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Урок англійської мови для 6 класу “Earth is our home”

Про матеріал

Вивчити новий лексичний матеріал по темі та виконувати завдання з лексикою.Продовжувати вчити читати для отримання інформації та виконувати завдання на основі прочитаного.

Present Simple Tense, Past Simple Tense. Робота з датами

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 6 класу “Earth is our home”


          1) to learn new words and words-combinations for the topic “Earth is our home” and do some exercises with these words.

2) to read the text for the main gist and for getting more information; do different exercises after text (true or false, complete the sentences, translate some sentences).

3) to show your ability of operating grammar tenses (Present Simple Tense, Past Simple Tense) and work with dates  .

4) to operate words and words-combinations for the topic in dialogues and in speech



- Today our lesson  is not as usual. The guests come to see us and our lesson. Don’t be afraid. OK. Let’s start our lesson.

-Look at the window and tell me please:

  • What season is it now?
  • What month is it now?
  • What day is it today?
  • What is the weather like today?

      Who has another variant?

  • What colour is the sky?
  • Is the sun shining?
  • Is it cold? Is it hot? Is it chilly?
  • Do you like this weather? Yes, I do. No, I do not.


Look at the board and tell me please: What is the topic of our lesson?

EARTH IS OUR HOME (on the board).


Look! This is our guest from another planet. He wants to know about our planet as much as possible. OK. Listen to us very attentively.

Today we are going to speak about our planet Earth. But there are a lot of new words. That’s why we shall learn these words. Look at the board. This is a map. This is the map of our planet. Our planet is Earth. Let’s repeat after me and translate. There are 4 oceans. What is this ocean? They are The Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.(repeat after me and translate).There are five continents. They are Europe and Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. (try to tell me in Ukrainian). There are a lot of seas, such as the Black Sea, the Asov Sea, the Mediterranean Sea. Our planet is full of wonders. (the globe, the map)
- But our guest  has brought us a lot of tasks. The first task is match the pair. Take these sheet of papers and do this task.



Match the pair


the Earth

the planet Earth

on  Earth


the Mediterranean sea

Pacific Ocean



Планета Земля

На Землі

Середземне море





Тихий океан

Let’s check on your task.



- In our text-books we have a short text on our topic. First of all listen to the tape-recorder and answer the question: What is the largest of the seas and oceans?


Read this text and do some exercises after reading.

The Earth

We live on Earth. It is round. There is a lot of water on Earth. It is in the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. The largest of the oceans is the Pacific Ocean. The Mediterranean Sea is the largest of the seas. There are five continents. The oceans and the seas are between the continents.

There are a lot of forests and fields, hills and mountains on Earth. Men and animals live on it. Different plants grow on it. The Earth is beautiful. It is full of wonders.

There are large countries and small ones. There are warm countries and cold ones.


1) translate into Ukrainian

2) True or false

The next task is :True or false. If you agree put “+”,if you do not agree put “-“.

True or false

1) The Earth is not round.

2) There is a lot of water on Earth.

3) There are lots of forests and fields, hills and mountains on Earth.

4) There are ten continents.

5) The largest of the oceans is the Atlantic Ocean.

6) The black Sea is the largest of the seas.

7) Men and animals live on  Earth.

8) Different plants grow on Earth.

Find in the text  and correct the mistakes.

3) The next task is to complete these sentences.

a) We live on ______.

b) The largest of the oceans is______.

c) The ______ is the largest of the seas.

d) There are five _______.

e) The Earth is _________.

4) Answer my questions

- What planet do we live on?

- Is there much water on our planet? Where is it?

- What ocean is the largest?

-  What sea is the largest?

- How many continents are there?

- What are the between the continents?

- Where do0 animals live?

- Where do plants grow?


But sometimes people do many things which our planet doesn’t like. That’s why our planet try to tell us What doesn’t it like? And we have a lot of problems such as: Look at the board and translate into Ukrainian. You may use this sheet of paper.







Fire - Firefighter











Вогонь, пожежник






Hail                                                                              Град

- Our letters are naughty. They don’t want to be obedient. Try to guess What words are there on the board?

1) i f e r

2) m t s r o

3) o l d o f

4) i h l a

5) d t a a r i n o

6) t o p y h n o 

-I have an interesting exercise for you.

Let’s divide all these things in two columns. In the first column What is good for our planet ? and in the second What is bad for our planet ?



















Radiation, many flowers, many forests, fire, many animals, clean rivers, lightning, green grass, earthquakes, hurricanes, birds singing, flood, planting trees, typhoon. 

Example: Radiation. What is this? Is it good for our planet?


Do you know that animals are good for our Earth. Now we are little Teddy-bears.

“ Teddy-bears”.


Thank you. Every person has a birthday. Our planet has its own birthday two. Let’s read about its birthday.

Terry: April 22 is soon.

Lilly: What about it?

Terry: Don’t you know April 22 is Earth Day? People all over the world think about our planet.

Ann: They say our planet is in danger.

Terry: Many people don’t know how to protect animals and plants, how to keep the water clean                      and the air fresh. But they are ready to do it.

John: What way can we help nature?

Lilly: We can do it in our own way.

- Oh! What is it? This is a letter. Read this letter please.

The letter

Help, people, help!

I am Earth. I am dying.

I am sending you a letter. You are destroying me day after day. Don’t you see my air so polluted, my seas, my rivers and oceans are dark grey because of all that garbage. Every day you can hear about car crashes, shipwrecks, train and plain accidents. Every year there are a lot of earthquakes, floods and fires. There are many explosions because of gas leak. Sometime people don’t realize the danger. People! Can you breathe this air? Don’t you understand you are the cause of many accidents?

People! Quietly and slowly you are destroying yourselves. Please, stop it! 

- Oh! We must take care of our nature! We must not pollute our air, our water, our land. We must think about animals, plants, about our body, about healthy life. Because if we don’t be careful with our nature we shall have a lot of accident. Some of them is earthquakes. This is a very big problem. These are some big earthquakes on Earth. We must remember these days.


- How to say these dates? Look at the example.

Example: It was on the ninth of April in two thousand nine.

It was a tragedy in Chernobyl on 26th April 1986.

It was a tsunami Thailand on 26th  December 2004.

It was an earthquake in Italy on 6th April 2009.

It was an earthquake in Turkey on 17th August 1999.

It was an earthquake in Armenia on 7th December 1988.   

- Make up sentences

1) for people, is, Radiation, bad.

2) was, Earthquake, in 2009,  in Italy, on the 6th of April,

3) are, in winter, Snowstorms.

4) fire, Sometimes, for people, is not good.

5) is, in May, The first lightning. 

 - Ask questions as much as possible.

The Tragedy in Chernobyl was on the 26th of April.







Ex 2 p129 ( read and translate)


You were good.

Your marks are … .

-Do you like our lesson?

- What was the topic of our lesson?

-What new words have you learned?



























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