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Розробка уроку для учнів 6 - го класу до вивчення різних видів магазинів та особливостей покупок у Великій Британії до підручника Карпюк
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Let`s go shopping

(Form 6)

Objectives of the lesson:

     to understand words for different shops;

     to ask for items sold in different shops;

     to make sentences about different shops;

     to practice WH – questions (what, where);

     to know more about shopping in Britain.


     pupils will be able to speak about different kinds of shops, things to buy there and shopping in Britain.

Equipment: student`s books, workbooks, HO, audio.


  1. 1. Introduction(2 minutes)

Teacher: Good morning, children. I`m glad to see you.

Children: Good morning, teacher. We`re glad to see you too.

     Teacher: Today we`re going to talk about shopping. So, let`s go shopping today.

            2. Warm-up (4 minutes)

    Teacher: Let`s read and practice the rhyme (quietly – loudly; one by one – together):

Shopping rhymes

Let`s go shopping –

You and me,

Buy all things

that you can see.

Let`s buy toys

And buy some food.

Buying things is very good.

You can buy a tone of honey,

If you have some pocket money.

So, what do you need to go shopping?

-         Pocket money.

II. Main part of the lesson.

  1. Speaking practice (3 minutes)

Teacher: What kinds of shops do you know?

Pupils` answers: baker`s, butcher`s, fishmonger`s, chemist`s, grocer`s, greengrocer`s,

              toy shop, market, supermarket, pet shop, florists, dairy`s.

  1. Board game “Guess the shop” ( 7 minutes)

(Pupils go to the board and choose the word don`t sowing it to other pupils. Other pupils ask questions: - Is it a __________________?

                -Yes, it is/No, it isn`t.)


Baker`s, butcher`s, fishmonger`s, chemist`s, grocer`s, greengrocer`s, toy shop, market, supermarket, pet shop, florists, dairy`s.

  1. Checking homework (7 minutes)

Teacher: And now let`s check your homework and get to know some information about

               shopping in Britain. So, open your books on page 112 and read the text one by one.

Shopping in Britain

When you want to buy something you go to a shop or market. To buy food in Britain people usually go to the baker’s, to the butcher’s, to the sweet shop or to the greengrocer’s. If you need either sugar or rice, you go to the grocer’s. If you need fi sh, you go to the fi shmonger’s. At the dairy’s you can buy dairy products like milk or cream. But nowadays supermarkets become more and more popular. They use the self-service system. It means you walk round the shop and choose what you want. You can use trolleys. At the exit you pay for all your goods at the cashier.

If you are a traveller in Britain, you should know some popular shops and supermarkets. Sainsbury’s are very big supermarkets. They are for richer people who want to do shopping once a week or even once a month. Tesco supermarkets are leaders, too. But

they sell goods at cheaper prices. British Home Stores (BHS) is a group of large shops selling mainly clothes and other products for the houses.

Buying clothes in Britain can be a problem for Europeans, because they have different

size system. Ready-made clothes departments in London usually use both British an European sizes on the tags. There are some traditions about shopping in Britain.  Mothers usually buy clothes fortheir small children, but British teenagers usually buy clothes by themselves. The British usually buy food an supermarkets once a week. Don’t forget that the British use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ a lot.

  1. Writing practice (8 minutes)

Teacher: And now let`s check how attentive you were, reading this text. Let`s do exercise 2

                on page 113 – complete the sentences.

1)……. baker`s, butcher`s, greengrocer`s, grocers, dairy, fishmonger`s.

2)……. become more and more popular.

3)…… can buy everything you need.

4)…… you should know some popular shops and supermarkets.

5)…… selling goods at cheaper prices.

6) …… large shops.

7) …… are leaders in food and selling.

8)…… large shops.

9) …… they have different for themselves.

10) ……tags.

11) …… buy clothes for themselves.

12) ……usually do the food shopping.

13) …… cheers.

           5.  Listening practice ( 6 minutes)

Teacher: Very well, and now let`s listen to the story and name the shops that are in the

                street where John lives.


I am John.

Let me tell you about my street.

It is not very long.

There are some shops in the

street and a lot of trees.

There is a baker’s shop with

fresh bread and a greengrocer’s

with fresh fruit and vegetables.

I go to the supermarket every day.

It is next to my house.

It is not a busy street so we

ride our bikes there.

Some boys play ball in the

street, but it is dangerous1.

There are no tall buildings

there, just family houses

and small blocks of fl ats.

There are a lot of cats

in my street.

I have some nice neighbours.

I love my street very much.

Checking the answers: supermarket, greengrocer`s, shops, baker`s.

  1. Pair work (4 minutes)

Teacher: Where can you buy ……………?

Pupils` answers: We can buy …………. at the……………

  1. Summary.
  1. Questions to know results (2 minutes)

Teacher: So, do you like shopping?

               Pupils` answers.

2. Homework (2 minutes)

Teacher: At home do exercises 4-5 on page 114.

               Was this lesson interesting for you?

              Would you like going shopping?

Pupils` answers: …….

Good bye.


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