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"Англійські художники" презентація до уроків в 10 класі

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Презентація до уроку на тему "Мистецтво в нашому житті" з дуже цікавим яскравим матеріалом.Ця презентація може використовуватися не тільки в 10 класі, а й на засіданні гуртка іноземної мови.

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Mother Nature Mother Nature can act rather scary sometimes. Almost every day TV channels, radio and newspapers report on natural disasters striking different parts of the world. Scientists say that earthquakes, tornados, floods, droughts, tsunamis, landslides and hurricanes are happening more frequently nowadays.

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Natural disaster

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Possible dangers Being aware of possible dangers, people should be prepared to protect themselves, their families and communities. Two important preparation steps are the developing of emergency plan and assembling a supply kit.

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Some of the common natural hazards However, all the known disasters have unique nature and should be approached separately. Some of the common natural hazards are as follows: earthquake, flood, drought, heat wave, hurricane, volcanic eruption, hailstorm, tornado, tsunami, landslide, wildfire, blizzard.

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Earthquake An earthquake happens when tectonic plates of the earth move and they make the area shake violently. According to the Richter scale the magnitude of earthquakes is measured from 1 to 10 points. The most powerful earthquake was recorded in 1960 in Chile, its magnitude was 9.5.

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Volcanic eruptions Volcanic eruptions occur when hot red magma erupts from the earth’s crust and flows from the top of the volcano. It also throws volcano ashes into the air which are harmful to inhale for human beings and animals.

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Tsunami A tsunami is a series of dangerous huge ocean waves, usually caused by underwater earthquakes. This natural disaster attacks the shore all of a sudden and often results in thousands of deaths. The height of the waves can reach 30 metres.

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Tornado A tornado is an enormous column of twisting wind that moves very fast and destroys houses, raises in the air and throws people, animals and heavy things. Hurricanes and tornados are very common in America and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Natural disasters Natural disasters are great tragedies to many countries and nations. They take a lot of people’s lives. Thousands of people become homeless, unemployed. They need medical and psychological help. However, learning about these specific threats and the measures, which should be taken, can save many lives.

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