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Завдання до підручника англ. мови О. Карп'юк 5 клас Unit 2

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Матеріал містить тексти для читання з завданнями, граматичні завдання, вірші, загадки до підручника "Англійська мова" О. Карп'юк 5 клас Unit 2.

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Unit 2

Time for Leisure

Friendship poems

Friends smile at you.

They like your face.

They want to be with you Any old place.

Friends have fun with you.

Friends share

They're glad when you're happy

Friends at school

Friends at school can play and share

Friends at school are kind and fair Friends at school will talk to you

When you are feeling sad and blue. Friends at school are big and small. Friends at school are best of all.

I like playing the piano

I like playing the piano I like cooking cakes.

My friend like running and jumping During his school break.

My friend's nickname is Rumsy,

He is very clumsy,

He is very smart ,

Unusual and kind, He is helpful and polite, He is very very kind.

My friend is fond of painting he is painting during all day My friend is fond of acting

He is a member of Drama Group Play

I like theme parties

I like fancy dress

And today I ask you

"Be my lovely guest"

We are good at speaking English

We are fond of reading books We are interest in fishing

We are keen on cleaning rooms.

-   Have you got plans for everyday?

-   I don't know really what I can say?

-   I play the piano and I'm fond of sports,

-   I am interested in painting, cycling and matchbox.


I like reading comic books,

I always read a lot,

I like collecting action toys,

Sometimes it's hard to stop. I like swimming for our team,

We win a lot of races, I like singing ,painting, dancing And drawing funny faces.

Texts for reading

Text 1. My favourite hobbies

Read the following text and complete the table below

I prefer indoor activities. When I have some free time I like reading, watching TV, going to the cinema or listening to music. My favourite hobby is collecting things.l collect postcards and bookmarks. I have 322 cards

Honour God with your music

and about 500 bookmarks. I spend three or four hours a week organizing them.


I like indoor and outdoor activities. I enjoy reading and surfing the Net, but I also like going to the beach. My favourite hobby is making accessories from shells, you know, bracelets, earings. I usually spend about an hour a day on it, but at weekends sometimes I spend the whole afternoon making a nice bracelet.

Melissa, 13

I prefer outdoor activities. In my free time I enjoy swimming, jogging in the park, cycling... but what I really love is camping. My friends and I usually go camping once a month, at the weekend. Michael has a farm, so we put up our tents nearby. I love the countryside!

Diego, 15

I love outdoor activities. I enjoy cycling, skiing and surfing, but my favourite hobby is skateboarding. It's exciting and it's fun. I'd like to be a professional skateboarder so I always practise about two or three hours after school. And also at the weekend , of course.

Mark, 14













Reading, surfing the Net, going to the beach



Favourite hobby





Type of activity



outdoor activities


Time spend on favourite hobby





Text 2, What are your favourite hobbies?

Look at Charrie's fact file and complete the following paragraph

Favourite hobbies.

Fine weather: going out with my friends ( cinema, theatre, concert), going to the beach, jogging. Bad weather: chatting with my friends, playing computer games, doing aerobics.

Reasons: entertaining, exciting, fun, interesting, healthy .

How often: every day, once a week...

What do I like doing in my spare time?Well, it depends on the weather...

When it's a fine day I like

Sometimes we go to the                    and

when there is a nice play or a we never miss it. I also like

It's                    and it keeps me fit.

When the weather is not so good , we have to stay inside. I enjoy

and                                  It's fun and

. I also

everyday... When I don't go jogging, that is....

Now complete this paragraph about T ler.


Favourite hobbies. Fine weather: going to the countryside, passion for studying animals Bad weather:    

watching TV- favourite channels :National

Geographic/Discovery, reading, especially at night, Internet Reasons: entertaining, exciting, interesting..

How often: every day, once a week...

I have a passion for

so in my free time I enjoy

when the

weather is fine.

Text 3, Parties

Hi My Dear Diary,

Next Saturday is my birthday. First I'm going to give a birthday party at home. It is going to be a costume party, too. I'm going to write some invitation cards to my friends. They are going to wear different costumes.

I'm going to be a princess. My sister is going to be a fairy. My friends, Lucy and Maggy, are going to be fairies, too.

My father is going to buy a birthday cake and a princess costume on Friday.

Then, on my birthday we are going to eat a birthday cake, cookies and sandwiches. We are going to drink coke, lemonade and fruit juice.

After we are going to dance, sing, listen to music and play games.

We are going to have a great time.

24th March


A: Answer

l . Who is going to give a birthday party?

2.     What is Susan going to be?

3.     Where is the birthday party?

4.     Why are friends going to wear different costumes?

5.     When is her birthday?

B: Complete

1.     Susan is going to be a

2.     Maggie is going to be

3.     Susan's sister is going to be

4.     Lusy is going to be

5.     Susan's father is going

6.     They are going to eat

7.     They are going to drink

C: Write an invitation card. Then write the guests, menu and the activities.


Text 4, Leisure time

Hello! My name's Johny. I'm thirteen years old and I live in England.

I just want to talk about how my friends and I spend our free time. My best friends are Tom and David. They are in the same class as me.

Teenagers often complain they're bored and have nothing to do.

I can't understand them. I'm never bored.

If the weather is nice we go for a walk or we ride our bikes. All of us love rollerblading. We often play football, basketball or frisbee in the park and when it is rainy we go to the sports centre. Here we usually play table tennis or go swimming.

If you play a musical instrument it's a good fun! I play the guitar and practice a lot.

At home I usually listen to music or read magazines and books. Of course as other teenagers I often go on the Internet or play computer games - but not always! It's a pity that a lot of teenagers live their lives on several public sites like Facebook or Twitter! They had better make real friends! In the evenings I sometimes watch TV.

I often invite my friends over for dinner or a cup of tea and we play chess or cards. At the weekend we go hiking, fishing or sometimes we go to the cinema. We like comedies.

A: Are the statements true false (-) or doesn't it say (0)?

l . Johny has a lot of friends.

2.     He is often bored.

3.     He and his friends like doing sports.

4.     At home he helps a lot.

5.     He plays a musical instrument.

6.     He likes listening rock music.

7.     He is addicted to the Internet.

8.     He has a Facebook profile.

9.     In the evenings he's usually at home.

10.He never goes out at the weekends.



l .





Complete the sentences. Teenagers often they're bored.

Lots of them live their lives on sites. It is to make real friends.

You can your free time interestingly if you want.

You can a lot of things in your free time.

C' Match the pictures to the words.


Go on the Internet / hike / play football

[play table tennis/play computer games/ play frisbee/meet friends/go swimming/ ride o bike/go fishing/read a book/ play chess/ listen to music/go to the cinema / play musical instrument

Text 5, Interes«ng Hobbies

Many pupils of our school have interesting hobbies.

Lara is 11 years old. She likes writing poems and painting pictures.

Tom is 15 years old and he has very interesting hobbies. He likes dancing, designing Internet sites and playing the piano.

Robert is almost 13 years old. His hobbies are playing football and reading detective stories.

Our pupils do many interesting things and they are very busy. They also love different subjects. Tom is the best pupil at Maths. Lara is good at Art and Literature and Robert is one of the best pupils at PE. Their hobbies help them study well too.

A: Tick T(true) or F(false).

1 .Lara's hobby is Maths.

2.Playing football is Robert's hobby.

3.Lara is good at Art.

4.Robert is 15 years old.

5. Tom is good at Literature.

6.John is a reporter.

B: Tick the correct answer.

1.     How old is Robert? 13/ 16

2.     Who has the most hobbies? Lara /Tom

3.     Is Tom older than Robert? Yes/ No

4.     Who likes to play football? Robert/ Tom

5.     Is playing the piano Lara's hobby? Yes/ No

6.     Who writes the article about hobbies? John /Tom

Personality and character

Writethe children's character









What hobby is it?

People like to spend their free time near the rivers or lakes . They often go there with their friends or relatives . They can have a picnic there. They go usually there in summer but some people like to go there in winter too . Also they can boil fish broth ( soup ) after going there.

This hobby is interesting and useful. People try to find or buy different things such as stamps, badges, coins, pictures, dolls, etc. This hobby helps people to make new friends and to learn some new things about countries and lands, animals and birds, famous people and historical events.

3.People like to work in the garden and to spend some time in the fresh air. They are fond of flowers, bushes, trees and different kinds of plants. They like nature and admire the beauty of nature. Their hobby is the best way to relax.

4.People like to make new dishes.

They often cook for the family and for their friends. They can boil or fry meat, fish, and chicken and make souses and deserts.

5.People like to go to the library. Some of them have a good collection of books at home. And they are really proud of it. They can have different books: fiction, historical novels, books about animals and birds, books about different countries.

6. This can be an indoor or outdoor activity. You need a ball to play. Are you tall? Do you like jumping? This is good for you!

7.This is something to do with friends. It is an outdoor activity. Do you like the countryside? Do you like walking? This is a good activity for you!

8.Some people like to dance. Sometimes they go to special dance clubs or dance at home or go to the disco clubs.

9. They can play football or hockey, swim or run very well. People like to go to the stadium or they go to the sports ground.

10.People like listening and singing songs. Some of them can go to special music schools.        

Grammar Tests

1.     O en the brackets usin the verbs in Present Sim le

I .1 ( do) morning exercises.

2.     He ( work) at a factory.

3.     She ( sleep) after dinner.

4.     We ( work) part-time.

5.     They ( drink) tea every day.

6.     Mike ( be) a student.

7.     Helen (have) a car.

8.     You ( be) a good friend.

9.     My teacher ( be) very smart.

10.          It ( be) difficult to remember everything.

2.   Open the brackets using the verbs in Present Simple

l. Alice ( have) a sister.

2.      Her sister's name ( be) Ann.

3.      She ( get) up at seven o'clock.

4.      She ( go) to the institute in the morning.

5.      Jane ( be) fond of sports.

6.      She ( do) her morning exercises every day.

7.      For breakfast she ( have) two eggs, a sandwich and a cup of tea.

8.      Sometimes she ( take) a bus.

9.      She ( speak) English well.

10.  Her friends usually ( call) her at about 8 0'clock.

3.   Read the sentences and choose the correct answer

l . I go/goes to school.

2.   My mother wash/washes the dishes every day.

3.   They play/plays basketball once a week. write

4.   Tom work/works every day.

5.   She live/lives in the city most of the year.

6.   You read/reads a book every week.

7.   Rick fix/fixes the car.

8.   They dance/dances salsa.

9.   My sister cook/cooks on Sunday

1.                Katty (open) the store at 8:00.

2.                        (talk) on the phone.

3.                1 (drive) my car very well.

4.                She(like) to eat vegetables every day.

5.                They never      (visit) us.

6.                Paul (watch) TV with his sister.

The baby (cry) every night.

8.                 He     (miss) her a lot.

9.                 The students (play) tennis twice a week.

10.            Bella (enjoy) listening to music.

5. Unjumble the sentences.

l . at/ the morning/ he / seven o'clock / in / gets up

2.     car / often / Bob / the / washes

4. Read the sentences and complete them by using the verb in arenthesis.

3.     lunch/ we / noon/ have/ rarely/ at

4.     never/ bed/ John/ early/ goes/ to

5.     clean/ do/ room/ often/ you/ how/ your?

6.     to/ he/ swimming pool/ goes/ a week/ the/ twice

7.     always/ for/ we/ a walk/on/ afternoon/ go/ Sunday

6. Fill in

do, does, don't, doesn't

do my homework in the morning.

2. She.... ... spend her free time with her friends. you often do the shopping?

4.  her mother work in the bank? play tennis after school? 6. My parents live in a flat. They . have a house.

7. your teacher speak German? do karate.

9.       Susan .       . ..learn Spanish at school.

10.  They. .... eat apples. They don't like them.


Match hobbies

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