Семестрова контрольна робота з письма для учнів 5 класу

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Семестрова контрольна робота (2 семестр) для учнів 5 класу за підручником О. Карпюк. Перевіряються знання з граматики (Present Simple/ Past Simple, Present Perfect)/
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I.Fill in the gaps.

1.Ted ______ surfing last summer.

a) go     b)went  c)gone

2. She  is _____ a cake now.

a)bake  b) baked c) baking

3.Helen has  already _________ a nice present .

a) bought  b)buy c) been

4.They will  travel to France _____

a)yesterday b)already c) tomorrow

II. Put the verbs  in brackets into the Present Perfect Tense

  1. She (to visit) her parents already.
  2. They ( not to see) this film yet.
  3. We just  (to buy)  an interesting book

III.Use the words from the box to fill in the gaps

Supper, the room, granny, to buy, to make ,to have

1._____ the bed 4.to clean_____

2.to phone _____                           5._______bread and milk

3.to cook________                         6.to have  ________

IV. Write a letter to your friend about plans for summer holidays.

22 жовтня 2020
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