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Вікторина "Magic English"

Про матеріал

Цей позакласний захід має за мету активізацію лексики, тренування граматичних навичок, розвиток пізнавального інтересу до вивчення іноземної мови у учнів 4-6 класів

Перегляд файлу


Позакласний захід з англійської мови для учнів 5-6 класів








учитель англійської мови

Максимова Яна Анатоліївна




Мета: Активізація вивченої лексики, тренування граматичних навичок, розвиток пізнавального інтересу до вивчення іноземної мови, розвиток логічного мислення і вміння працювати в колективі та приймати спільне рішення.

Обладнення: проектор, ноутбук, картки з літерами та завданнями, конверти (жовтий, блакитний, зелений) емблеми команд, меделі.


Хід гри:

I. Організаційний момент. Привітання.

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear children! I’m glad to see you! Welcome to a quiz “Magic English”. Today you have a good chance to improve your English. Three teams will take part in our quiz.

So, the 1st team!

Pupil 1: Good afternoon! I’m the captain of the 1st team. The name of our team is “Yellow Sun”.

T: The 2nd team!

P2: Hello! I’m the captain of the 2nd team. The name of our team is “Blue Sky”.

T: And the 3rd team!

P3: Hi everyone! I’m the captain of the 3rd team. The name of our team is “Green Grass”.

T: So, our quiz has 9 contests, they are: Scrambled Alphabet; Tricky squares; Find the Mistakes; Word puzzles; Skateboard; Let’s count; Hidden letters; Secret code; Crazy questions. Here are 3 envelops for each team (yellow for “Yellow Sun”, blue for “Blue Sky” and green for “Green Grass”), where I’ll put your points after each contest and at the end of our quiz I’ll sum up them.

So, my friends, I wish you success. Be active, honest and helpful! Let’s start!





II. Основний етап.

T: The 1st contest of the game called “Scrambled Alphabet”.

Children, each team will get 1 envelope with mixed letters from the English alphabet. You should put the letters in the right order and find the names of the English-speaking countries. You have 4 minutes. Each team can get 2 points. Let’s start!

Cards with letters:

  • A – U – S – T – R – A – L – I – A
  • Е – N – G – L – A – N – D
  • S – C – O – T – L – A – N – D
  • A – M – E – R – I – C – A
  • C – A – N – A – D – A
  • N – E – W   Z – E – A – L – A – N – D

T: Well done! And now it’s time to start the 2nd contest, which is called "Tricky squares”. Look at 9 squares, each square has own subject. Three captains will have an opportunity to choose the number and all members of each team will name the words which are connected with their subject. You can get 6 points for the right answers.

























Possible answers:

  1. a sofa, a lamp, an armchair, a mirror, a kitchen, a bedroom;
  2. an apple, an egg, bread, meat, milk, juice;
  3. History, PE, English, Art, Maths, Geography;
  4. Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, the second, the fifth, the twenty-first;
  5. sunny, foggy, hot, frosty, cloudy, windy;
  6. a head, a nose, an elbow, feet, legs, hands,
  7. February, March, July, November, autumn, summer;
  8. tennis, football, swimming, singing, dancing, painting;
  9. a T-shirt, a dress, a swimsuit, a coat, trousers, shorts.


T: I see that you remember all the words, good job! And now the 3rd contest is called “Mistakes”.

I’ll give you some sentences. All of them have grammar or spelling mistakes. Your task is to correct them. For every corrected mistake you will get 1 point.

Sentences with mistakes: 

 We see a cartoon last night.

 A tree is more taller than a flower.

 We isn’t hungry now.

 Ann is the most happiest girl today.

 Bob didn’ t went to the library yesterday.

 Jack don’ t like hamburgers.

 I have brekfast at eight.

 Her mather and father are teachers.

 Nick’s eyes are broun.

 My cat is fat and fanny.

 I like to drink koffee.

 She is a doktor.


 T: And now we come to the 4th contest which is called Word puzzles.

You’ll get pictures and you have to think a little bit and guess a hidden word there (also, you can see the puzzles on the screen). Then make the sentences with these words. You can get 6 points for the right answers.


Answers: 1) strong; 2) train; 3) stone; 4) station; 5) London; 6) flat.

 T: You are very clever pupils, all 3 teams have guessed all the words!

And now let’s have a break, let’s sing and dance!

If You're a Kid (Dance Around!) (song for kids about following directions)



T:  Now it’s time to start the 5th contest which is called Skateboard.

Make up as many words as you can using only the letters of the word SKATEBOARD. Next task is for the captains – write and spell these words. For every word you can get 1 point.

Possible answers: skate, board, road, boat, bad, bed, eat, ate, at, or, take, rat, dark.

T: And now we come to the 6th contest of the game called “Let’s count”.

This game is between your captains. They have to name numbers as fast as possible. For every correct number the team will get 1 point. Cheer them up, please!

3, 33, 13, 300, 30, 12, 20, 99, 55, 89, 74, 99

 T: Well done, captains! The 7th contest is Hidden letters. Each team will get picture with hidden letters(also, you can see the same picture on the screen), you have to listen sentences and circle the correct letter and guess the word. After that you’ll get crossword connected with this word. You can get 6 points.

1. This LETTER is between a SOFA and a TABLE. (h)

2. This LETTER is next to a BIKE. (o)

3. This LETTER is on the left of the FLOWER. (u)

4. This LETTER is above the TV. (s)

5. This LETTER is under a DESK. (e)



Answers: 1) living room; 2) bathroom; 3) kitchen; 4) dining room; 5) bedroom.

T: And now we come to the 8th contest which is called “Secret code”. Each team will get secret code and using the alphabet you have to guess the proverb and try to translate it. You can get 2 points for this task.

A   B   C    D    E    F   G   H    I     J      K     L     M    N     O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V   W    X     Y     Z

1   2     3     4    5     6    7    8    9    10    11    12    13    14    15   16   17   18   19  20   21   22   23   24   25   26



9  20       9  19      14  5  22  5  18      20  15  15      12  1  20  5      20  15       12  5  1  18  14


T: Children, do you agree with this proverb?

P: Yes, we do! We like to learn!

T: Great! And now it’s time for the 9th contest, which is called “Crazy Questions”.

We’ll see which team is the fastest. You have 1 minute for each question. The captain of opposing team will read questions to their opponents. For every correct answer the team will get 1 point. Let’s start!


  • How many letters are there in the word "English"?
  • How many letters are there in English Alphabet?
  • How many letters are there in the word "Alphabet"?
  • What letter gives two sounds (k) and (s)?
  • What letter gives two sounds (g) and (dz)?
  • What sound does letter-combination oo give?
  • What sound does letter-combination ck give?
  • What sound does letter-combination ее give?
  • What letter always stands after letter Q in English words?
  • Which letter is a hot drink?
  • What is in the middle of Paris?
  • Which letter sounds like an insect?
  • Which letter is part of a body? 


  1. Заключна частина.

T: Good job! You are very clever pupils. And now it’s time to count your points. While I’ll count points, you will sing a song.

The More We Get Together - Kids Songs - Children's Songs - Nursery Rhyme - by The Learning Station


T: The total score is ________and the team ______________ is the winner!

My dear friends, you were very active and everyone is a winner. Do you like our quiz?

P: YES, of course!

T: I’m glad to hear that. Thank you for your hard work. Each team will get medal and sweet prize.

P: Thank you! Good-bye!

T: Have a nice day! Good-bye!

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