Сценарій "Країнознавча вікторина. Англомовні країни"

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Пропоную сценарій країнознавчої вікторини англійською мовою. Матеріали підбирала з різних джерел. Використано метод кодів. Підійде для проведення Тижня англійської мови. Сценарій перевірено носієм мови.

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  • Hello, everybody!

We are happy to welcome you all to our game. We are the hosts of this competition, Iryna and Jacob




- We have two teams:“APPLES” and “ORANGES”. They are to pass successfully a number of tasks. Then according to their results we will define the winner, that’s the best and the smartest team. To cope with this task we have a commission of strict jury consisting of ____________________________________________________________



-Veni, vidi, vici. Every intellectual person should know these words of wisdom. Guy Julius Ceaser once said them. He used them in order to inform Rome about his victory. If we translate Latin words into English it will sound like “Came, saw and won”.


-Certainly, we are not Ceasers, but everyone has its own Rubicon to cross. And today we’ll try to do it. Be enthusiastic, initiative and high-minded and you are sure to cross your Rubicon. Good luck!



Teams presentation


-Now let’s have a look at our participants – each team is supposed to have their particular features – I mean the name and the motto. So, let’s get acquainted with them.




  • You’ve been studying English for ages. You know a lot of facts about England, English-speaking countries, their customs and traditions. Match the following sentences to their corresponding endings and you will decode a secret message.



H. 10 Downing Street is known as …

V. The oldest university in the UK is situated …

  1. Snowdon is …

I. The most traditional Christmas dish is …

E. Cardiff is the capital of …

A. Margaret Thatcher was the first lady …


N. the highest mountain in Wales, standing at 1,085 meters above sea level.

C. an oven-roasted turkey.

A. the official residence of the British Prime Minister.

D. Wales.

O. Member of the Parliament in Britain.

E. in Oxford, a home to royalty and scholars.

R. mustard, lemon and rosemary roast chicken.

Y. Prime Minister in Britain.

Q. in London, the capital of the country.

W. Scotland.



H. Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day …

V. The Day of Independence on July 4th …

A. Halloween …

I. Labor Day …

E. Guy Fawkes’ Night …

A. Columbus Day (Discovery Day) …


N. is thought to be the one night of the year when ghosts, witches, and fairies

     are  especially active.

D. is celebrated in England on November 5th with fireworks and bonfires.

A. traditionally celebrates the giving thanks for the autumn harvest.

E. is celebrated in America with parade, shows, bonfires and fireworks displays.

Y. is an American public holiday when Christopher Columbus is honored.

K. is the day when people brighten up their homes evergreens.

G. is the day when people express their love for each other by sending

     Valentine’s cards.

W. is the day when America was discovered by Europeans.

C. is the first Monday in September and include picnics, games and activities

    for children.

X. is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.



TASK 2 Jumbled words


Spoon – nosop                                                          festive – efvsite

Napkin – iknapn                                                       knife – fkein

Mix – ixm                                                                 chop – pcoh

Teapot – otetap                                                         kettle – lketet

Serve – esvre                                                            boil – lobi

Peel – lepe                                                                wash – haws

Bake – kaeb                                                              grill – liglr



TASK 3 Understand me

It’s a famous kind of a competition and four members of each team can try their abilities in miming. Take a card with a word on it and mime it to your team. Their task is to recognize the word correctly. For each correct word you’d get a point.

                        1. lemon                                                            1. kettle

                        2. flower                                                           2. cooking

                        3. to drive                                                         3. mineral water


     TASK 4.

Match the following sentences to their correct announcement and decode my middle name!



  1. Students pay less here.
  2. If you keep a book longer, you will have to pay money.
  3. If you need a job, phone this number.
  4. It is cheaper if you buy several of them.
  5. You mustn’t take too many clothes to try on.


M. Cleaner wanted. Will pay $6 per hour. Call 9808907.

J. Swimming Pool. Use your student’s card to get a 50% discount.

S. Levis Jeans. No more than 3 pairs in the changing room.

E. This June. Buy 5 bottles of milk and get one free.

D. Student library. Return books to shelves after use.

O. School uniform department — second floor.

A. Books must be returned in 10 days. Fine - $1 per day.



  1. Boys will not get this work.
  2. You do not have to be late.
  3. Not all people may call from here.
  4. You must pay before travelling.
  5. Put it in a cold place.


E.  Do not get on the train without a ticket.

J.  Clothes shop requires an assistant. Girls only. No experience needed.

    Send your CV to mary_bunks@yahoo.uk.

A. School trips to Science Museum. Bus leaves Friday 8 am.

D. Ticket office closed. Buy your ticket on the train.

O. Bookshop — closed Friday afternoon.

S.  Keep in fridge after opening.

M. Telephone for customers’ use only



     TASK 5 Crocodile (optional)

One person from each stands behind the projection board and must ask their teams yes or no questions to guess the figure on the projection board.

- Now we have finished all the tasks and its time to announce the winner. According to the scores and juries decision we can congratulate the team_____________ with the victory.

- Thank you both teams for the participation. Good bye!


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Англійська мова (10-й рік навчання, академічний рівень) 11 клас (Калініна Л.В., Самойлюкевич І.В.)
6 березня 2018
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