Урок-казка "Around the city"

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Щоб вивчити тему "У місті" з учнями 4 класу пропоную нестандартний урок - урок -казку, де розповідається про злу відьму, яка зачаклувала одне місто. Щоб допомогти жителям міста, учні виконують різноманітні завдання

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 - to develop reading, speaking and writing skills;

- to develop listening comprehension;

- to learn and practise vocabulary on the topic;

- to teach pupils work in pairs and groups.




1. Warming up

T. Dear children! Listen to the tale.

 Once upon a time there lived an old ugly witch. She was very angry.  One day she bewitched the whole city. The city is dead. Everybody is sleeping. The city is grey and sad. Today we are going to travel around this city and give life to it. To help the inhabitants of the city you must work hard during the lesson.




"Public speaking"

Imagine that you are an orator.

 Read the rhyme with the different intonation.

Evil witch, evil witch, we aren't afraid of you!

Poor people of the city, wait for us! We'll help you!


2. Vocabulary work

T. We are going downtown. Look at the trees. The birds are sleeping here. They don't sing. To help them we must learn new vocabulary.

a street

a block of flats

a building

a house

Can you guess the meaning of these words?

Match words to the pictures and make four sentences with them. (Workbook p. 93)


3. Writing

T. Now the birds are singing. Look  at the buildings. They are too old and grey. Make up as many sentences as you can about this city. Think what these buildings are (museums, churches, theatres . . .) Work in groups.

There is . . .

There are . . .


4. Listening

T. Children look! There is a school on the left. But all the pupils are sleeping here. I have a CD to listen to the story of one girl.

ex. 2 - p.132

My home is London. What is London?

It is a big city. I live at 10 Green Street.

My street is very nice.

There are not many cars in my street.

I live in a house.

My house is blue and it is not very big.

The front door is red.

The rooms in my house are small.

My room is small too. It is always messy but I like it.



big                         cars

many                     door

blue                       room

red                         city

messy                    house

Physical activity

Hands up! Hands down!

 Hands to the sides!

Bend left! Bend right!

Turn around! Turn around!

Clap your hands!

Now sit down!


5. Reading

T. To help the transport in the city to move we must read the text once more and do the task.

Correct the sentences:

1. Vicky lives in a town.

2. Her street is not very nice.

3. Vicky's house is red and big.

4. Her door is blue.

5. The rooms in her house are messy.

Answer the questions:

1. Where is Vicky's home?

2. What colour is her house?

3.What colour is her door?

4. Is Vicky's room big or small?


6. Speaking

T. So the birds are singing, the children are running and laughing, the houses are colorful, there is a traffic in the streets. Only adults are sleeping. To help them work in groups. Do an interview with Vicky.

1. What is your name?

2. What is your surname?

3. How old are you?

4. Where is your home?

5. What is London?

6. What is your address?

7. Do you live in a house or in a flat?

8. Is your house big or small?


7. Playtime

T. The people of the city are very happy. They invite you to the festival. Let's go there and sing a song.


 The song of people

Sing a song of people

Walking fast or slow,

People in the city

Up and down they go.


People going shopping,

People on the bus;

People passing, passing

Next to and in front of us.


People in the metro,

Underneath the ground,

People driving taxis

Round and round and round.


Sing a song of people

Who like to come and go;

Sing of city people

You see but never know!


8. Summing up

T. Today you've worked hard. What was difficult /easy for you?

What are your feelings now?

9. Homework

Workbook ex.3 - p. 94

Write about your place.

What is your place called?

Is it big or small?

What is your address?

Is your house big or small?

Do you like your room? 


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