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Тематичний день мовного табору "Friends and Friendship"

Про матеріал

Літній мовний табір - це можливість для учнів удосконалювати свої навички англійської мови у нетрадиційний для них час та спосіб. Щоб зробити це цікаво - можна проводити тематичні дні, які будуть насичені різноманітними завданнями, квестами, іграми, конкурсами тощо. До вашої уваги одна з таких розробок.

Перегляд файлу

                                          Friends and Friendship

            The Motto : If you want to have friends, be friendly.


            The aim: - to develop listening and speaking skills;

                             - to learn to be friendly and tolerant;

                             - to practice using language in an engaging way.


             Step 1

  • Hello, campers! Let’s listen to a poem and try to guess the theme of our Day.

                            A friend is a person, who wishes you well,

                            And keeps all the secrets that you like to tell.

                            Friends share their toys and their storybook too,

                            Friends can be older or younger than you.

                            Friends can be real or made up in your mind.

                            But they’re always thoughtful and always kind.

                            Friends can live nearby or very, very far,

                            But your friends are your friends, wherever you are.


                                                                               Risa Jordan

Step 2

  • You’re right. The theme of the Day is “Friends and Friendship”. And what is friendship for you? Can you live without friends? (Brainstorm ideas)


Step 3 

  • We all are different, you know. Everyone has his or her own opinions, tastes and desires. That’s why there are many interesting and different things in the world. Be open to new things and patient with people and you will never be bored and will always have something different. Remember: By respecting the opinions of others, you will make your own world brighter.

Now let’s play a Miming game “Who is My Friend?”


Step 4

  • It’s high time for the Quest which is called “Find and Complete’’. This is your route, which will help you to do the task.

(Children should find according to the route quotations about friends and friendship and fill in the gaps).

          1.  Best friends make good times _(better)_______

            And hard times __(easier)_________________.


           2.  Good friends never say “Goodbye”

            They say__(“See you soon”)__________________.


            3. A best friend is someone

            Who knows you’re crazy

            But still _(loves)___________you.


           4. We will always be best __(friends)______.


           5.  Friends make the world _(better)_______.


Step 5

  • As for me, my favourite rhyme about friends is:

                           What is Minnie without Mickey?

                           What is Tiger without Pooh?

                           What is SpongeBob without Patrick?

                            What is me without You?

I propose you to create your own rhyme; I think you can do it.

                         (What’s Ivan without Sasha?

                          What’s teacher without school?

                          What’s Vicky without Dasha?

                          What’s me without You?)

              Step 6

  • I see you’re creative and can describe your friends. So your next task is to complete the sentence “My friend is …”

Step 7

  • However, sometimes even friends can get into disagreements. In addition, if you don’t stop in time, there is a good chance that you will both walk away with your feelings hurt. Isn’t it better to be patient and treat your friends with kindness for the sake of your friendship? Are you able to keep yourself cool in a heated situation?

Let’s read the basic rules of communication and try to follow them:

Rule 1. Don’t interrupt the person you are talking to: listen carefully.

Rule 2. When having a conversation with someone, don’t try to prove that you are better.

Rule 3. Try to solve conflicts. Offer solutions until you find one that everybody is happy with.

Rule 4. End a disagreement on a good note.

I think together is better.


Step 8

  • Let’s listen to the song “The more we get together” and sing along.


Step 9

  • Now let’s make a story chain “The more we get together”.

(Campers should create their own story or change some words in the song:

                        The more we laugh together, the happier we are.

                        The more we dream together, the happier we are.

                        The more we swim together, the happier we are).


Step 10

  • I know you are friendly and have a lot of friends. But I want you to see how friendly and tolerant you are that’s why go through the test.
  1. When you disagree with someone you:
  1. laugh at him;
  2. hear him out and then kindly disagree.
  1. Your friend did something that upset you. You will:
  1. get back at him;
  2. try to reconcile.
  1. How do you respond to aggression?
  1. with aggression;
  2. look for a peaceful solution to the problem.
  1. Someone’s behavior seems wrong to you. You:
  1. get into a fight and stop interacting with that person;
  2. try to understand him/her and explain what it is you don’t like.
  1. You bring your friend to  a party and all the attention quickly turns to him. How do you feel?
  1. you don’t like that all the attention is on him/her;
  2. you are happy for your friend.
  1. How do you react when people make fun of you?
  1. get upset;
  2. try to answer back with a joke.
  1. You seem to not be able to get something right, so you:
  1. blame everyone else on getting in your way;
  2. ask your friend to help.


(For every question you answered “b”, give yourself one point. Add up the points.

0-3 points. You should try to see the bigger picture and kinder to people.

3-5 points. You don’t trust others, but are able to have a dialogue with them.

5-7 points. You’re a friendly person. You are able to solve problems peacefully and win the hearts of others).














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