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George Gamow

George Gamow, 1904 (Odessa, Ukraine) — 1968 (Boulder, CO, United States)

Gamow was a theoretical physicist and cosmologist — most notably, an early advocate and developer of Lemaître’s Big Bang theory. He discovered a theoretical explanation of alpha decay via quantum tunneling and worked on radioactive decay of the atomic nucleus, star formation, stellar nucleosynthesis, Big Bang nucleosynthesis, and molecular genetics. Some of his books are still in print more than half a century after their original publication and have become classic, yet ever-relevant introductions to the fundamental principles of mathematics and science. In his middle and late career, Gamow focused more on teaching, and became well known as an author of popular books on science, including One Two Three … Infinity, and the Mr. Tompkins … series of books. As an educator, Gamow recognized and emphasized fundamental principles that were unlikely to become obsolete, even as the pace of science and technology accelerated. He also conveyed a sense of excitement with the revolution in physics and other scientific topics of interest for the common reader.

imageЗірочка (*) указує, що запитання обов’язкове

1.           Електронна адреса *


2.           What was Gamow's main contribution (вклад) to cosmology? *        1 бал

Виберіть лише один варіант.

imageDiscovering the theoretical explanation of alpha decay

Advocating and developing Lemaître's Big Bang theory

Working on the radioactive decay of the atomic nucleus

Studying star formation and stellar nucleosynthesis

3.           What field of science did Gamow focus on in his later career? *

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* What is one of Gamow's most famous books?

Виберіть лише один варіант.

1 бал

imageThe Theory of Relativity One Two Three ... Infinity

The Theory of Relativity

The Origin of Species

Quantum Mechanics

5.     How did Gamow contribute to education? *

1 бал

Виберіть лише один варіант.

imageBy developing new technologies

By teaching fundamental principles of mathematics and science

By writing popular books on history

By conducting groundbreaking scientific experiments

6.               What did Gamow aim to convey to the common reader? *

Виберіть лише один варіант.

imageThe importance of religious beliefs in scientific understanding

A sense of excitement with the revolution in physics and other scientific topics

Detailed technical knowledge about complex scientific theories

The negative impact of science and technology on society

7.               Which of the following areas did Gamow NOT work on? *   1 бал

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imageQuantum tunneling

Big Bang nucleosynthesis

Planetary geology


Molecular genetics

8.               What is the primary focus of Gamow's books? *        1 бал

Виберіть лише один варіант.

imageScience History



9.               Who was Gamow? *    1 бал


10.           What is alpha decay? *

11.           What is a scientist? *


12.      How many famous scientists can you name? *

1 бал


13.     What is the difference between a scientist and an inventor? *

1 бал


14.     Science is important because.... *

1 бал



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