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The Magic Fish-bone- казка. Розробка вправ до уроку з позакласного читання з англійської мови

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Розробка вправ до уроків з позакласного читання з англійської мови для учнів 6 класів The Magic Fish-bone - казка

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The Magic Fish-bone

Adapted from a fairy story by Charles Dickens There was once a king and he had a queen. They had nineteen children. They were from seven to seventeen years old. Alicia, the oldest, took care of them all. One day the king was on his way to work and he stopped at the fishmonger’s to buy a pound and a half of fish. Mr Pickles, the fishmonger, said, “Good morning, sir. A pound and a half of fish, certainly. Do you want anything else?” The king didn’t want anything else and he went on his way to work. He was not very happy because his children did not have any new clothes.


Just then an old lady came up. She was in very expensive clothes. “King Watkins the First?” said the old lady. “Watkins is my name,” said the king. “Father of the beautiful Alicia?” “And of eighteen other children,” said the king. “You are going to your work,” said the old lady.

The king thought that the old lady must be a fairy or how could she know that. The old lady read the king’s thoughts again and said, “You are right. I am the good fairy Grandmarina. When you go home to dinner tonight invite Princess Alicia to have some of the fish you have jusi bought. When the beautiful Princess Alicia eats the fish you will find she will leave a fish-bone on her plate. Tell her to wash it and keep it. It is a present from me. She must take care of it.” The king did not really understand what the old lady wanted to say. The old lady read his thoughts again and said, “Tell Princess Alicia that the fish-bone is a magic present. It will give her anything that she wants. But this can happen only once and it must be at the right time. That is all.”

The king wanted to ask Grandmarina a question. But where was

she? She was not there. The king went on his way to work. There he wrote and wrote and it was time to go home again.


At home he invited Princess Alicia to eat some fish. She enjoyed it very much. The king saw the fish-bone on the plate and he told Alicia to wash it and to take good care of it. “It is a magic fish­bone,” he said, “and it will bring you anything you want but only once and the time must be right.”

The next day the queen was not very well. “Oh dear, my head, my head,” she said. Princess Alicia took care of her mother. She cooked her a good breakfast, a delicious lunch and a wonderful dinner. She took care of all her brothers and sisters. But the queen was not well for a very long time and every day Alicia was very, very busy. There were not many people to help her because the king had no money.


Every evening when the queen was not well Alicia sat with her father next to her mother’s bed. One evening the king said to Ali­cia, “Where is the magic fish-bone?” “In my pocket.” “You haven’t forgotten it then?” “No, I haven’t, father,” Alicia said.


Another time one of the young princes cut his hand badly. Alicia took care of him and put his hand in a bowl of cold water. She washed and cleaned his hand and it was soon much better. When the king saw this he said to Alicia, “What are you doing, Alicia?” “One of the young princes cut his hand badly. I have washed and cleaned his hand,” she said, “and now it is much better.” “Where is the magic fish-bone? Have you forgotten about it?” asked her father. “No, I haven’t forgotten, father. It is in my pocket.” Other things happened and each time the king asked Alicia if she still had the magic fish­bone. Each time Alicia answered that she still had it in her pocket.

One day Princess Alicia said to her brothers and sisters, “Today you will all be cooks.”

All the children baked bread and cooked the meal. They had a wonderful time and danced and sang in the kitchen. But Alicia saw her father at the door. He was so unhappy. Alicia spoke to her brothers and sisters. They quietly went out of the kitchen and left Alicia with their father. “What is the matter?” she asked. “I haven’t any money and the children need new clothes,” said the king.

“Have you no money at all?” “None, my child.” “Can’t you get any from anywhere?” “I have tried very hard. I have tried every­thing.”

When she heard these last words, Princess Alicia began to put her hand into her pocket where she kept the magic fish-bone. “Fa­ther,” said Alicia, “when we have tried very, very hard and when



we have done our very best, I think it is time to ask others for help.” As she took the fish-bone out of her pocket the good fairy Grand- marina came into the room in her beautiful clothes. “You have always been a good and clever girl,” said the old lady, “and you have always helped your family and friends. Now you have found the secret of the magic fish-bone.” Grand- marina turned to the king and said, “Do you understand why Alicia did not need the magic fish-bone before?” The king said he did and that he was very sorry. Then the queen and all the children came into the room. They were dressed in new clothes. The last words that the old lady said to them were,“Clothes are not everything. Be good and try your best and you will be happy ever after.”


  1. Vocabulary:

take care – of blowers, a child, the little sister who takes care of your pet? Take care, it`s dark here.

fishmonger – we buy fish at the fishmonger`s. His father was a fI know one f. who lives not far.

anything else – Do you want a.e.? Do you know a.e.? Do you see a.e.? Do you sell a.e.? Do you pick a.e.?

expensive – clothes, book, horse, car, cottage, palace, picture

a fairy – she was a good(bad) f. The f. helped Cinderella to go to the ball. I like tales about fairies.

tonight-She will come t. Let`s meet t. Tonight we shall have a very tasty supper.

keep – you boots clean. I k. books in boxes. Where do you keep warm clothes? (shoes, sweaters, spoons).

understand-I can u. you. I cannot u. you. Can you u. me? Help me to u. you. It helped me to u. that.

happen- It happened on Monday. It happens often (sometimes, from time to time) when did it happen? That is all for today I think.

magic-word, flower, apple, book, boots, carpet, present, hat.

delicious- lunch, dinner, food, cake, fruits, peaches. To be well. I`m well, thanks. Are you w.? Is she well not well. I`m sorry you are not well. He is not well.

  1. False or true?
    1. It`s a story of a queen and a king.
    2. They had 12 children.
    3. The king was very rich.
    4. Every day the king went to work.
    5. On his way to work he bought some fish.
    6. One day when he was at the fishmonger`s a fairy came up to him.
    7. It was a bad fairy and her name was Grand marina.
    8. The fairy told the king what to do with the fish and the fish-bone.
    9. Princess Alicia looked after the king`s family because the queen was not well.
    10. The king told Alicia to wash and keep the fish bone.
    11. The fish-bone was magic.
    12. The magic fish-bone could help only 2 times.
    13. When the queen was not well a woman came to help Alicia take care of her brothers and sisters.
    14. Cooks made delicious lunches and dinners.
    15. Many people helped her.
  2. Give the verb forms:

Have – had,  take care – took care

Buy – bought  want – wanted    do – did, go – went

Come – came  think – thought   can – could

Invite – invited  know – knew   eat – ate

Find – found  leave – left    tell – told

Happen – happened   understand – understood

Enjoy – enjoyed  cook – cooked  bring – brought

  1. Check your facts.
  1.                 Alicia kept the magic fish-bone in
  1.                 her bedroom, b) her bag, c) her pocket, d) the kitchen.
  1.                 The king bought a) a pound and a half of meat, b) a pound and a half of potatoes, c) a pound and a half of tomatoes, d) a pound and a half of fish.
  2.                 The king thought that Grand- marina was a fairy because a) she said she was, b) she could read his thoughts.
  3.                 The young prince cut a) his hand,
  1.                 the bread, c) his foot.
  1.                 The queen was not well for a) two days, b) two weeks, c) three hours, d) a very long time.
  1. Answer the questions.
  1.                 What did the king buy?
  2.                 Who was Grandmarina?
  3.                 Why did Alicia take care of her br­others and sisters?
  4.                 How did the magic fish-bone help the family?
  5.             Do you agree with Grandmarina’s words “Be good and try your best and you will be happy ever after"?
  1. Give         synonyms:     antonyms

Children – kids

Take care – look after

All – everybody

Present – gift

Lady – woman, madame

Answer – reply

Enjoy – like very much

Delicious - tasty

Happy – unhappy

New – old

Come up – go away

Right – wrong

Keep – throw away

To be well – to be ill

Beautiful – ugly

A good fairy - a bad f.

Expensive - cheap



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