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Завдання до підручника англ. мови О. Карп'юк 5 клас Unit 3

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Матеріал містить тексти для читання з завданнями, граматичні завдання, вірші, загадки до підручника "Англійська мова" О. Карп'юк 5 клас Unit 3.
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Unit 3

Time forHome



Families are people

Who care about you My family is special Your family is too!

Mothers and fathers,

And sisters and brothers, Grandmas and grandpas, And so many others.

One family is big

While another is small.

Some families have children, And some, none at all!

When we are together,

Or far, far apart

The people I love

Fill the map of my heart!

A family poem

Our family comes

From many homes,

Our hair is straight,

Our hair is brown, Our hair is curled,

Our eyes are blue,

Our skins are different Colours, too.

We're girls and boys,

We're young and old, We're short and tall.

We're everything

That we can be And still we are A family.

We laugh and cry,

We work and play, We help each other Every day.

The world's a lovely

Place to be

Because we are A family!

Career Chorus

A farmer works his fields. A farmer works his fields.

Hi, Ho, the derry-o,

A farmer works his fields.

A dentist cleans our teeth. A teacher works at school.

A barber cuts our hair. A waiter serves us food.

Community helpers

Teacher, teacher, what do you do?

I teach reading and writing, too.

Doctor, doctor, what do you do?

I help when you are sick with a cold or the flu.

Firefighter, firefighter, what do you do?

I help fight fires that might hurt you.

Officer, officer, what do you do?

I help you stay safe in all that you do.

My doctor helps me

My doctor helps me when I'm sick Oh how nice he is ! Sometimes I need medicine So I'll get better fast!

He takes my temperature,

Looks in my mouth, Checks my ears,

And hears my heart.

My doctor helps me when I'm sick Oh how nice he is!

Five police officers

Five police officers standing by a door. One became a traffic cop ; then there were four.

Four police officers watching over me. One took home a lost boy; and then there were three.

Three police officers dressed all in blue.

One stopped a speeding car, and then there were two.

Two police officers --- how fast they run!

One caught a bad man, and then there was one.

One police officer saw smoke faraway. He called the firehouse, and the fireperson saved the day.

Merry Christmas

May your holidays

Be happy days,

Filled with love

And laughter. And may each day

Bring joy your

In the year

That follows after!

My Christmas tree

O Christmas tree I love you so!

With decorations

High and low

With bobbles all around

And bells that I found.

Presents underneath,

Wrapped so tidy and neat

A star on top

That I got in the Christmas shop

O Christmas tree I love you so!

An apple a day

An apple a day , Keeps the doctor away. Apple in the morning, Doctor's warning.

Roast apple at night. ,

Starves the doctor outright.

Eat an apple going to bed,

Knock the doctor on the head.

Christmas lights

Twinkle, twinkle,

Christmas lights,

Lighting up December nights

Red and yellow

Orange and blue

Making such a lovely view.

Twinkle, twinkle,

Christmas lights,

Lighting up December nights.

Christmas is a time ofjoy,

A time for love and cheer, A time for making memories, To last throughout the year.


Pop, pop, popcorn,

Popping in the pot! Pop, pop, popcorn, Eat it while it's hot!

Pop, pop, popcorn, butter on the top !

When I eat popcorn, I can't stop!

American TV Families

A: Read the text and complete the missing words ( 1- 6)

B: Answer the questions about The Simpsons

1.      Who is 8 years old?  

2.      Who is tall and plump?      

3.      Who can't walk?      

4.      Who likes comic books?    

5.      Who can play saxophone?  

6.      Who likes eating a lot?

7.      Who can cook well?

8.      Who can speak French?

9.      Who is 39 years old?

10.  Who is friendly and clever?



Complete the sentences with the words below:

Fireman, a cook, drives, animals, a police officer, she, gets up, a uniform, helps, a kitchen, people, a stadium, a nurse, he, wears, a wet, a fire station, an animal hospital, helps, wears, a uniform, hospital, football, he, she, a footballer, wears, a fire engine.

for reading

Text 1. Aren't firefighters cool?

Yesterday I was playing videogames in my room when I heard people screaming. I went out and saw: my neighbors' house was on fire!

In less than 10 minutes the firemen arrived and fought against the fire for one hour until they made it. wow!

They are really brave l One of them entered the house and saved the Johnson's dog that was trapped in the fire.

I made a decision: I want to be a fireman when I grow up. I'll be strong and brave enough to fight against the fire, to save people's lives and property. I can't wait! I can already see it in the newspaper: "Brave fireman rescues a family of four". Mom will be really proud.

A: Mark true (T) or false (F). When it's false, you'll have to justify your answer orally:

The boy's house was on fire. ( )

The boy thinks the firemen are brave. ( )

He admires the firefighters. ( )

It took long the firemen to arrive. ( )

It took one hour to extinguish the fire. ( )

The boy's neighbours have a pet. ( )

A fireman saved the dog's life. ( )

The boy wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.( ) He wants to be as strong and brave as the firefighters. ( )

B: Answer the questions:

1.What was the boy doing when the neighbours' house caught fire?

2.Did he want to be a fireman before that day?

3.Why did he decide to be a fireman in the future?

4.What qualities does he think are essential for being a fireman?

5.What can he already see in the newspaper?

6.Who do you think the newspaper is referring to?

2, My breakfast

Hi! I'm Peter Swanton and I live in Newcastle with my parents and our lovely cat Pussy. We live in a very big flat on the second floor.

My room is not very big but it is very comfortable for me. I like to spend my time here playing computer games or reading books.

I like a lot of things but I don't like mornings. I don't like to get very early in the morning. It is difficult for me. But let me tell you one story.

One morning my mum called me for breakfast. I was rather sleepy but I took a quick shower, combed my hair and appeared in the kitchen. The table was already laid and I saw that awful porridge cooked for me. I hated that porridge! I couldn't eat it at all. I ate the fruit salad, drank a glass of milk but I didn't want to eat that porridge.

When my mum went out of the kitchen I quickly opened the window and threw the porridge out of the window. When my mum returned she saw that there was no porridge on my plate. She was pleased and I was happy.

Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. When my mum opened the door she saw a woman with that porridge on her head! My mum understood everything. She apologized and helped that woman to clean her hair. I was awfully ashamed. Of course, my mum punished me. But now I eat this porridge without any words.

Choose True (T) or False (F)statements:

2.     Peter lives in Newcastle.

3.     He lives on the third floor.

4.     His room is very big.

5.     He likes to play with his cat.

5.   He likes to read books.

6.   Peter hates mornings.

7.   He could eat porridge.

8.   He threw the porridge out of the window.

9.Peter was punished.


Answer the questions:

l . What is the boy's name?

2.     Who does he live with?

3.     What city does he live?

4.     Does he live in a big flat?

5.     What does he like to do in his room?

6.     Does he like mornings?

7.     What does he like to eat?

8.     What does he hate to eat?

9.     Where did he throw porridge?

10.Why was Peter punished?

3,My lovely family

Hello! My name is Ana.

I am eight years old and I am from the USA. I'm going to introduce you to my lovely family. It is quite big and we are very happy.

My mother's name is Laura and my father's is

Peter. My mother has got blond hair and she is very tender. My father is tall and slim and he is a funny person.

My parents have got three children. There's my brother Tim, my baby brother David and me. Tim is a sweet boy who loves playing and being with me all the time. He is only three years old so he attends the kindergarten. My younger brother, David, is a seven-month baby but he is full of personality.

My father has got a sister. Her name is Olivia and she is my aunt. My mother has got two brothers. Their names are Richard and William and they are my uncles.

I have also got my grandparents and my cousins Jacob, Kevin and Chloe. We have got a pet called Pirate, he is my favourite dog! I love my family and my pet.

Kids and their favourite food




My favourite food is pizza. I can make pizza.

- My dad says my pizzas are very good. I don't like cheese. So there's no cheese on my pizzas. When we go to a restaurant I always order chicken with chips and an ice cream. My favourite flavour is strawberry. We like drinking coke. When we have a party we have lots of coke.


1. Who doesn't like vegetables? -William




2.Brenda can make good




3. What's Jack's favourite food? -Burgers -Fish.


4.What has Sue got in her garden? -Beans



1 don't like vegetables. Mum always tell me to eat carrots. She says they are good for me. But 1 hate them. I only eat potatoes. Potatoes are my favourite. I like them as chips or as crisp. I often eat crisps at school. I drink a lot of milk, but I don't like juice or coke. But I can't drink milk with hamburgers or chicken. So I drink water too.


5. Brenda likes ice cream with Flavour -Chocolate



6.What are Sue's favourite sweets? -Doughnuts



I     like    burgers:      hamburgers, doubleburgers, cheeseburgers, fishburgers. And I like sausages with chips. Mum often makes spaghetti. I like that. What I don't like is carrots. I really hate them. And my favourite drink? Well, I like juice, coke and water. William

7. What does Sue like on her I pizza? -Tomatoes.



8.What does William hate?




9. Where does Jack often eat crisps?

-At school

In the park

In the cinema.

I like tomatoes and peas. My mum says they are good for me. I always have tomatoes on my pizza. We have peas in our garden. Mum and I like the fresh peas from the garden.

I don't eat chicken or fish. I think it's not right to eat animals. My favourite sweets are doughnuts.

10. Who likes drinking coke?

-Brenda and


-Sue and Jack

Benda and illiam

Write about your favourite food                     

I like  and

My mum says

At school I often eat   

I don't like  and

My favourite drink is

I think



Wt')jch       am I?

Which food am I ?

. You need me to make a sandwich or toast.

2.                 We are a small round red fruit. We grow on trees.

3.                 Eat us fried, boiled or scrambled.

4.                 I'm white and I make your coffee sweet.

5.                 I'm a popular fast food with a sausage in the middle.

6.                 I'm yellow and people like me on their pizza.

7.                 We are made from potatoes and taste great with ketchup.

8.                 We are a very small round green vegetable.

9.                 Children like me with their cereals. Cats just love me.

10.             I'm a black hot drink.

I l. Rabbits just love this vegetable.

12.             I'm a long yellow fruit.

13.             I'm yellow and sweet. People sometimes put me in their tea.

14.1 am a round fruit. I am usually green or red.

15.             We are a small fruit and can be used to make wine.

16.             I'm cold and sweet. I am especially eaten in summer.

17.             I am a juicy tropical fruit. I have sweet yellow flesh.

18.1'm a delicious fried, grilled or roasted meat.

Christmas Vocabulary Quiz

Choose the correct answer

I . We usually have at Christmas.




2.bring us a lot of presents.

a)Mr Frost

b)Santa Claus

c)Santa Brown

3.Santa Claus comes to us on his




4. We also put a beautiful in our house.

a)birch tree

b)Christmas tree

c)apple tree

5. We always decorate the Christmas tree with

a)candles and sweets

b)nuts and candles

c)lights and balls.

6. We always put our     on the fireplace.




7. We also decorate our house with branches of




8. Rudolph is the name of Santa's favourite




9. Our parents put a lot ofunder the Christmas tree.


10. Our parents always hangon the door.

a) a portrait

b)a wall paper

c)a wreath










I I . We light the        in our house.




12. Children often build in the street.

a) snowballs

b)snowflakes ac) snowman

Christmas Eve, 24th December

During the day

On this day Dad puts up the Christmas tree and decorates it. We help and hang silver stars and chocolate figures on the tree.

Mum goes shopping. The shops o are open all day and night, so that people can buy presents or food for the evening and the next days. Mum buys a big turkey for the Christmas dinner.

Christmas cards hang in the living room. In

Great Britain people always send Christmas cards to family and friends. We have balloons and paper chains in the living room, too. It is like a birthday party!

But that's not all! Dad hangs a mistletoe on the door and whenever two people meet under the mistletoe they have to kiss! Carol singers go from house to house and sing songs. They get a little money.

A: Match the words:

I. Christmas

a) the chimney


b) reindeer


c) stocking


d) party

5. birthday

e) Christmas card


f) turkey

7. favourite

g) stars

8. through

h) Eve

Christmas Eve, 24th December In the evening

We say Christmas Eve to the 24th December. "Eve" is the short form of evening. You don't get your Christmas present on Christmas Eve like in Germany.

But we have a party!

We sing and dance and play games. It's so funny!

Before we sleep we hang a big stocking on the mantelpiece. At night Santa comes with his sleigh and his reindeer. His favourite reindeer is Rudolph. They stop at the houses and Santa comes in through the chimney!

Then he goes to the Christmas tree and puts the presents under it and into the stockings.

B: Answer the questions:

1.What does Dad do on Christmas Eve?

2.What can people buy?

3.What do people have in the living room?

4.Where do carol singers go?

5.What do we hang on the mantelpiece?

6.What's the name of Santa's reindeer?

7.Where does Santa put presents?

On October 3 1, Americans celebrate Halloween.

Halloween means "holy" (hollow) "evening" (een). This is the evening before the

Christian holy day of All Saints Day. On All Saints Day,

Christians remember the Saints but Halloween is even older than Christianity.         

Before Christi nlty, people in Europe believed that on October 31 ghosts of dead people came back. To scare the ghosts, people dressed like devils and were very noisy. They also made big fires to keep the ghosts away, later, people did not believe in ghosts, but they kept the day of Halloween for fun.

Immigrants came from Europe to America and brought with them the custom of Halloween. Halloween has some strange symbols. One symbol is the jack-o'-lantern in the window. The jack-o'-lantern is to scare the ghosts. People cut the pumpkin, throw away all of the inside, and cut a face in it. Then they put a candle inside of it. Jack-o'-lantern usually look scary, too.

Today, in the United States, Halloween is very popular with the children.

They wea asks and special costumes. They want to look like skeletons and ghosts.

Then th go om house to house and say " Trick or treat!" People give them candies, es or fruit. When people give nothing, the children sometimes

play tricks on them.

Write T (true) or F (false).

1. On October 31, Americans celebrate Christianity.

2. In the past people made fires to keep the ghosts away.

3. Halloween came from Europe.

4. The jack-o'-lantern is a kind of special pumpkin to eat.

5.0n Halloween children wear spec ial masks and costumes because they want to look like skeletons and ghosts.

6.Children go from party to party and collect masks.

7.0n Halloween children say: "Trick or fun".

Answer the questions:

I.When do people celebrate Halloween?

2.Why do people dress like devils?

3.Why do people keep the day like Halloween?

4.What do people put inside the pumpkin

with the cutting face?

5.Where do they put the 'jack-olantern'?

6. Why do they use the lantern?

7.What do people give the children when they go from house to house?

Grammar tests

A: Fill in the blanks with is or are

1 .Kate              cooking

a turkey for dinner.

2.Mom           setting the


3.                 John  making coffee.

4.                 The boys     watching TV.

5.1t        snowing outside.

6. The baby        laughing.

7.The girls             painting Easter eggs.

8.we            eating turkey.

9.The dog         barking.

10.Theycelebrating Easter.

B: Write the verbs in Present Simple

1.    Martin (wash) his car every Friday.

2.    Daniel always (run) in the marathon.

3.    Martha (not laugh) with my jokes.

4.Lorena often               (wear) sunglasses.

5.  The baby often (sleep) in the afternoon.

6.  William (not tidy) his bedroom.

7.  Leonor (help) her father in the shop. 8.We sometimes (eat) fish and chips.

9.Patricia (not understand) English.

10.Miriam (dust) the furniture.

11. That woman (go) shopping on Mondays.

12.Ralph (have) a nap after lunch.

13.My granddad (smoke) a pipe.

14.You (watch) television in the pub.

15. These men (repair) my windows.

C: Write the verbs in Present Continuous

I .Look! The bus (come).

2 .Julia (teach) Spanish this term. 3 .Carol (study) French right now.

4.The kids   (sing) a song.

5.We (not surf) in the web.

6       . Tina      (wear) a black dress.

7       .My brothers (sit) on a bench.

8       .Barbara (go) to school.

9       .Christine (travel) by plane.

10  . Those cats_(play) with a ball.

11. That bird     (fly)very high.

12 . The mechanic         (mend) the cars.

D: Choose the correct option:

1. The doctor        in the local hospital now.

a) works           b) is working

2. Michael shopping with his father on Saturdays.

a) goes             b) is going

3. Roberto   (catch) the bus in the morning.

a) catches        b) is catching

4. The girl often    (drink) milk for breakfast.

a) drinks          b) is drinking

5.1t's 9.00pm and my family                                    dinner.

a) has               b) is having

6. Claire her lessons at 2.15pm

a) is finishing b) finishes


A: Write the verbs in Present Simple or Continuous

l . Katherine (work) in the farm in summer.

2.John often (go) to bed late on Saturdays.

3.               Alan usually (brush) his teeth.

4.               They (run) to catch the bus now.

5.               Sarah (hate) eating soup. 6. My cousin (live)in San Francisco at the moment.

7.               Some teachers (correct) the exams right now.

8.               Lucia sometimes (participate) in the festival.

9.               The photographer always (take) nice photos.

10.           Lucas (direct) the new film now.

B: Make a question

Fill in the blank with "be" and


1.   1dinner?(cook)

2.   Jackpie?(bake)

3.   the girls ? (eat)

4.   it  ? (rain)

5.   they Easter eggs?(make)

6.   you?(come)

7.   the dog?(bark)

8.   she?(talk)

9.   he?(laugh)

10.            Kate and John?(sleep)

C: Write the verbs in Present Continuous (make negative and interrogative sentences)

I .My sister (do) some housework.

2.At the moment it (snow).

3.My mother (bake) biscuits. 4. The Harrison family (enjoy) the football match.

5.Alice (prepare) the party.

6. We (break) anything.

7.Tom and Anne (play) the guitar.

8.My neighbour (plant) some trees.




A: Correct the sentences:

Ex: Who do you met on

Saturday morning? X

Who did you meet on Saturday morning?

1.   Did he went to school yesterday?


2.   Why did you to go home early? X

3.   Where you did learn English? X

4.   Did she works today? X

5.   What do you this yesterday? X

6.   Did they last night phone you? X

B: Choose the best one.

1 .George didn't wanted / didn't want to be a doctor.

2.Did you help / You did help your mother?

3.We did not understand / didn't understood you.

4.Did he paint / He painted the fences?

5.1 did finish / didn't finish my homework.

6 Did she called / She didn't call me 7. The gardener water didn't / didn't water the flowers.

8. The students did solve / Did students solve the questions?

9.Wilma did not go / did go shopping.

10. You did wear / Did you wear a coat?

C: Fill in the blanks (use Past Simple) I. Geoffrey

(not - cut) the grass. 2.(you - watch) the news? Yes, I

3.(she - clean) the house? No, she

4.My mother(not - wash) the dishes.

5.Unc1e Sam(not-drive) to work.

6.                (Ashley - perform) well?

Yes , she

7.                (they - study) hard? Yes, they

8.                Marry

(not - play) computer games.

D: Write the uestions in t order

1.   film? / like / you / Did / t

2.   you / many / did / ask? / How / people

3.   a / have / time? / they / Did / good

4.   did / weekend? / the / What / do / we / at

5.   she / DVD? / Where / that / did / buy

Countable and Uncountable


Put the words into these two jars:

A: Write the words in the correct form:

1. There are three(apple) on the plate.

2.1'd like to taste these(cookie).

3.   Would you like these(orange)?

4.   This (cheese) is too salty.

5.How much (water) is there in the bottle?

6.1 usually drink(milk) in the morning.

7.Do you like (cucumber)?

8.How much (money) have you got?

9.    This (meat) isn't fresh.

10.            There are many (tomato) in this salad.

11.1 don't eat (butter) at all.

12. This (coffee) is awful. 13.How many (banana) would you like?

14. Her(dress) are beautiful.

15.Put some (salt) into your soup.

B: Correct the mistakes:

1. These carrot are sweet.

2.1 don't like teas at all.

3. I'd like to cut some pear for this salad.

4.There is much waters in this jar.

5.How many sandwich have you bought?

6 .You can take four potato from the basket

7.Do you eat meats?

8. There is much rices in this dish.

9.Where is breads?

10. These berry are very sweet.

I I . There are four chair round the table.

12. These vegetable are green.

                       Countables                                   Uncountables

1. Egg 2 Milk 3. Tomato 4. Fish 5. Fruit 6. Flower 7.Bread 8. Snow

9. Cake 10 Apple 11. Juice 12. Dress 13. Lemon 14 Butter 15. Salt 16. Meat

17. Rice 18. Potato 19. Carrot 20 Crapes 21. Oil 22. Cucumber 23. Sugar

24. Onion 25. Garlic 26. Plum 27. Coffee 28. Tea 29.Cheese               30. Cup

31. Salad 32. Berry 33. Chocolate 34. Money 35.0range 36. Cherry

37.Sandwich 38. Cream 39. Chip 40. Water 41 Cookie 42.Banana

43. Pear 44. Chair 45. Sheep 46. Food


I. water









10. lemon I I .melon




15. bird



18.            teacher

19.            student


21. sugar


23. tomato








31. year



34.a cup of 35.a glass milk

A: Countable ri ht column

or uncountable Tick the

tea of

c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c
































u u u u u    u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u      u     

Much or many

B: Fill the blank spaces with much or manv

1 .How potatoes did you buy?

2.How         does the dress cost?

3.How vinegar did they buy?

4.How           cars has she got?

5.How        times have you been there?

6.How         sugar do you need?

7 .How         children do they have?

8.How        hours do you usually sleep?

"How—people went to the concert?

  10.How    cups of coffee do you drink?

1 1 .How        cheese have you got?

12.How_potatoes shall I peel?

13 .How     days does a leap year have?

  14.How          is a kilo of tomatoes?

15 .How        chairs are there

in your room?

C: Ask questions using how much or how many

I .1 have a lot of books.

2. Yes, there were lots of children.

3 .No, they have a little money.

4.There are ten bottles in the fridge.

5.No, there isn't much water in the bottle.

D: Chose the correct one

I .1 haven't got much-many biscuits in my lunchbox.

2. We haven't got much-many rice in the box.

3.She hasn't got much-many money to buy this dress.

4. How much-many homework do you have.

5.1s there much-many information about the project?

6.1 have got much-many flowers .

Preposition of time at , in , on

Write the correct preposition.



July the evening lunchtime

2007 15th May my birthday the future the same time

—present                            winter

Sundays the weekend two months

Friday afternoon

 Christmas Day the age of five

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

l. I always getup... 7 0'clock. .... weekdays and.. ...90'clock... .the weekends.

2.Both my little brother and I were born... ..the same month. His birthday is          20th April and I was

born.. ..30th

3 . . ... the moment we are practicing prepositions of

4.  In England it often rains . . ...spring.

5.  My father is a doctor and he sometimes works night.

6.  Our neighbours moved in next door      1998.

7.  My grandma started learning English    the age of

8 . . . . . . the past people didn't travel so much.

9.James proposed to Linda  sunset. It was very romantic.

10.We usually go rollerblading.. .. Saturday morning.

                                     I I .Brenda has lunch       noon.

                                     12.1 go to school       the morning.

                                      13.1 do my homework      the afternoon.

                                     14. We have Maths         Tuesdays.

Write at/ on/ in

...9 March

. ..the afternoon

. .. Friday


. . .. Christmas

. ...Christmas Day

. . .. Saturday night

. ...the past

. . ..autumn

10                        . . Thursday

11                        . . the weekend

12                       . dinnertime

13                        . . the ninth of April

14                        . . half past eight

15                        . . Monday evening

16                        . . the end of the year

17                       ..28 October

18                        . . an hour

19                        . . Easter

20                        . .New Year's Day

21                       .10. 15am

22                        . . five minutes

23                        . . bedtime

24                        . .a few days

25                        . . sunrise

26                        . . the next century

27                        . . the future

28                       . . my birthday

29                        . . Independence Day


 . . 3 0'clock Complete the sentences. Use in, on or at I .My parents aren't here         the moment.

2.1'm meeting my friend  Tuesday. 3. The train leaves       half past seven      he morning.

4. She was born       1995.

5. I usually phone my friends weekend.


6. We have a special meal


7. I usually brush my teeth

. the evening

before I go to bed.

8.   Her birthday is  the fifth of June.

9.   My brother likes to get up     sunrise. 10. I started doing my homework    eight o'clock and finished only . . midnight.

11.  In France it often snows      winter.

12.  Kate got married       the age of 19.

13 .Policemen usually work        night.

14.0ur parents will be back .     an hour.

15.  I usually have a party my birthday.

16.  See you dinnertime.

17.  Mary's birthday is     May.

18.  We have lunch

19.  Sara goes to the gym Saturdays.

20.  My sister was in London December. 21. She was in Spain Year's Eve. 22. We sat and talked lunchtime

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