Урок на тему "Kyiv is the cahital of Ukraine" 5клас

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Урок на тему " Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine " до підручника А. Несвіт 5 клас. Даний матеріал може бути викорстаний вчителями англійської мови .

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                       LESSON  in the 5 form


ODJECTIVES:-to revise and expand pupil’s vocabulary on the topic;

  •                   To develop pupils skills in speaking, reading;
  •                   To develop pupils” creative and critical thinking skills;
  •                   To practice speaking activities on the topic;
  •                   To encourage pupils to know , respect culture,  customs  and traditions of  our   the country 


EQUIPMENT: a textbook,  microphone, SD , computer,  multimedia  board, the pictures of Kyiv



1 Greeting.

2 Theme and  objectives of the lesson.

Dear pupils, today we are going to talk about  Kyiv-the capital of Ukraine.   By the end of the lesson you should be able to activise the words and expressions learned at the previous lessons by using them in oral speech, to show your ability of operating facts about Kyiv, to read the text and to write a brief information about it.

Before we start talking about Kyiv , I’d like you to remember the words of the song” In my country we are happy”

  1. Remember the words of the song
  2. Listen to the words of the song and repeat it after the announcer
  3. Sing a song

In my country we are happy

In my country we are happier

          In my country we are the happiest of all

In my country we are friendly

In my country we are friendlier


In my country we are friendliest of all

My country your country travel east or west

If north is good the south is better

Which land is the best?

          T.-     What country would you like to live?

             P.           -I would like to live in Ukraine.

          T.-    What is the capital of Ukraine?

P .-The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv.


T. -Do you know the names of town’s features? Let’s check your knowledge.

-you get money here----     a bank

-you can catch a bus there—  a bus stop

- you can go there to pray-  a church

-you can see films there—a cinema

-you can enjoy plays here – a theatre

-you borrow books here-a  library

-you watch a match here—a stadium

Reading the text  ‘’Kyiv”

Post –reading

1Translate into Ukrainian

The capital of Ukraine

Wide and narrow

Lined up with

Attractive parks

Carry passengers

Transport city

II Translate into English and write the expressions

1найкраще місто

2 мальовничі береги

3 обсаджені каштанами

4 дуже популярне серед туристів

5привабливі парки

6 добре розвинена транспортна система

III  Make up sentences using these  expressions

IV Fill in the prepositions

1 The capital --- Ukraine is Kyiv.

2 It is situated --- the banks – of the river Dnipro.

3 Kyiv is famous --- its attractive parks.

4 The river port is --- Kyiv.

5 There  are many museums --- Kyiv.

V  Fill in the suitable words

1 Kyiv is the ----- of Ukraine.

2 More than three ----  people live there.

3 A chestnut tree is a ---- of Kyiv.

4Kyivis famous for its ----- parks.

5 Many buses ----,------,----- carry -----.

6 It is ----- on the ------ banks of the ----  Dnipro.


VII SPEAKING  ( microphone)

T. -What you remember about Kyiv.

Ps  -Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.





VIII WRITING  ( 5 minutes writing)

Write a short story  about Kyiv.


The end of  the lesson

T. -Your homework is to tell about the capital of Ukraine.

    What have we done today?

    Was it interesting for you  to talk about Kyiv?

    Would you like to live in Kyiv in the future?






Yankova Anna
До підручника
Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 5 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
19 квітня 2018
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