29 вересня о 18:00Вебінар: Крок уперед чи стоїмо на місці: реалії роботи вчителя початкової школи

Урок англійської мови. 6 клас. Тема: Подорожі. Нью Йорк.

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Розробка урока з англійської мови. 6 клас. Профільний рівень. Тема: Подорожі. Нью Йорк.
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Lesson plan

Topic – Travellings. New York.

Teacher: Irina Kushnarenko

Form: 6


    linguistic – to develop and improve reading, writing, speaking and listening

    comprehension skills: to raise the communicative skills using the text to gain

    student’s experience by finding necessary information from the text, to stimulate

    speaking activities;

    cultural – to broaden out the student’s knowledge about New York;

    attitudinal – to encourage tolerance and positive attitude towards the people,

    to develop cultural and educational competence.

Learning outcomes: by the end of the lesson students will be able to make their own reports about New York using the plan and the information from the text.

Timing: 45 min

Materials: cards (countries and capitals), text, tape-recorder, recording of the text; pictures.


Lesson Procedure


Teacher activity

Student activity


5 min

I. Introduction. Greeting

1. Greeting.

Greet students, present the topic, the aim of the lesson.

2. Warming-up.

Ask students about countries and capitals.

- What countries do know?

- What are the capitals?

Game: Name the country/capital (cards)

(HO 1)



Students greet the teacher



Students name countries and capitals




To develop situational speaking skills

35 min














Rest Time

2 min

(HO 6)

II. Main Part.

1. Pre-Reading Activity.

Ask to find the pairs to the words. Then to find the places in the pictures (HO 2).

2. Reading.

Divide Ss into 3 groups and gives them the task to read the text and answer the questions.

- Is New York the capital of the USA?

- Why do people call it the capital of the world? (HO 3)

3. Post-Reading Activity

- Listen to the people and match the people to the places (HO 4; HO 5).

- read the article and make the headlines to the parts of the text (Mind-mapping).

Work in groups and choose the best variant. Discuss every points.

(HO 7)


- Look at the people, listen to them and say where they can go in New York. (HO 8)

- Ask Ss to answer the question:

- Would you like to visit NY?

- What would you like to visit? to see?




Making a plan. (HO 9).

Ss match the words and find the places in the pictures.



Each group reads text and tries to find the answer.






Ss the listen and do the task




Ss read and do the task choosing the best variant: discuss every point.


Guessing game






Ss answer the question using the

structure “I would like... because I want to see/ to visit”.

Ss make a plan.

To share their background knowledge on the topic.




To develop reading skills.

To develop listening skills.




To develop reading skills; writing skills; speaking skills








To develop listening and speaking skills.





To develop speaking skills




To develop writing skills

5 min

III. Summing-up.

1. Feedback.

Ask Ss to answer the question: What would you like to visit and see in N.Y?

2. Home-assignment

To prepare the report (using information from the text and the plan) about N.Y.

3. Self-assessment

To complete the table



Students answer




Write the home task into the diaries

Ss complete the table.



To develop speaking skills


1. Hand out 1 (Cards)

- Countries – capitals

2. Hand out 2 (Pictures)

The Empire State Building

The Museum of Modern Art

The Statue of Liberty

The view of Manhattan

3. Hand out 3

I Love New York

     New York, the capital of the world, has an energy like no other city and a skyline that everyone recognises. A trip to the Big Apple is an experience of a lifetime, with hundreds of things to see and do.

    One of the first places to head for is Manhattan. Here you can visit Times Square, The Empire State Building and take a walk in Central Park – always alive with skaters, cyclists and joggers. For art Lovers, the Museum of Modern Art is one of the world’s top museums, and the Guggenheim isn’t far behind. The Statue of Liberty is a short ferry ride from the centre.

    New York offers serious shoppers some of the best shops in the world – head  for Saks on 5th  Avenue, and don’t forget Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, even if it’s only window shopping!

    For entertainment, New York offers a nightlife like no other – it’s not called The city that never sleeps for nothing! And of course, there’s Broadway, where you can see some of the best performances in the world and rub shoulders with the rich and famous!

   So, go on – take a bite of the Big Apple. You won’t be disappointed!  


4. Hand out 4

    1. Hi, it’s ... . Well, New York is great but it’s raining today. I’m standing in line getting ready to go up the Empire State Building. Call you later. Bye!

    2. David? This is ... Where are you? I’m at the Museum of Modern Art and I’m waiting for you. I hope you’re on you way. See you soon. Bye!

    3. Pat, ... there. I’m on Broadway getting the tickets. They’ve only got tickets for the 9 o’clock performance. What do you want me to do? Ring me.

    4. Hi, Linda, this is ... I’m sitting in Central Park. It’s a fabulous day, really hot and sunny, so I’m having lunch in the park. Talk to you later. Bye!

5. Hand out 5

  1     A      Central Park

  2     B      Museum of Modern Art

  3     C      Empire State Building

  4     D      Broadway

6. Hand out 6

     Rest Time

Stand up

Hands up, hands down.

Hands on the hips and sit down.

Hands up and jump.

1,2,3 hop.

1,2,3 stop.

Hands down and sit down.

7. Hand out 7

Mind-map “New York” : the capital of the world, sights (Manhattan), shoppings, nightlife

8. Hand out 8

  1. I want to do shoppings...

  2. I like nightlife ...

  3. I like sights ...

9. Hand out 9


  1.Introduction (cards) (Countries and capitals)

  2. Main Body.

New York is not the capital of the country. But people call it the capital of the world because...

+ Mind-map

  3. Conclusion.

I would like to visit NY because...

10. Hand out 10




Text skills

Points (0-4)


I understand the information from the text.



I can use this information to prepare the report.



I want/can/need to add my own information.



0-3 – not good. Try to muster your English.

4-8 – rather well. But you could be better.

9-12 – a very good result. You worked very hard at the lesson.


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