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Урок "My Toys" має на меті повторити, узагальнити лексичний матеріал (іграшки, кольори, опис предметів, алфавит) та граматичний матеріал ( за-гальні запитання "Is it a...?", "Is it big/red?", короткі відповіді) в невимушеній ігровій формі.
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                                            Lesson Plan “My Toys”

          Form: 2

          Objectives: to reinforce the vocabulary to the topics “Toys”, “Colours”, to practice the usage of general questions and short answers, to develop the pupils’ phonemic hearing skills, imaginative abilities, to teach them describe objects, to contribute to the development of their culture of communication, to widen their world outlook.

Stage1. Greeting

     Today we are going to talk about things every kid likes most of all, about toys.

  • Good morning, my dears.
  • Good morning.
  • How are you today?
  • I’m fine! / I’m great! /I’m OK! / I’m very happy today!

Presenting the Topic. Today we are going to talk about things every kid likes most of all, about toys.

         Singing a song.

    Children, I know like learning English. Let’s sing a song and show everybody how you like it. (The children sing “ABC” jazz chant by Caroline Graham, dance with flags “I like English!”)


Stage 2”.  A Game “Magic Box”

   You sing and dance so great!  I see you really like English. You deserve a surprise.

        I have got a magic box.  There is something for you in it. What do you think, what is it?

 (The children try to guess).

- Do you agree with him/her?

-Do you really think it is a …?

- Do you have other ideas?

- Let’s have a look. Max, open the box, please. You are right. I’ve got toys for you!

   My dears, now you will have a very interesting task. I need a volunteer.  I will close your eyes with a scarf. You must put your hand into the box and take one of the toys.    Ask Yes/No questions and try to guess what toy you have got.

(One of the come to the box one by one, choose a toy and ask: “Is it a ball?”, “Is it a doll?” etc. The others give short positive or negative answers)

Stage3. Physical warming-up

   I see you really like toys. What toys do you like most? Can you show us?

(The pupils recite a poem using their mimics, gestures, movements.)

I like toys, all the toys:

Big toys, small toys,

Tall toys, short toys,

Red toys, green toys,

Old toys, new toys,

My toys, your toys.

Stage4.”Can I cross the river, Mr. Crocodile?”

   Now, children, I will show you another game.  It is called “Can I cross the river, Mr. Crocodile?” I’ll show you two masks of a crocodile. Do you like this crocodile? Why not? (The pupils answer: “Because it is angry / ugly”).  And what about this one?  Do you like it? Why? (“It is pretty / funny / kind”.)

    There is a river between you and Mr. Crocodile. Can you see the box on the other side of the river? There is a treasure in it. I will divide you into 2 groups. Your task is to get the treasure. Ask Mr. Crocodile to cross the river, choose one of the cards (waves) and complete short poems about toys.

Crocodile: Hello, children!

Children: Hello, Mr. Crocodile. Can I cross the river?

Crocodile: Of course you can. But first complete my poems.

Children: OK.                                                                                                                                                

(Children complete poems and start reciting them one by one, cross the river and take coins from the box):

P1: My …(doll)

       Is pretty and small.

Crocodile: Thank you, my dear!

P2: My teddy bear

       Has got …(brown hair).

C: It’s a fantastic poem!

P3: My … (dog) can walk.

       It cannot … (talk).

C: Well done!

P4: My …(ball) can roll

       and roll and roll.

C: Oh, and I can’t roll!

P5: Look at my…( car).

       It shines like a star.

C: You are great!

P6: My… (rocket) will soon

       take me to the moon.

C:I like your poem!

P7: My fluffy … (kitten )

       has got a pink ribbon.

C: How nice!

P8: My purple kite

    is fast and…(bright).

C: You are a real poet! Thank you, children! The treasure is yours!

Children: Hurray!


























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