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Урок англійської мови "ALL ABOUT FOOD"

Про матеріал
Цікава розробка уроку з англійської мови для учнів 5 класу, насичена інтерактивними формами та видами роботи.
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Form 5       Food


Teacher Iryna Volodymyrivna Hyzhko

Age 10-11 years old

   Unit: Food

Topic: All about Food.  

Learning objectives: to check up the knowledge of words from the topic Food; to practise the use of them in different games and exercises.; to improve communicative skills of students; to improve students’ pronunciation; to develop listening, reading, writing skills through various activities; to develop creative abilities, logical thinking, imagination; to organize students’ creative work (projects, cinquain); to develop  skills of working in groups and pairs; to teach to  be respectful and tolerant to each other; to foster students to get interested in learning English.

Equipment: pictures with the names of food, special cards with tasks and materials for group and pair work, a song “I like spaghetti”, audio “I wish you were a fish in my dish”, video “Let’s make a pizza”, video “Today is Monday», students’ projects.


        Learning outcomes: The students will be able to use learned lexical material from topic Food in their speech, speak about the food they like, don’t like, hate, would like to eat, are crazy about, it is so tasty to eat; sing a song “I like spaghetti”; make a pizza; write the recipes of the following dishes (string beans, spaghetti, soup, ice-cream, chicken, fish), describe the following dishes  using the cinquain.

                  Procedure І. Introduction. 

1) Greeting.

T. -Good morning, boys and girls!

S.   –Good morning, teacher!

We are all in our places with shining faces,  

Good morning, to you we are glad to see you. 

T.   Nice to see you today! I hope you are well today. How are you?

S.   – We are in good mood. Yes, it’s true. We are in good mood. How are you?

T.   – I am great today, thank you. Let’s start our lesson.

2) Creating the positive atmosphere of the lesson.   

 Magic box with a chant to build up the student’s self-esteem. Children, look I have a magic box for creating positive and friendly atmosphere of our lesson. Take only one magic card from this box and read.   

I am smart

I am a clever student I am a talented student I enjoy cooking.

Teacher.        I hope that our co-operation will be successful. I want to ask you to be attentive and active. Don’t be afraid, don’t be silent.  OK, look at each other, please. Smile! Look at me. Smile! So, let’s start our lesson.

II. Introducing the topic. Aims.

       Teacher: Look at the picture. 

Answer the questions.

-          Whom can you see?

-          What are they doing?

-          Are they happy?

-          Do they like cooking?

Teacher: What do you think we are going to talk today? (Students answer) Right! We are going to speak about food, cooking and recipes. It is very tasty topic.

(прикріпити тему уроку)

      Today you’ll revise the names of food and practise the use of them in games and exercises. You will be able to use learned lexical material from topic Food in your speech, speak about the food you like, don’t like, hate, would like to eat, are crazy about, it is so tasty to eat;  sing a song “I like spaghetti”, make a pizza, write the recipes of the following dishes (string beans, spaghetti, soup, ice-cream, chicken, fish) 5-6 sentences using a plan, describe the following dishes  using the cinquain.  

               Do      you    like cooking? What does a cook have to know while he is cooking?

-          The names of the dishes.


The names of food (ingredients)

-          The   cooking instructions.

-          The recipes.



1.     Phonetic drill.

Let’s begin our lesson with some phonetic exercise. Look at the card. Here you can see a missing sentence. Try to read it. Use a marker and divide the parts of the sentences into parts.                    Iwishyouwereafishinmydish.

                   I wish you were a fish in my dish. 

Let’s practice sounds [w] and [ʃ ] (повішати картку)

Listening. (повішати скоромовку)

Teacher. You see it very hard to pronounce it correctly. At first let’s do it together. Who wants to try?  

-Write down it on the plate. Are you ready?  Keep in

mind. I hope all your dreams will come true.

2.     Vocabulary Revision.

Teacher. It’s time to recollect the vocabulary of this topic “Food”

We are going to do Mind-map “Food” 

       Teacher. You have some cards, name and stick them on the board. Choose the necessary group.  

3.     A game “Mexican wave”.

     The         teacher does a Mexican wave round the classroom using food language to see how quickly the wave can go round the whole room. Think of the        logical associations. Stand up, name the food and say what can we eat or drink with it.

Think        of       the another word to your neighbour. Sit down. For example,

Teacher says: Pizza and salad. Chicken…

Student 1. Stands up and says: Chicken and rice. Bacon.  

(From the end, the students say cooking verbs in chain)

4. Relaxation “Banana song”

Form the banana (показати банан) Peel…


Fry… Eat…

Form the potato (показати) Peel…



Form an orange

Peel… Slice…


5.     Jazz chant.

Class. Who likes… eating carrots

drinking tea with lemon                                   cooking borshch                                   spaghetti with tomatoes                                   boiled eggs?

Teacher. Maria likes.

Pupil. Who me?

Class. Yes, you.

Pupil. Couldn’t be.

6.     A game “Magic ball of yarn”.

-          I have a ball of yarn. Take it and say about your likes and dislikes. You can use our mind-map.

-          Complete the sentences

I like …

I don’t like…

I hate…

I would like to eat…

It is so tasty to eat…

I am crazy about…

7.     Song time. “I like spaghetti”

                fruit    (banana,










T: It seems to me it's high time to sing. Will you? (Учні співають пісню.) Boys will sing the first verse, girls – the second.


8.     Watching a video “Let’s make a pizza”      

1) Pre-watching activity A game “Cooking”

T. Join into groups by vegetables (carrot, cabbage, onion, cucumber)

You have the pictures. Think and say, what can you cook using these ingredients.




Р1: Look at our picture. You can see a carrot, potatoes, cabbage, and cheese. We can cook soup and cut cheese for tea. 

Р2: Look at our picture. You can see potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and fish. We can cook salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and onion. We can fry potatoes and fish.  

Р3: Look at our picture. You can see potatoes, carrots, onions, sour cream, and mushrooms. We can fry potatoes with mushrooms and onion. We like to eat carrot very much; we can eat it with sugar and cream.

P4. Look at our picture. You can see a bag of flour, a bottle of Coca-Cola, a tomato, some cheese, some sausage, some tomato sauce, some yeast. We can make a pizza and drink a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Teacher. Pizza is my favourite food, Pizza, pizza, it’s so good.

Put some cheese on top of it, Pizza, pizza it’s a hit.  

A game “Jumbled letters”

-     I need five volunteers. You have some letters. One of these letters is odd one out. Make the word PIZZA.  

Teacher. Pay attention to the all ingredients of making pizza and cooking instructions. You are going to make a pizza. Be active. 

Vocabulary yeast – дріжджі the pizza base – основа піци a dough - тісто



Watching a video “Let’s make a pizza!”

Post-listening activities

1. Jigso-puzzle.

Play “Jigso- puzzle” and read the recipe of pizza.



1.        Mix flour and a small spoon of yeast and salt in a bowl.

2.        Pour some water and add two tablespoons of oil.

3.        Mix the flour, water and oil into a dough. 

4.        Roll the dough into a big circle. It’s your pizza base.

5.        Spread tomato sauce on your pizza base.

6.        Grate some cheese and put it on the top of the tomato sauce.

7.        Slice vegetables, salami and mushrooms, put on the top of cheese.

8.        Bake the pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes. Enjoy your pizza.


2.        Listen and take your position Agree\ Disagree.

1.     You will need to boil potatoes for making the pizza. D

2.     You will need to roll the dough into a big circle. A

3.     You will need to slice vegetables, salami and mushrooms, put them on the top of cheese. A

4.     You will need to grate oranges for making the pizza. D

5.     You will need to bake the pizza in the oven for about 20 minutes. A

6.     The pizza is delicious. A


3.        Describe the pizza  using the cinquain.

1.     A noun

2.     Two adjectives

3.     Three verbs

4.     A phrase

5.     Another word for the noun


Yummy, delicious

Slice, bake, eat

Enjoy your pizza!



9.     Presentation of the individual projects “ My favourite dish” 

     Teacher: Who likes pizza, touch your stomach. It is so yummy and delicious.

You have prepared individual projects “ My favourite dish” at home. What is your favourite dish? Tell us the recipe of your favourite dish. (2-3 students)

10. Creative task. “Mox’s cookbook”

      Pre – listening activity

Teacher. Oh, we got a message. Look at the screen.

Mr. Mox asks you to help him. He has lost his cookbook.


Listen to the menu of Mox’s café  and keep in mind it. (A song “Today is Monday”)

            Post-listening activity 

1. Work in pairs

Teacher: Let’s correct the menu of Mox’s café.

Monday- string beans

Tuesday – spaghetti

Wednesday – soup

Thursday – pizza

Friday – fresh fish

Saturday – chicken

Sunday – ice cream

Teacher: Follow this motto: “COOK WITH PLEASURE”.  

          Teacher. We have already made the pizza. So, join into six pairs (string beans, spaghetti, soup, fresh fish, chicken, ice cream)

Look at the cutting board on your table. Choose ingredients that you need and write the recipe. Look at the plan.  

-         The name of the dish.

-         The names of food (ingredients) - The cooking instructions.


-         Present your dishes using the cinquain.  


Tasty, hot

Buy, grill, eat

You’ll like it


III. Summarizing.


Making poster “My work at the lesson…” 

Finish the sentences

                  I liked… (The children take smileys, finish a sentence I liked… and put them in the saucepan)

Teacher: Your work was excellent. Good for you! Our lesson is coming to the end. I should say, that you’ve worked very well today and were very active.        Put your right hand on your neighbour’s shoulder and say: Good Job!

     Thank you for your hard work at the lesson. I should say you worked well and were very active. You have good marks today for your hard work at the lesson  

2.     Homework. Your homework is to create a cookbook of your class.


T: Time to finish now.            Stop your work and fun.

See you on Tuesday,

Good-bye, everyone.

The lesson is over.


Students: Good-bye, teacher!

Thank you for the lesson!


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