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Test-reading 11 form "Great painter"

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Контроль розуміння текста з елементами граматики та письма : Аctive, Passive Voice .
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                Reading comprehension     11 form

 1) Read the text and fill in the gaps with the verbs in past tenses (active or passive).

The great painter Sir James Thornhill 1________________ (employ) for decorating the interior of the dome of St. Paul’s in London. One day he 2_______________ (step back) on the scaffolding x)  to see how the work 3_____________ (look) at a distance. His servant, who 4______________________ (stand) near, was terrified to see his master within some inches of the edge of the scaffolding. At the last moment backwards the painter 5__________________________ (throw) and 6______________ (dash) to pieces on the pavement. How 7_______ he ________________ (can, warn) of this danger? If the servant 8_______________ (cry out), he 9__________probably in his alarm __________ (take) a fatal step.

    So the man 10______________(throw) a pot of paint over the piece of work the painter 11 _____ just _________(admire). Sir James, in a rage, 12____________ (rush forward) to punish him. Thus his life 13_____________ (save). On finding out why the servant 14________________ (spoil) his

painting, Sir James 15_________ (be) glad to reward him instead of punishing him.

x)Scaffolding – a raised structure that supports workers and materials during work on a building


2) Complete the sentence with the suitable ending.

The text is about_____

A) the servant who saved the life of his master.

B) St. Paul’s Cathedral and how it was decorated.

C) the servant who helped his master with decoration.

D) the servant who spoilt his master’s painting.


3) Choose the right answer to the question.


Why did the servant throw the pot of paint over the painting?

A) He did not like the painting.

B) He was afraid of his master.

C) He hated his master.

D) He wanted to prevent his master’s falling down.


4) Which sentence doesn’t fit the story?

A) The master rewarded his servant.

B)  Sir James Thornhill was surprised.

C) The painter wanted to punish the servant.

D) Sir James Thornhill got very angry.


5) Choose the sentence which best fits the story.

A) Sir James Thornhill decorated the interior of St.Pauls’s Cathedral.

B) St.Paul’s Cathedral is the City’s greatest palace.

C) The painter fell off the scaffolding.

D) Sir James Thornhill punished his servant.


6) Choose the correct word (A-D) to complete the sentence.

Sir James Thornhill was _____

A)  a writer

B)  a painter

C)  an actor

D)  a builder


7) Choose the synonym to this expression.

 ‘had spoilt the painting’

A) had admired the painting

B) had made it worse

C) had made it better

D) had ruined the painting


8) Finish the sentence according to the text.


The servant proved that he was____

A) polite

B) stubborn

C) quick-witted

D) modest


9) Decide which heading best summarizes the text.

A) A Fatal Step.

B) Sir James Thornhill’s Masterpiece.

C) Sir James Thornhill’s Mistake.

D) The Servant Saves His Master

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