Урок-подорож в 4 класі "London"

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Щоб цікавіше вивчити тему "Лондон" з молодшими школярами, варто провести віртуальну екскурсію по столиці Великої Британії. Тому урок-подорож буде для них надзвичайно цікавим.

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- to develop reading, speaking and writing skills;

- to develop listening skills;

- to learn and practise vocabulary on the topic;

- to learn the degrees of comparison of adjectives;

- to teach pupils work in groups;

- to give pupils the main idea of  London and its places of interest.





1. Warming up

T. Good morning, children!

P. Good morning, teacher!

T. How are you today?

P. We are fine. And you?

T. Thank you. I am fine.

What is the weather like today?

P. It is fine.


2. Speaking

T. Our principal told me that there is a letter on the site of our school. Let's read it.




A letter

Dear pupils of the 4th form!

I invite you to my country to see London.


Your Mary Poppins.



T. Do you want to see London?

So, what is the topic of our lesson?

Yes, you are right.

Find London on the map, please.

Now take your places in the bus and let's go.

At first  you should get acquainted  with your neighbour in the bus.

(Pupils speak).

What do you think of the lesson?

Will it be interesting?

The motto of  our lesson is:




"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."



T. Explain it. (Pupils express their opinions.)


3. Vocabulary station

(The names of all stations are presented on slides.)


Vocabulary presenting

Pupils listen and repeat the vocabulary.











a lot of

be called


place of interest


Vocabulary practice




Game "Vinegret"

Areqsu - wreto - ceplaa - tliacpa - usfmao





     1) 400                             A) four million

     2) 7 000                          B) seven thousand

     3) 4 000 000                   C) four hundred

     4) 700                             D) twelve thousand

     5) 12 000                        E) twelve million

     6) 12 000 000                 F) seven hundred


4. Reading station

Pupils read and translate the text "London". (p. 134.)

 T. Find in the text:

- the longest sentence;

- the shortest sentence;

- the sentences with the word London;

- the sentences with the structure There is / There are;

- the sentences with the adjectives;

- the sentences with the numerals.


Physical activity

Hands up! Hands down!

 Hands to the sides!

Bend left! Bend right!

Turn around! Turn around!

Clap your hands!

Now sit down!





True or false

1. London is the capital of Great Britain.

2. There is a big river in London - the Dnipro.

3. The Tower of London is a cinema.

4. Big Ben is a famous metro.

5.Westminster Abbey is a church.

6. St. Paul's Cathedral is a church.



T. Answer the questions:

- What is the capital of Great Britain?

- What river is in London?

- What is the oldest church in London?

- Where is the zoo?

- What is the longest metro called?


Make up sentences:

1. is| the capital| of Britain| London.

2. people|  Eight| live| million| here.

3. the river| London| is| on| Thames.

4. lots of| There are| in| London| places of  interest.


5. Grammar station




Game "Chain"


more interesting

the most interesting














6. A minute of erudite

(Two pupils prepared beforehand are the guides in London. They retell about its sights that are shown on the slides.)

G.1. We are in London. There are lots of places of interest here. Listen, please.

G. 2. Tower Bridge. It is a bridge across the Thames that was build in 1894. This bridge opens in the middle, so the big ferry can pass.

G. 1. Big Ben is a large clock, that tells Londoners what time it is. The bell weights 17 tons and the height is 95 meters.

G. 2. The Tower of London. At first it was a fortress then a prison. Now it is a museum. There is royal jewelry here. The ravens live in the Tower and there is a person that look after them. The legend says that without the ravens the building will fall.

G. 1. National Gallery is the most famous and important gallery in the world. There are the best collections of all European artist here.

G. 2. Houses of Parliament is a place of British parliament. The length of the building is 270 meters. It consists of two towers and Big Ben.

G. 1. London Eye is near the Thames. It was opened in 2000. From London Eye you can see whole London.

G. 2. Buckingham Palace is the home of the Queen. When the flag is flying the Queen is at home. Every day at 11 o'clock you can see the ceremony of Changing the Guard. 

G. 1. Westminster Abbey is a royal church. It is ancient. The oldest part of it was build in 8 century. Queens, Kings and famous British people are buried here.

G. 2. St. Paul's Cathedral. It is a great work of famous architect Cristopher Wren. He built the church 35 years. The height is 110 meters and the length is 157 meters.

G. 1. Trafalgar Square is a main square in the centre of London. Here you can see important buildings and  monuments including National Gallery.

G. 2. Piccadilly Circus is a square in central London. It is round. There are famous theatres and cinemas here. Six streets of London meet also here.

G. 1. Madam Tussauds is a famous museum of wax figures of famous people from pop stars to prime ministers.

G. 2. The last place of our excursion is Regent's Park. It is a wonderful royal park where you can see the biggest zoo in the world.


7. Individual work

Pupils match the pictures of  places of interest in London with their names.

(Workbook  p. 38.)


8. Speaking station

Pupils make up dialogues "In the streets of London".


9. Homework

Your homework is:

- read and translate the text;

- retell about London.


10. Summing up

T. Our trip comes to the end. What are your impressions of  it?

Did you like it?

Do you agree with the motto?

(Pupils answer the questions.)




Good bye,  children!

Mary Poppins.















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