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Урок англійської мови " My Pet"

Про матеріал

Повторити звуки та виконувати завдання з ними. Вивчити нові слова по темі та повторити раніше вивчені. повторити кольори та числівники. Продовжувати вчити слухати тексти та виконувати завдання. Продовжувати вчити використовувати слова та словосполучення у діалогах та розповідях.

Перегляд файлу

Урок англійської мови для 2 класу “ My Pet”.


  1. to repeat some sounds and to do exercises with them;
  2. to learn new words for the topic “Animals” , to repeat words for the topic “Animals” and to do exercises with same;
  3. to repeat numerals (1-10) and colours;
  4. to understand short texts after listening and to do different actions;
  5. to operate words and words-combinations for the topic in dialogues and speech.

Equipment : Cards, books, toys, copy-books.

I Organize moment

Good morning!

Good morning!

Today we have got unusual lesson. Some guests have come to see us.

Let`s start!

II Theme and Functions

- Look at the  board and tell me

What is the topic of our lesson? Do you know?

     There are some pictures on the board.                                         

III Speaking

a)- Let`s repeat after me

-It is a … .

- Is it a … ? Yes, it is. No, it is not.

What is it? It is a … .

Try to guess. ( Parts of the animals)

b) What animal do you like?

- I like … .

- I do not like … .

Try to guess What animal do I like?

-Is it a … ?

-Is it a … ?

c) I have got a pet. It is a dog.

Have you  got a pet?  Yes, I have.  It is a … . No, I have not.


d) Writing

- Ex 2 p 51. Read the task and answer the questions.

e) Speaking. You have got many pets. At home you have drawn some pictures with your pets. Show us your pictures and tell us about your pets.

f) Poem

I have got a pet.

It`s a cat.

His name`s Fred.

I love my cat.

Many people have got animals too. There is an exercise in our text books. Connect pictures with people. Tell me please :

- What animal has the girl got?

- What animal has the boy got?

- What animal has the clown got?

-What animal has the grandmother got?

IV Listening 

My friends has got some animals too. They want to tell you about their pets.

Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions

- What animals are there in the dialogues?

- Listen to this dialogues once more and do this exercise





a snake.


has  got

a parrot.


a hamster.



a frog.

V Physical exercises

VI Reading.

In our text book we have got a text about our pets. Look through this text and tell me

What animals are there in this text.

Ex 5p99

- Listen to me.

-Repeat after me.


-Find and translate.


Our animals are funny, clever and beautiful. We love them very much. They are very different .They can do o lot things. I will read some sentences. If you agree with me, clap your hands.

1) The dogs can fly.

2) The cats can jump.

3) The hamsters are blue.

4) The monkeys can read.

5) The fish can run.

6) The fox is red.

7) The turtles can swim.

8) The dogs have got for legs.




Some animals live in the houses or flats, but some  live at the zoo. Divide these animals into to columns.

At home

At the zoo











 A cat, a lion, a bear, a dog, a hamster, a snake, a rabbit, a monkey, a fish, a fox.

IX Homework

Ex 5 p 99

X Summarizing.

You have got  smiles. Some smiles are happy, but some are sad.

If you like our lesson, stick your happy smiles, if not, stick sad.













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До підручника
Англійська мова (підручник для загальноосвітніх навчальних закладів) 2 клас (Карпюк О. Д.)
28 жовтня 2018
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