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урок по темі Пори року у 5 класі

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урок на тему Пори року і різні види погоди погоди в ці пори року,діяльність дітей в різні пори року
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                                             Seasons and Weather

  1. Greeting the pupils

T:Good morning, pupils. How are you today?

P: Good morning, teacher. We are fine. And you?

T: Me too, thanks a lot.

II          Brainstorming

T:   Let us talk about the weather today. Look at the blackboard  here you can see some scrambled words. The wind has mixed the letters in them .let us make the words correct.


NSNUY   ( cold, snowy, foggy, rainy, cloudy, wet, warm, sunny)

T: Well done. Your next task is to match the correct word with the pictures. (pupils find the pictures which correspond to the words )

III          Body of the lesson

A      T: And now let us talk a bit about our emotions. On the screen you can see different smileys showing their mood. Can guess how they are feeling?( happy, scared, bored, sad)

T: What about you, children? Describe your feelings in different weather.

e.g. How do you feel when the weather is rainy / hot / stormy / cloudy?

       When the weather is hot I feel tired. When the weather is stormy I feel scared. When the weather is cloudy and rainy I feel bored…

  B     T:  How many seasons are there in a year?

          P: There are four: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

           T:  Right. What colour is spring, summer, autumn, winter?

( pupils recite a poem Spring is green. Summer is bright. Autumn is yellow. Winter is white.)

T: The next task is to match the season to its weather.

Winter           it is rainy and wet, trees and flowers start to grow.

Autumn         it is hot and sunny, people go on holiday.

Summer         it is cool and foggy, trees have no leaves on them.

Spring            it is very cold and it snows, Christmas is in this season.

T: To better remember the seasons let us sing a song.

 C     T: How many months are there in a season, in a year?  What are they?

      T:  Our next task is to complete the sentences with the right word

  1. The first month of the year is……
  2. The hottest month is……
  3. The first summer month is……
  4. The shortest month of the year is…….
  5. We have Christmas in……..
  6. The first autumn month is……..

T:   Next task is to cross the odd word out

January     February      South          May

Sun           cloud            rain              to wear

To blow    to fall           vegetables    to shine

Season       warm           cool              cold

September    October     November     winter

Rain     snow      wind     night

D        T: We can enjoy our favourite activities in each season. Look  and say what you like doing in winter, summer, autumn, spring.

e.g. I can go skating and sledging in winter. I can ride a bike in spring. I can swim in summer. I can fly a kite in autumn.

E       Listening

T: Why do people often talk about the weather?

P:  to start communication,when we want to go out , when we want to go to other places.

T:  How can we get information about the weather?

P: from the Internet, TV,radio, mobile weather service.

T: Let us watch a weather report. Before you watch look at the words given to you. Your task is to mark the words you hear in the video.

Fog   thunder     lightning    rain   snow    hot    warm      windy     stormy     cloudy

After the second time of watching the video pupils should tick the weather in each country:

Overcast and rainy                      Northern Canada

Hot and sunny                             South America

Cold and snowy                          Europe

Cool and windy                           Asia

Cloudy and warm                       America

Group Work

T: And now  you will work in groups. There are 4 groups called Winter Summer Autunm  Spring. Here are secret envelopes with seasons in them.Yuor task is to present your secret season not to name it. Other groups will have to guess what season it is. Fill in the table and use it in your description.


Summarizing of the lesson

T: Dear friends, our lesson is coming to an end. I hope you learned much about seasons and weather. You did a great job. I wish you be happy whatever the weather.


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Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 5 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
19 жовтня 2019
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