Diagnostic test "Vocabulary and grammar"

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Diagnostic test "Vocabulary and grammar"

Solutions Upper-intermediate 2 edition

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Diagnostic Test (10 form)


Put the verbs in brackets into the right tense form using:

1) Present Simple: Where _____ the Browns _____ (to spend) their holidays? They usually _____ (to visit) their relatives in the village.

2) Present Continuous: Why _____ Julia _____ (to make) so many sandwiches? Because she _____ (to wait) for the guests.

3) Present Perfect: _____ you _____ (to meet) your boss today? No, I haven’t. My boss _____ (just to go) to the bank.

4) Past Simple: _____ you (to be) busy last night? No, I didn’t. I _____ (to spend) last evening with my friends.

5) Past Continuous: While Monica _____ (to sunbath), Mick and Tom _____ (to play) beach volleyball.

6) Past Perfect: By what time _____ you _____ (to get) my message? I _____ (not to check) my phone by 4 o’clock yesterday.

7) Future Continuous: Molly _____ (to make) the cake for the party and the other girls _____ (to prepare) the costumes at 3 o’clock tomorrow.

8) Future Perfect: _____ Chris _____ (to book) a table in the restaurant by next Sunday? Yes, he will. We _____ (to send) all the invitations by that time.

9) Zero Conditional: If the temperature _____ (to fall) below 0°C, water _____ (to turn) into ice.

10) First Conditional: If you _____ (not to pay) the electricity bill, they _____ (to cut) it off.

11) Second Conditional: They _____ (not to have) difficulties getting to our place if it _____ (not to snow).

12) Third Conditional: The cat _____ (not to eat) the meat if you _____ (not to leave) it on the table.


Choose the correct answer:

   1) Sam felt _____ of himself when he discovered he had passed his driving test.

a. ashamed    b. proud    c. disappointed    d. afraid   

   2) My friend’s lucky. She works in a bank and _____ a lot of money. 

a. deals    b. serves    c. earns    d. does   

   3) He hurt himself while playing tennis. I think he’s sprained his _____.

a. calf    b. thigh    c. shin    d. wrist   

   4) I write a daily _____ about my thoughts and feelings. It’s like a diary.

a. blog    b. site    c. channel    d. link   

   5) I don’t smoke, so I don’t have any _____ in the house.

a. sideboards    b. ashtrays    c. fireplaces    d. footstools   

   6) They bought a new _____ armchair. It’s very comfortable.

a. leather    b. paper    c. marble    d. china   

   7) My sister was very sad when she _____ up with her boyfriend.

a. split    b. got    c. fell    d. made   

   8) Shall we go along to the buffet _____ and get a coffee for the journey?

a. room    b. car    c. desk    d. shop   

   9) I gave the shop assistant a ten-pound note, but she forgot to give me my _____.

a. cash    b. card    c. price    d. change   

   10) He writes great _____ that tell stories about people in difficult relationships.

a. melodies    b. lyrics    c. harmonies    d. movements   

   11) My sore throat won’t go away, so I’m going to _____ an appointment with the doctor.

a. get    b. do    c. take    d. make   

   12) They’ve put up a wooden _____ around the garden to keep out the neighbours’ dogs.

a. wall    b. fence    c. hedge    d. gate   



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