The Grinch (based on a movie 2018)

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Запитання 1

What is the name of the place where Cindy Lou live?

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Запитання 2

Where did the Grinch run away to?

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Mount Crumpit

Mount Grinch

Mount Grumpy

Mount Christmas

Запитання 3

Why does the Grinch hate Christmas so much?

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Because his birthday is on Christmas day.

Because he never gets any present.

Because his heart is too small.

Because he is green like a Christmas tree.

Запитання 4

What is the name of the Grinch's dog?

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Запитання 5

What does the Grinch dress his dog as to help him pull the sleigh?

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Santa Claus

A reindeer

An elf

A Chrismas Tree

Запитання 6

What does the Grinch hate most about Christmas in Who-ville?

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When the Whos sing

When the Whos eat

When he Whos make noise

When the Whos open their presents

Запитання 7

Little Cindy-Lou Who catches the Grinch trying to steal the tree. What excuse does the Grinch make for stealing the tree?

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He wants to make it nicer.

The lights are broken.

It's old nd the Grinch wants to get her a new one.

He runs away

Запитання 8

What do the Whos do when they find out their Christmas things have been stolen?

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They sulk in their bedrooms.

They sing.

They get angry with the Grinch

They beg for their things back

Запитання 9

What does the Grinch do after he returns the toys to Who-ville?

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Cuts the roast beast


Runs away


Запитання 10

The story about the Grinch teaches young children about the spirit of Christmas.

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It doesn't say

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