Урок. Тема: " На уроці фізкультури"

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Урок сплановано для учнів 6-го класу за підручником А . Несвіт "English".Даний конспект містить багато цікавих та різноманітних завдань.
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Topic: At the PE lesson

Objectives: to develop pupils' reading, speaking skills; to activate the information and vocabulary on the topic; to develop pupils' communicative skills;

 to teach pupils to work in pairs and individually.

To develop pupils' curiosity and interest to the foreign language and have them understand the importance of having good command of English.

Materials and equipment: books by A. Nesvit, copy-books, card for work in pairs, evaluation sheets, stickers


  1. Introductory part.

Good morning, children! How are you? Turn to each other and greet each other. (Work in pairs)

Warming up.

Find the odd word and circle it out. Explain your choice.

  1. Biology, Maths, a teacher, Music, Art
  2. A sketch-book, pencils, an eraser, a table, paints
  3. Rules, a dictation, a classroom, a composition, exercises
  4. A vocabulary, a topic, a text, a school-bag, dialogues
  5. A valley, mountains, a map, a blackboard, climate

II. Main part.

 Method “Microphone”.

T. At school you have got a lot of different subjects. And you have got some favourite ones. Let's find out what they are. So, what is your favourite lesson and why? (pupils' answers)

As you see most of you like PE lessons best of all. What words do you associate with the PE lessons?” Brainstorming”.



stadium running


      playing volley-ball             PE lessons physical exercises


sport competitions 

                                                       gym   playing football


Match words with the picture. (ex.1p.174)

Unscramble the following words:

M yg (gym)

Tadsmiu (stadium)

Erop (rope)

Labl (ball)


Agem (game)



Make up sentences with the words given in the box to describe activities in your PE lessons. (ex.1p.174)

 A Minute of Relaxation” You've done a lot of exercises, so let's have a rest.

I have fingers (hold up both hands, fingers spread)
And they all belong to me, (point to self)
I can make them do things –
Would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight (make fists)
I can open them wide (open hands)
I can put them together (place palms together)
I can make them all hide (put hands behind your back)
I can make them jump high (hands over head)
I can make them jump low (touch the floor)
I can fold them up quietly (fold hands in lap)
And hold them just so.



Pre-reading task.

T. How many times a week have you got your PE lessons?

Where do you usually have your PE lessons?

What activities do you like at your lessons?


Post-reading task.

Work in pairs. Say if the statements are true or false.

  1. John likes his PE lessons.
  2. Kate does not like her PE lessons.
  3. Kate is fond of doing some individual exercises.
  4. John enjoys playing hockey.
  5. Both pupils don't like team games.
  6. John thinks that PE lessons help him to have fun with friends and stay healthy.

Lexical work.

Ex.3p.175. Read and complete the sentences. Use the words from the box given below.

Grammar Revision. Ex.6p.177.

Complete the text given below with the correct form of the verbs to play, to go, to come or to do.

T. And now let's check up your hometask.

III. Summing up.

Teacher: Friends, our lesson is coming to an end. I`m happy to say we`ve done a good bit of work during the lesson. All of you`ve worked hard and have been active. What activities did you like the most? Was it difficult for you to memorize new vocabulary?


Teacher gives pupils evaluation sheets and they have to paint circles green, yellow or red opposite activities which were at the lesson. Green means, “Everything was clear at the lesson”. Yellow means, “It is difficult for me but I have done it.” Red means, “Help me! I don't understand material at all.”

Hometask.  Write a few sentences about your PE lessons.





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Англійська мова (6-й рік навчання) 6 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
16 квітня 2019
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