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Web quest "Famous Places of London"

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Web quest    «Famous Places of London»



  1. Introduction

Hello! We are glad to see you here today. You are invited to play the game which is called “Famous Places of London”.


London is the capital of Great Britain. More than seven million people live in London. London lies on both banks of the river Thames. It is the largest city in Europe and one of the largest cities in the world.

And today we will visit this very beautiful city. You will know many interesting facts about. You will choose any sight of London you like. Finally, you have to make a presentation using a multi-media medium about the sight you have chosen. 


  1. Task

You can work in groups of two or individually.

 Your task will be:  

  • to sum up some information about London
  • to chose any sight of London you like
  • to speak about the sight you like to your mates
  • to look for another information about its sights
  • to do some tests about London
  1. Process

Let’s start our work! 

You have to go to steps 1-4 and to do all tasks.


Choose the right variant

1. London is  …..

A. the capital of England   B. the capital of Scotland   C. a city in Italy

2. The Thames is a big ….   in London.

      A. square     B. street    C. river

3. The largest park in London is ….

A. Hyde Park                   B. Regent’s Park                       C. London Zoo


4. The London Eye is ….

A. exciting.                 B.   boring                      C.   dark

  1. You can see different animals in….
  1.           Westminster Abbey      B.   Madame Tussaud’s       C.   London Zoo





There is a map of England on the blackboard. You are to  read the instruction and fins this place.

Card#1   You are at the London Eye. Go across the river Thames on Waterloo Bridge and turn the street to the right. Go straight on Embankment, and then go along Upper Thames Street. The river Thames is on your right. It will be between the London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

(Tower of London)

Card#2.  You are near St. Paul’s Cathedral. Go along New State Street. Then take the Oxford Street. Go straight on until Marble Arch. Turn left at Park Lane and go that way. Then turn right at the Kensington Road. It will be on your left.

(Buckingham Palace)

Card#3. You are near the Tower of London. Cross over the river Thames on Tower Bridge. And go along Tower Bridge Road, and then The New Kent Road. Turn right at Waterloo Road. Go across the river on Waterloo Bridge and go straight on. Cross over the New State Street and Oxford Street. And go straight until it will be in front of you.

(British Museum)

Card#4. 1. You are at the Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square. Go straight on the Mall Fleet Street. Take left turn at the end of this street and go straight. It will be in front of you.

(St. Paul’s Cathedral)



  1. The meal between breakfast and dinner. – Lunch
  2. The month when British  people celebrate Halloween - October
  3. The month when British people celebrate - November
  4. The month when British people celebrate Christmas- December
  5. People usually say this short word when they agree with something - OK
  6. The name of the famous Admiral - Nelson





Each pair has its own puzzle. You should make it and name this sight:

1.     St. Paul’s Cathedral

2.      Trafalgar square

3.      Tower

4.      Parliament

5.      Westminster Abbey

6.      Buckingham Palace

7.      Tower Bridge

8.      Big Ben

  1. Evaluation.

Take my congratulations!

Your group will be the best if you...

  Category Points Received

 Group Task


Speaking English 

Asking Questions 

Answering Questions 

Total Score

 Exemplary work shown

       9-10 points

      5 points

 Only English 5 points

 more than 4 questions, 5 points

 more than 4 answers, 5 points


Average work shown 

       7-8 points

      3-4 points

 Mostly English 2-3 points

 2-3 questions, 3 points

 2-3 answers, 3 points


Poor work shown 

       5-6 points

      1-2 points

 Mostly Russian 1 point

 1 question, 1 point

 1 answer, 1 point










5.  Hotlist


2. https://www.wikipedia.org/



Well, how do you feel about your final project? You have learned a lot, haven't you?

Nice work! You should be proud of yourself! 


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