Урок англійської мови для 5 класу на тему "Дім та меблі"

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Урок-узагальнення . Під час уроку учні повторюють лексику теми, удосконалюють навички говоріння, читання, письма, аудіювання, представляють свої міні-проекти, прищеплюють любов до рідного дому.
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Topic: House and Furniture

Aim:  - to teach pupils to operate the topical words in speech;

          - to train pupils to make sentences;

          - to develop pupils’ reading, listening, writing and speaking skills;

          - to develop logical and creative thinking;

          - to train self-confidence and positive attitude to other students’ ideas.

Materials: handouts, pictures, cards.

The procedure:

I. Greeting. Warming up.

- Good morning children! ­(пісня «Good morning»)

- How are you today? Are you ready for the lesson?

 -What day is it today?

- What season is it now?

- What is the weather like today? (відповіді учнів)

II. Introducing the topic.


- Today we are going to have an interesting lesson. If you want to know the topic of our lesson you must do a crossword. So, look at the pictures and write down the words. (Додаток 1)

-Yes, today we’ll speak about house, rooms and furniture.


2) Phonetic practice.

- Let’s begin our lesson with a phonetic exercise. Repeat after me the poem.

This is my house.

This is my flat.

This is my sofa.

This is my bed.

This is my bookshelf.

This is my desk.

Here I work and here I rest.

- Now read, please, the poem.

3) Vocabulary practice.( Додаток 2)

- I’m sure you know the name of all the rooms in your flat and the names of  all the things in them. Prove me. Put the words into two columns: Rooms and Furniture.

 -Well done! Now I see you know all the rooms and furniture. And now I want to see how well you know what furniture belongs to each room. You have pictures of the rooms but the painter mixed up the furniture. Your task is to find out what is wrong. (Додаток 3)

4) Listening.( Додаток 4)

- I propose to make an imaginary trip to London to our friend Bill. He wrote a letter about his house. Listen to his letter very carefully.

5) Writing.( Додаток 5)

- Put the letters into the correct order to make right words.

6) Speaking.

- Our classroom is a room too. Let’s describe it. What can you see in our classroom?

There is……..       There are………..

7) Project work.

All of you have your own rooms. Who wants to tell us about his or her own room?

(діти презентують заздалегідь підготовлені роботи)

8) Relaxation.

“The house of my dream”

Maybe you have a dream about a big and nice house. You have sheets of paper and crayons  on your desks. Listen to me and draw what I say.

- Draw a big house in the middle of the paper.

- Paint the roof red.

- Draw two big windows and a door.

- Paint the door brown.

-  Draw a big tree on the right side of the house.

- Paint the tree yellow.

- Draw a bird above the tree.

- Draw a yard around the house.

- Draw flowers in the yard.

- Paint the flowers red and green.

-Draw the clouds above the house.

- Paint the clouds blue.

- Draw the sun between the clouds.

- Paint the sun yellow.

-Now look at your pictures. Do you like them? Do you want to have  houses

 like these?

(відповіді учнів)

III. Summing up.

- Did you like our lesson? What did you like most ? You have worked very well and you get good marks. Bye!









Додаток 1














































2. літати

3. капелюх

4. двері

5. чашка

6. сукня

7. ліжко







Додаток 2

Write  the words into two columns.

A chair, a living-room, a bathroom, a toilet, a table, a hall, a bed, a bedroom, a dining-room, a bookcase, a kitchen, a cupboard, a sofa, a wardrobe, a washing machine, a dishwasher, an armchair, a bookshelf, a morror, a desk, a nursery, a refrigerator, a cooker, a radio set, a telephone, a TV set.


ROOMS                                                                FURNITURE




Додаток 5


Unscramble the words:

o m o r _____________ , o u h s e _________________, i t h k c n e ____________, d r b e m o o ________________, a r c p t e ______________,

c p o u e m t r __________________, k s d e ________________, b t l a e ______________, o s a f ____________________.
















Додаток 3

C:\Documents and Settings\1\Рабочий стол\для сайта\img07022019_014.jpg






Додаток 4

This is Bill’s family. They live in a city, in London. They have got a big house. There are two floors in their house. Three bedrooms and a bathroom are upstairs. Thereis a living-room, a kitchen and a hall downstairs. The rooms are very comfortable. They have many things which help them: vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a cooker, a microwave oven. Bill has got a computer and a tape-recorder. The best room in their house is the living-room. There is a fireplace and beautiful furniture there. They like it very much. Bill’s family says “There is no place like home”.

Choose the correct item:

1. Bill’s family lives _________

a) in a big city

b) in a village

c) in a town

2. They have got__________

a) a flat

b) a big house

c) a small house

3. Three bedrooms are____________

a) downstairs

b) upstairs

c) I don’t know

4. The rooms are_______________

a) not comfortable

b) very comfortable

c) modern

5. They have things which helps them:_______________

a) a vacuum cleaner and a dishwasher

b) a book and a bookshelf

c) a cupboard and chairs

6. Bill has got _______________

a) a computer

b) a sister

c) a piano

7. There is a fireplace in _____________

a) the kitchen

b) the bedroom

c) the living-room

8. Bill’s family says:________________

a) “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

b) “One for all and all for one”

c) “There is no place like home”













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