18 травня о 18:00Вебінар: Інтерактивний урок математики: алгоритми та приклади створення дидактичних матеріалів

Урок "Сім'я. Відносини з батьками."

Про матеріал
Повторення і закріплення лексичного матеріалу по темі «Сімейні відносини та вирішення конфліктів» Розвивати навички мовлення та аудіювання Практикувати у діалогічному та монологічному висловлюванні з запропонованої ситуації. Формування почуття толерантності та культури міжособистісного спілкування
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Тема уроку:

«Сімейні відносини та вирішення конфліктів»


Освітні цілі:

Повторення і закріплення лексичного матеріалу по темі «Сімейні відносини та вирішення конфліктів»

Розвиваючи цілі:

 Розвивати навички мовлення та аудіювання

Практичні цілі:

Практикувати у діалогічному та монологічному висловлюванні з запропонованої ситуації.

Виховні цілі:

Формування почуття толерантності та культури міжособистісного спілкування

Вид уроку:

Комбінований урок


-мультимедійний проектор





«Англійська мова(рівень стандарту)

 Тернопіль «Видавництво «Астон»


Девіз уроку:

“English cannot be taught, it can be learnt.”


                                     Хід уроку

I   Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення

                 (Rules of Whole Brain Teaching)

T - Class!                            I St - Yes!

T - Class-Class!                  I St - yes-yes!

T - Classity-classity-class I St – Yessity-yessity-yes

         T – Class-Rules

Rule 1 – Follow directions quickly

Rule 2 – Raise your hand for permission to speak

Rule 3 – Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

Rule 4 – Make smart choices

Rule 5 – Keep your dear teacher happy!

2.Warm-up (Мовна розмінка)

Tell me about:

*A place you can’t stand 1 minute

*Something you love doing at home 30 seconds

*A person you like 45 seconds

*A place you’d like to visit and why 45 seconds

*A computer game you don’t like 45 seconds

*Did you like to answer these questions 30 seconds

 T – Have you wondered how happy or unhappy you really are?

1.What is your favorite day of the week?

a)Friday; b)Wednesday; c)Monday
2.Which of the fellow best describes your mood?

a)It is optimistic

b)It alternates

c)It is pessimistic


3.How would you describe your location?

a)Heaven; b)on earth; c)Hell

4.How would you describe your friends?

a)I have a few good friends

b)I have a lot of good friends

c)I have no friends. They all scey I’m to negative

5.You’re in the hospital.Why?

a) I’m a visitor for a pacient

b) I work there

c) I’m a patient


        a)-5p                     b)-10p                     c)-15p

He power the score, the happier you are .

T – I hope everyone is happy. To raise your spirit, I propose to sing a merry song.

 “Don’t worry be happy”

                         Лист самоконтроля учня                                       Критеріі оцінювання

10-12 б –Відмінно                                                          1.Мовна розминка”Warm-up

7-9 б –Добре, але треба краще                                    2.ТестAre you happy?”

4-6 б –мінімум роботи, або недостатньо                  3.Sign-card”My family”

1-3 б –мінімум роботи                                                   4.Acting:”Mother and


                                                                                              5.”Diagramm of conflicts”




                                                                                               8.Check on

                                                                                               9.Заохочувальний бал



II  Основна частина уроку

1 Oral Practice (Створення ситуаціі для обговорення теми уроку)

T. – We’ll speak about family relations. So, we’ll work with the vocabulary on the topic “Family Relationship”, we’ll do some tasks, discuss important topics, we’ll

role play and debate.

     Our aim is to work our strategies of how to overcome the difficulties each member of any family can face, of how to reach a compromise with the people who are either older or younger than us, of how to make our relationships and our families, if not ideal, then, at least ,happy.

T. – Before speaking about family problems ,I’d like to final out some information

about your families.



2. two adjectives

3.three verbs

4.phrase, characterizing the topic

5.one synonym to the topic

St – There are many problems between parents and their children. It can be differences between the views of the younger generation and the views of the elder generation. Also it can be children’s disobedience because today they work to be more independent. This is the main problem in families is the whole world. Nowadays ,it is a common reason of many disagreements and quarrels in families. Parents don’t understand their children and think that they are not old enough. In their turn children think viсe-versa.

                                     (Сцена розіграна учнями)

-Good morning, Mum


-How did you sleep?

-Very well. I see ,you’ve prepared some toasts for breakfast.

-Yes ,dear. Would you like some jam?

-Yes, of course.

-Jane, dear, do you remember that me are going to make care today? I need your help to make care today? I need your help.

-Oh, mummy ,I’ve got another plan, I’d like to meet my friends.

-What friends? You promised to help me.

-I remember, but let me go, I can help you another time.

-You know ,I never change my mind. Besides ,you are too young to go out with boys.

-Why boys? Today is Sunday .I need some rest.

-In my opinion, you have too much rest. And I know where you will go. You are going to spend all day with a boy-friend.

-Why do you think so?

-Some boy often calls up and asks for you.

-We are not going to do anything wrong.

-You are too young. You should not meet him.

-Oh ,mum please ,let me go. I promise ,I’ll help you next Sunday. Everything will be OK.

-OK. You mustn’t be very late.

-Thank you, mum.

T. – So, you see daughter and mother have their arguments in the conflict and it’s difficult to say who is right and who is wrong. But it happens all time.

St – We asked students of 11th-A and B forms what the reasons of conflicts between children and parents after that we make “The diagram of conflicts in the families”

                              We discussed the common of reasons conflicts

  • The choice of the friends
  • Hobby
  • Bad behavior
  • Regime moments
  • Pocket money
  • Children refuse to help around the house
  • Walking for a long time
  • Homework
  • Smoking and alcohol
  • Appearance

Never has a generation gap been as wide as it is today, with parent having very little understanding of the opportunities and the risks involved with the digital environment where their children are growing up in parents don’t talk to their children or share their own points of views with the children. We made another research. We asked these students another questions.

     *Have you got a computer connected to the Internet

     *Do your parents control your time on Internet?

     *Have you ever had sleep problems?

St. – Most parents let teenagers surf the Net. I think ,the biggest problems are media and technology. Never before in the history we have been faced with a situation where each living generation is focused around a different technology platform. The Internet becomes their new father and guide so that many teenagers are not close to their family and remember them only at the time of needing money.


So, I’m sure ,that conflicts is a natural thing in our life. Conflicts happen because people are different :they want different things, they have different ideas and their values are different. Very often people have conflicts because they don’t listen to each other well. They think about what they want to say and don’t really hear what the other person is saying. Conflicts are different. But they are all based on misunderstanding people.

           No family is perfect

         we argue, we fight

         We even stop talking to each other at the times

         But in the end ,family is family…

         The love will always be there

Your opinion?

*Children days are the happiest days…

Your opinion!

*Can you imagine a situation, in which and your parents exchange roles?

Your opinion!

*Parents know better how to choose friends for me or teenagers should choose their friends themselves because it is the only way to learn how make good relations.

3.Check on

   Successful                It is not advisable                Good

   parents                          for adults                     Children


(Речення котрі треба вписати у потрібний стовпчик)

-be good friends to their brothers and sisters;

-spoil their children in every possible way;

-raise their rids;

-always find time to spend with their children;

-give promises and break them;

-often any possible help to their parents;

T – Every day you are in contact with people whose values are different from yours. And you have the right to disagree with their values. But you should understand that other people also have the right to be different from you. You must respect the right of from your ideas. People who respect each other’s ideas can resolve conflicts in a peaceful way. If people resolve conflicts peacefully ,they will have better relations in the future.

                                        Ways to resolve conflicts

  • Put yourself in the shoes of another
  • Be just and tolerant people
  • Find solution acceptable to the both parties
  • Realise the right to exist another point of viev

III. Заключна частина уроку

1.Homework: Write your opinion about happy family

2.Summarizing: (Підбити підсумки уроку)


 “Plant Kindness and Love will Grow”

                                     (Thomas Jefferson)

T. – It’s not easy for a teenager to solve his problems and, for every problem the same solution is not possible. It’s very important for parents to know the right way in which their teenaged children should be treated. Being a teenager is not a difficult  life and all our good times are spent in this period.




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Англійська мова (10-й рік навчання, рівень стандарту) 11 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
18 липня 2020
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