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Розробка уроку для учнів 4 - го класу до підручника Карпюк з вивченням різноманіття тварин, їхнього середовища існування та відпрацюванням ступенів порівняння прикметників
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An interesting world of animals

(Form 4)

Objectives of the lesson:

     to activate and consolidate lexical and grammatical material (animals, degrees of comparison of adjectives);

     to practice reading and speaking skills;

     to raise pupils` speaking skills;

     to develop and improve writing sentences with different degrees of comparison of adjectives;

     to educate love to animals and nature.


     pupils will be able to speak about different animals, their homes, using degrees of comparison of adjectives.

Equipment: student`s books, workbooks, Power Point presentation, video (hello song), HO.


  1. 1. Introduction(2 minutes)

Teacher: Good morning, children. I`m glad to see you.

Children: Good morning, teacher. We`re glad to see you too.

Teacher: Today we`re going to talk about animals, but first of all let`s sing “Hello song”

             (3 minutes)

Pupils: Every day,

            I go to school,

            I meet my friends,

            And we all say,

            Hello, hello,

           How are you?

           I`m good, I`m great,

           How about you?

          Every day,

          I go and play,

         I meet new friends,

         And we all say,

         Hello, hello,

       What`s your name?

       Nice to meet you,

       Do you want to play?

2. Warm-up (4 minutes)

Teacher: Well done, and now let`s work with tongue twister (Power Point presentation, slides 1-2). Listen and repeat(quietly – loudly; one by one – together):

             A fat cat sat on the mat

            And ate a fat rat.

  1. Main part of the lesson.
  1. Speaking practice (7 minutes)

Teacher: Good, let`s revise the names of the animals, using these pictures. What animal is

              it?(Slides 3-22)

Pupils` answers: This is a(an)….wolf, fox, bear, polar bear, elephant, camel, rabbit, cow,

                    seal, sheep, pig, hippo, gorilla, horse, dog, zebra, cat, turtle, shark, penguin.

Teacher: Where do these animals live?

Pupils` answers: They live on (in) the ….. farm, forest, desert, ocean, tropical forest, home,

                zoo, Antarctic.

  1. Checking homework (7 minutes)

Teacher: What was your homework?

Pupil`s  answers: Our homework for today was exercise 4 pages 120 – 121 to complete the


….the chicken house.




….the tractor.




  1. Writing practice (6 minutes)

Teacher: And now let`s fill in the table “Where do these animals live?”Board work (wolf,

                 fox, bear, polar bear, elephant, camel, rabbit, cow, seal, sheep, pig, hippo, gorilla,

               horse, dog, zebra, cat, turtle, shark, penguin)



Tropical forest


My house










  1. Playtime (3 minutes).

Teacher: Let`s stand up, watch video and clap your hands.

              Clap, clap, clap your hands,

              Clap your hands with me.

              Clap them fast.

             Clap them slow.

             Wag your tail, like a dog.

             Wag, wag, wag our tail,

             Wag your tail with me.

             Wag it fast.

             Wag it slow.

             Bend your knees, like a camel.

             Bend, bend, bend your knees,

             Bend your knees with me.

             Bend them fast.

             Bend them slow.

  1. Grammar practice (6 minutes)

Teacher: Pupils, let`s revise how do we form the degrees of comparison of adjectives

               (Slides       23-27)

Short adjectives     _________                           -er                      the       -est

Long adjectives    _________                        more                      the most

Teacher: Now let`s write down the degrees of comparison of adjectives.


Big ___________________________________, nice _______________________________,

Slow _________________________________, fast ________________________________,

Long _________________________________, clean ______________________________,

Tall _________________________________ , angry ______________________________,

Old _________________________________ , fat _________________________________,

Kind ________________________________, scary _______________________________,

Smart ______________________________, funny ________________________________,

Large ______________________________, friendly ______________________________,

Dangerous __________________________, interesting ___________________________,

Useful ______________________________, beautiful ____________________________.

Teacher: Which of these animals is the ……..slowest, smartest, biggest, fattest?

Pupils` answers.

  1. Summary (2 minutes)
  1. Homework

Teacher: At home do exercise 5 page 127, build the sentences with the adjectives about the


           Was this lesson interesting for you?

          You were good… (excellent, attentive, smart pupils today). Good bye.



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