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Alice in Wonderland 1- казка. Розробка вправ до уроку з позакласного читання з англійської мови

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Розробка вправ до уроків з позакласного читання з англійської мови для учнів 6 класів Alice in Wonderland - казка (часть 1) Повторити й активізувати лексичний матеріал. Проконтролювати вміння учнів самостійно читати текст. Заохочувати учнів читати англійською.Виховувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.
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Alice in Wonderland

Adapted from a story by Lewis Carroll I

lice sat next to her sister under some trees. She had nothing to ihc looked at her sister’s book but it had no pictures in it. Alice ght it wasn’t very interesting to look at a book with no pic- s. The sun was hot and Alice felt a little sleepy. Suddenly a c rabbit with pink eyes ran by. Well that wasn’t so strange, c also didn’t think it curious when she heard the rabbit say, dear, oh dear, I shall be late.”

iut then the rabbit took a watch out of its pocket. Alice thought was very strange. She stood up and ran after the white rabbit was just in time to see it go down a large rabbit hole. Alice went r the rabbit. She did not think how dangerous this was. The (it hole was just like a long passage. Suddenly Alice fell. She and fell. She had a lot of time to look around her as she went n. She saw that on the walls of the hole there were cupboards and bookshelves. There were also some maps and pictures. Down, down, down she fell. “How many miles have I fallen?” thought Alice.



At last she stopped. She didn’t break anything when she fell. She felt fine. It was dark but she could just see the white rabbit. The rabbit ran down a long passage. Alice heard the rabbit say, “Oh, how late it’s getting.” Alice was just behind the rabbit. Suddenly it went round a corner and disappeared.

Alice was now in a long hall with many lamps. There were many doors but they were all closed. Alice did not know how to get out. On a table by one of the doors was a golden key but Alice couldn’t open the doors with the key. Then she found a low curtain and behind it a little door only fifteen inches1 high. Yes, the key opened this door. But Alice couldn’t even get her head through the door. What could she do?

She went back to the table to look for another key but there were no other keys. This time she found a little bottle. “Drink me,” said the words on the bottle. “Oh, but what if it is poison?” thought Alice. Alice tried it and it was so nice that she drank it all. “How curious,” thought Alice. “I’m getting smaller.” Now she was only ten inches tall. But the key was on the table and now she was too short. This was too much and Alice sat down and cried. But then she saw a little glass box under the table. She opened it and found a small cake with the words “Eat me” on it.

“Well, I’ll eat it,” thought Alice. “I have nothing to lose. If I am bigger I can get the key. If I am smaller then I can go under the door.” She ate the cake and was big again.


Part I


  1. Word List

To have nothing to – I have nothing to do, say, remember, lose, read, eat, drink. She saw nothing (heard, did, said). It’s not interesting to look at. Not tasty to eat. Not difficult to do, not funny to watch.

Curious – to be curious = to want. I am curious to know, curios people. He is a curious looking (strange) little man. What a curious thing (question, neighbor, woman). I am curious to know why.

Dangerous – man, step, work, game, road, place. It may be dangerous. It will be dangerous for you.

Passage – a long (short) passage, (narrow). To look for a passage. A park (ill-lighted) passage. There was a door at the end of the passage. A long (interesting, difficult) passage. To read (learn by heart) a passage, a passage from the book.

Break – to break a door, a box, a wall, a roof, a fence, an arm, a leg, a pencil, a watch. Who broke the chair? To break into 2 parts. To break to pieces – вдребезги – the chair? To break ice, eye-glasses, a plate, a cup. She broke down.

Behind – She was walking a little behind. He came up from behind. She was walking a little behind. He came up from behind. There was a pretty little garden behind the house. It was done behind by back. The sun came out from behind the clouds.

High  - 2 meters high, 15 inches high. A high wall, tree, hill, mountain, ceiling, bank (if the river), position, speed. High in the sky, high in the mountains, high school. It’s high time, to fly high, to jump high.

To try – He didn’t even try. It’s not good to try. I shall try to help you. Try not to forget. Try your best! Try the door! Try the cake (попробуй). Try on (the dress, shoes, suit, coat, jacket).

  1. False or true:
  1. It’s a story of 2 brothers.
  2. They were paying in the yard.
  3. One of them, Alice, felt a little sleepy.
  4. Suddenly she saw a strange bird.
  5. She ran after the rabbit.
  6. After some time she was in the fox hole.
  7. The hole was like a long passage.
  8. Alice felt and had time to look around.
  9. She saw cupboards and bookshelves on the walls of the hole.
  10. When she fell she broke many cupboards.
  11. In the hall Alice saw many lamps, doors.
  12. The doors were closed.
  13. Alice saw a key and began to open the door to get out.
  14. She was too big for the door and couldn’t get through it.
  15. Then she saw a bottle with the works ‘Drink’.
  16. She drank and became even bigger.
  17. Now she was too small to get the key.
  18. Soon she found a box of sweats and ate them.
  19. She became big again.
  1. Give situations with Words 1
  2. Answer the questions:
  1.                Where were the sisters sitting?
  2.                What were they doing?
  3.                Why was Alice sleepy?
  4.                What did she see?
  5.                What did she do?
  6.                Was she curious?
  7.                Where did they come?
  8.                What was the hole like?
  9.                What did Alice see when she felt?
  10.            Did she want to get out?
  11.            What did she see on the table?
  12.            What made her small?
  13.            Could she open the door? Why?
  14.            What did she do then?
  1. Synonyms:       Anonyms:

Pink – rosy       Strange – usual

Strange – unusual      To be in time – to be ate

Curious – strange      Go down – go up

A lot of time – much time     To break – to build

At last – finally      Dangerous – safe

Again – once more      Behind – in front of

To go round the corner – to turn    All – part

With no pictures – without      To lose – to find

        Smaller - bigger

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