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Тестовий контроль з аудіювання 6 клас

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Тестовий контроль з аудіювання 6 клас. Тести з аудіювання у 6 класі створеніза темами.
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Тестовий контроль аудіювання на уроках англійської мови . 6 клас

Тест 1. “Where Were the Children in Summer?”

Where were they in summer?

In the country

In town

In Kyiv

At a camp

At the seaside







Introduction. This is the first English lesson in the sixth form. The children are talking about their summer holidays. Listen to their stories and say where they were in the summer.

Text 1. I went together with my parents and stayed there for two weeks. It was July. The weather was very hot. The sun shone brightly every day. Children lay in the sun and swam. I learnt to swim. I was very happy to be there.

Text 2. I went neither to the country nor to the seaside. I did not go to a camp either. I stayed at home. I did a lot of things at home. I went to the cinema, played with my friends. I had a lot of time to watch TV, to read interesting books. I also helped my mother about the house.

Text 3. I did not stay at home in June. I stayed with my classmates. We were there for three weeks. We played interesting games, danced and sang songs at the campfire. I learnt to swim. We had duties too. We helped the collective farmers.

Text 4. As for me, I did not stay in town in summer. I stayed with my grandmother. I swam in the river, walked in the forest. I also helped my grandmother about the house and the garden.

Text 5. We went there with my father. We stayed there only one week. We saw a lot of interesting places. We visited museums and historical monuments, theatres and cinemas. I was very happy to be there.

Test 2. “Seasons in England”.


Winter in England

Spring in England

Summer in England

Autumn in England

Winter In Kyiv







Text 1. It is a very beautiful season. There are a lot of flowers in the gardens. The trees are covered with green leaves. There is green grass everywhere. Farmers begin to work in the fields.

Text 2. It is usually warm. Sometimes it is hot. Then the sky is blue. The sun shines brightly. But the weather may change. Then the sky is covered with clouds. a cold wind begins to blow. It rains. But it does not rain long. Soon it is warm again.

Text 3. This season is cold. But usually it is not very cold. Sometimes it snows. But more often it rains. That’s why people wear warm coats. They have raincoats and umbrellas in this season too.

Text 4. This season is a very busy time for farmers. Sometimes the weather is fine for a long time. The farmers gather in their harvest. At the end of the season the weather is usually cold. The sky is grey with clouds. It often rains in this season.

Text 5. This season is cold. Sometimes it is very cold. It snows. The streets, parks and gardens are covered with snow. People wear warm coats and hats. Children like this season. They skate and ski.

Test 3. “At the Shop”


Food shop

Clothes shop

Milk and butter shop

Department store








Text 1. We go to this shop almost every day. In this shop we buy dairy products: butter, cheese and milk. We buy food in packets and bottles.

Text 2. We don’t go to this shop very often. Girls and women come to this shop to buy a new dress, a hat, a coat. Boys and men come to this shop to buy a suit, a shirt, a tie, a coat.

Text 3. In the windows of this shop we see a lot of things. We buy clothes, shoes, hats, food and other things there. We buy all kinds of presents there too. We can buy almost everything we want in this shop.

Text 4. We buy all kinds of food in this shop. We buy milk, butter and cheese at the milk and butter department. We buy white and brown bread in this shop. We can buy meat, sausage, sweets and cakes there too. Some shops sell vegetables and fruit.

Text 5. Here we can buy vegetables and fruit from collective-farm workers, Sometimes they sell meat, milk, butter and other things too.

Test 4. “Sports”

Kinds of sport


Ice hockey










Text 1. It is a team game. Both men and women can play it. The players have a ball. They play it with their hands. There are six players in every team.

Text 2. It is the most popular game in England and Ukraine. It has first played in England. Both men and women can play it. The game lasts for 90 minutes. It has two halves. The players kick the ball and run after it. The players try to score a goal.

Text 3. It is one of the most popular games in the world. It was first played in Canada. It is a team game. It is a winter game. Only men and boys can play it. Many people like to watch this game on TV. The players don’t run on the field. They skate. They have sticks (clubs) in their hands.

Text 4. This kind of sport is very beautiful. It gives the sportsmen strength, rhythm and grace. The sportsmen do some exercises or dance to the music. The sportsmen have skates and beautiful costumes on.

Text 5. This game is played everywhere in Ukraine: at schools, universities and sports clubs. It was first played in the USA. The team has five players. They bounce the ball on the floor up and down with one hand. They try to throw the ball into a basket.









































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