hadn’t studied history?
  4. If you (not/recommend) that university to me, I ..(try) to get a place at Cambridge university.
  5. If we hadn't known him, we (to believe) him.
  6. If I had read that book, I (to know) the answer.

Ex.3. Complete the sentences with the words. Words: get along with, intolerance, adults, argument, obey, reasons, violence.

  1. The teenager refused to _______ his stepmother.
  2. My brother and I don’t ______each other at all.
  3. She was concerned about the amount of ______ on television.
  4. Let's stay calm and try to behave like responsible _______.
  5. He can be sure that when he does, someone will accuse him of __________.
  6. Recently I've had an _________ with my father about my future education.


Ex.4 Read the text. Put the paragraphs into the correct order. Then answer the questions below.


  1. The problem with this is that parents give their sons and daughters no cultural values.  So what happens in the TV programme? Some problematic British teenagers go and live with parents in different parts of the world. They live with families that believe in traditional discipline and cultural values. In Ghana, Jamaica, Botswana and the southern US state of Alabama, the teenagers have the experience of living with parents who want and expect good behaviour and hard work. The results are interesting. In the end, the British teenagers seem to prefer having strict parents!

  1. The director of the programme, Andrea Wiseman, explains why they are making it. She thinks that in the United Kingdom teenagers pay no attention to adults. They don’t want to do well at school. They think they can do what they like and they are only interested in new fashions and Hollywood celebrities.
  2. What’s the problem with British teenagers?’Many British newspapers and TV programmes are asking this question at the moment. A lot of people are saying that there are problems with teenagers at school, on the streets and in their homes. Why? What, or who, is responsible for these problems?
  3.  Why are British teenagers like this? Wiseman says it’s because their parents give their children everything they can. But they give their children no limits, no rules, no discipline because they want their children to be ‘free’. They don’t tell their children to work hard because they don’t want their kids to have any stress.
  4.  A recent BBC television series explores these questions. It’s called ‘The world’s strictest parents’. Is that because British parents are very strict? Just the opposite, it seems.

1. What negative things do British teenagers do?

2. Would you like to watch this programme on TV? Why/Why not?

3. How strict do you think parents are in your country?  









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