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Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs.GERUND (V-ing) or INFINITIVE (to V)?

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1. Gerund                       is used after the following verbs:                                                            avoid,  go,  finish,                       hate,  dislike,                     enjoy, love, like, prefer, mind, keep, suggest,  need



be interested in                                   be keen on / be good at                                                                                                be tired of  / be worth                                                             

be afraid of /  fond of                                                                                                                                                         to be ready for                     to be used to

3. Gerund                        is used after all prepositions                   (ABOUT -AFTER – AT – IN – FOR – BEFORE …                 after expressions             insist on / can’t help                                                                                                             think of  / succeed in                                                                                                                                                                   can’t stand/  feel like                                                                                                                                                                    look forward to                                                              

4. Infinitive                   is used after  the following verbs:                                                           afford, ask, decide, manage,offer,  refuse, want, to be delighted

5.The verbs                  like, love, hate, prefer                                 etc. can take either a full infinitive or –ing with little or no difference in meaning


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Some people prefer ____ stay at home, while others like ___ (get) out of their daily routines.

Last summer my  family  could not afford ____  (go) to the seaside so  we went ____  (camp).

Before ____ (leave) for our camping trip we packed our backpacks.

We  needed _____ (take) a tent and sleeping bags.

My mum  insisted on ______ (take) waterproof coats and warm socks for _____ (keep) us dry and comfortable.

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an axe matches

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I can’t stand ____ (hear) mosquitoes buzz.

So my sister  offered ____ (take) mosquito spray to avoid biting insects.

We  thought  of _____ (take)  matches and an axe to chop wood  for the campfire. 

My dad suggested ____ (put) on our  boots and we were ready for ____  (hike).

We loved ___ (hike) because we didn’t depend on public transport. 

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All of us were keen on  _____  (walk) in the fresh air. 

We were delighted ____  (see ) the beauty of nature and (listen) to the birds singing.

We  wanted ____ (get) to the top of the mountain, and then the next mountain top.

While hiking, I succeed in ______ ( take) awesome pictures.

My parents were used to ____ (carry)  heavy backpacks .

a compass  a map      

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We managed ___ (find) our campsite using a map and a compass.

When we were tired of _____ (walk) we  decided ___ (put) up a tent in a picturesque place.

My father was responsible for____ (make) the fire.                                                        

  My mum was good at _____ (cook) our meal.

We were happy about  ____ (roast) sausages over the campfire.

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I asked my brother ____ (play) the guitar near the campfire in the evening.

We felt like ____ (sing) and (tell) scary stories near the campfire.

To tell the truth, I was nervous about  ______ (come) wild animals.

We enjoyed _____ (watch) the sunset, then the moon and the stars in the sky.

Later we didn’t mind ___ (sleep) in our tent.

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Next morning we refused ___

(go) out because it was raining.

But when the weather changed we could not help ____ (feel) glad.

We were really excited about _____ (climb) and (have) fun outdoors.

We met  friendly people who were interested in ____ (hike) and ____ (camp) too.

We always avoid ____ (leave) a dirty site for the next campers.

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  C:\Users\user\Desktop\summer holidays\загруженное.jpg

C:\Users\user\Desktop\summer holidays\sticker,220x200-pad,220x200,ffffff.u11.jpg

   C:\Users\user\Desktop\summer holidays\Welcome-to-Camp-Sign.jpg


After _____ (pack) up, we collected our garbage.

Before _____  (leave)  the  campsite, my dad put out the fire.

We hate _____ (cause) any harm to nature and care about _____ (clean) up our campsite.


It is worth _____ (take) long walks because  it can help us be healthier and stronger. 

I am looking forward to _____ (go) to camping holiday next summer.


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