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Level 1

Group up the words in the box according to the columns below.

Ozone layer, nuclear, to neglect, a shape, to vote, judicial, movement, recognition, harmful, damaging,                   to declare, an anthem, special effects, pollution, selfish, drug, a court, AIDS, deforestation, portrait.

It’s Your Planet

Speaking About  Art

Focus On Youth

People And Society






Level 2.

I.  Read the statements and decide if they  are  “True”or ”False”.

1. Mime is applied to acting in which gestures, movements and  facial  expressions replace dialogue.

2. Greenhouse gases are chemicals that attack crops.

3. Ukraine has wide relations with many  countries of  the world.

4. Ukrainian scouting has not been known as  “PLAST”.

II.  Make a choice.

1. Da Vinci  (had painted / had been painted) Mona Lisa  before some of his other  famous paintings.

2. Everybody  has  to know  how  to  (prevent / avoid / protect) him or  herself  from  disasters.

3. This  bridge (was being built/ was building)  at  that time.

Level 3

Open the brackets and use the Gerund, the Participle or Infinitive with or without participle “to”.

1.Then she stopped suddenly…(remember) the presence of the children.

2. We finished…(dress) and went to the kitchen.

3.Suddenly she felt the need…(to speak).

4. The students…(to work) in our village came from Kyiv.

5. We must… (to stay)  at home.  We have lost our  keys.

Level 4

Imagine you are an English student, Jane, living and studying in Ukraine.  Write an email to her friend in England, describing some of the differences she has noticed.

.  People (friendlier/ not as friendly, better/ worse, sense  of  humour, etc.).

. Interaction between people( more/ less reserved, more/ less formal, etc.).

. The food (spicer, less/more vegetarian, options, tastier,etc.).

. The climate (hotter, colder, wetter/ drier, etc.).




Level 1

Group up the words in the box according to the columns below.

 Global warming, sovereignty, artistry , addict, a participant, justice,a fiction film, a law, craftsmanship, acid raine , extinction, to elect, performance,  a disorder, to proclaim, a shadow, to preserve.

It’s YOUR Planet

Speaking About Art

Focus On Youth

People And Society






Level 2

I.  Read the statements and decide if  they  are  “True”or ”False”.

 1. Pollution is harmful chemicals, gases or waste materials from factories, cars that have gone into the air, land or water.

2. Today’s problems don’t influence strongly the life of the younger generations.

3. A ballet is a form of entertainment for an audience, which may include drama, dancing, music, mime, puppetry and so on.

4. Ukrainian scouting has not been known as ‘’Plast”.

II.  Make a choice.

1. The wind (has broken/ has been broken) his glass door.

2.Nick didn’t know how to (prevent/avoid/ protect) this conversation.

3.The choir (was conducting/ was being conducted) by our music teacher.

Level 3.

Open the brackets and use the Gerund, the Participle or Infinitive with or without participle “to”.

1. Stop… (make) a noise. The baby is sleeping.

2.He made me…(do) it.

3. You should give up… (smoke) and…(drink) alcohol. You look badly.

4. I have come here… (to meet) her.

Level 4

Use the plan below to write a for-and-against essay about whether children should use the Internet.


. Introduction                                                                                                                                                                                              . State the topic.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Main body:                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 Point for children using the Internet.                                                                                                                                                      . Point against children using the Internet.                                                                                                                                   


. Sum  up  the advantages and disadvantages.





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