Тести для перевірки рівня навчальних досягнень учнів 6 класів з англійської мови

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Тести для перевірки рівня навчальних досягнень учнів 6 класів з англійської мови. Тести у вигляді експрес-контролю по кожній темі. Вчитель може швидко перевірити учня на знання лексики, граматики та інших мовленнєвих структур.

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“Check yourself”

для перевірки рівня навчальних досягнень учнів 6 класів














Shopping. Clothes 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1.Carefully consider each group of words below. Cross out the word that doesn’t belong.                                                                  Try to explain what the other three words have in common.
a) plain, striped, checked, dress;                            b) blue, white, buy, pink;                                                                                    c) customer, skirt, scarf, blouse;                            d) try on, put on, take off, sell.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 2. Write what you can wear.
a) at school
b) at a birthday party; 
c) in winter
d) in summer

3. Read each statement and decide if it is true or false:
1. You can wear light silk dresses in winter;
2. We have to wear school uniforms at school;
3. You can never see pockets on coats;
4. Girls can’t wear trousers and shirts;
5. People who never clean their shoes are tidy.

4. Match the expressions from column A with the expressions from column B:

1) Hello, madam. What can I do for you?
2) What size do you wear?
3) Would you like to try this dress on?
4) What colour dress would you like?

a) Something not too loud
b) Yes, I like its colour and cut
c) Please, I’d like a nice summer dress
d) My size is 42

Family. Friends. Character

1. Translate into Ukrainian:

once a month
three times a week
twice a year
not very often
four times a day
very seldom

2. According to the given information, describe each person in one word:
(Active, untidy, talkative, well-organized, honest)
a) Tom's clothes are always dirty. He never washes his face and cleans his teeth.
b) My mother is never late for work. She manages to do everything in time. Besides, she always knows what she wants.
c) Ihor likes to do sports very much. He can’t stay at home. He spends much time in the open air. Every day you can see him playing football in the yard.
d) Ann likes to talk. She talks everywhere: on the bus, at school. at home. She can speak on the phone for hours.
e) My cousin Sashko can’t stand lies. That’s why he always tells the truth himself.                                                                  



3. Which of these qualities are good (G)? Bad (B)?
Serious, sociable, easy- going, bad- tempered, mean, tolerant, polite, untidy, friendly, kind, lazy, brave, selfish, optimistic, stupid

4. Put the words into the correct order.
a) don’t, the taste , I, of lemon, like
b) must, be, my friend, honest
c) this boy, hard-working, is?
d) never, she, does, in time, lessons, her                                                                                                                                 e)you, how often, cook, do, for, yourself?


1. Match the words with their definitions.
1) to depart                                a) стюардеса
2) to arrive                                 b) реєструвати
3) a trip                                      c) вагон-ресторан
4) to check in                             d) провідник
5) a stewardess                          e) прибувати
6) a conductor                            f) подорож суходолом
7) a dining-car                            g) вирушати                                                                                                                               

2. What means of travelling do people use if they want to travel by land; by air; by water?
(Cars, planes, trains, ships, coaches, campers, rafts, ferryboats, jets, bikes) helicopters, hot air balloons, сcampers).

3. Say, if these statements are true or false
1. The fastest way of travelling is by plane.
2. If you want to travel by air, you can use a ferryboat
3. You can’t buy a ticket, in advance.
4. There are dining-cars in passenger trains.
5. You can’t put your things into a luggage compartment.
6. A conductor checks tickets on a plane.

4. Translate into English
1. Я люблю подорожувати на автомобілі.
2. Ви повинні реєструватися за годину до вильоту.
3. Ходімо до вагону-ресторану.
4. Учора ми купили квиток на поїзд до Києва.
5. Поїзд прибуде через 20 хвилин.


1. Translate into Ukrainian.

Bread and butter
fried eggs
roast meat
boiled vegetables
mashed potatoes
mineral water
egg salad
chicken soup
ice cream
tasty cookies
cheese and sausage


2. Fill in prepositions.
(in, to, with, of, with, for)
1. Help yourself… the salad.
2. Can I have another piece… pie?
3. What did you have… dinner yesterday?
4. Last Saturday I had dinner…my friend.
5. Do you like your tea… lemon?
6. I usually have lunch… the school canteen.

3. What do we need to cook salad? Fill in the diagram.

4. Complete the following proverbs.
1. A hungry man is… .
2. Too many cooks… .
3. Live not to eat but… .


1. Answer the questions.
1. Do you have a hobby?
2. What’s your hobby?
3. How much time do you spend on your hobby?
4. Who advised you to have this hobby?
5. Is it important for a person to have a hobby?                                                                                      

2. Complete the diagrams.


                                                                                                                                                                                   3. Choose the best word for each sentence.
a) borrow;
b) listen to;
c) adventures;
d) jazz;
e) sport
1. It is an outdoor winter ... .
2. You can ... this book from the library.
3. He was one of the most famous ... musicians of all the times.
4. I like to ... pop music.
5. This book is about the ... of a boy and a girl who were looking for their father.
Write 6—8 sentences about your own hobby.

Great Britain London. Ukraine Kyiv

1. Match the pictures with the names of sights.

2.Complete the sentences
1. Kyiv is the capital of
2. Hyde Park is famous for ...
3. William Shakespeare was born in the town of
4. The national flag of Ukraine consists of two horizontal
5. One of the oldest streets in Kyiv is
6. Most British kings and queens were crowned and buried in

3. Answer the questions.
1. Which is the longest river in Ukraine?
2. What is the capital of Great Britain?
3. Is Piccadilly Circus in Kyiv?
4. What is London’s oldest sight?
5. What is William Shakespeare?
6. What are London’s largest parks?



My Favourite Subject. Learning English

1.Translate into Ukrainian.

Copy from the board
do exercises
learn by heart
make up stories
sing songs
do sums
describe pictures


2.  Ask questions to the following answers.
1. We have our English lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
2. My friend’s favourite subject is Maths
3. Yes, he is a very good teacher
4. I study many subjects at school
5. No, I didn’t listen to tapes yesterday

3. Guess the kids’ favourite subjects.
1. Nina likes to copy from the board, do sums and learn new formulas.
2. Dan is fond of singing. He often listens to music and he can play the piano very well.
3. Ann uses dictionaries, watches video, reads, writes, makes up dialogues and speaks English at this lesson.

4.  Write about your favourite subject at school. (6—8 sentences)

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