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Let us visit London!

Objectives:to reinforce vocabulary on the topic; fill in the blanks with the right question words.

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                                                          Let us visit London!                                                                                                                                

                                    Complete the questions with question words                                                                                  

                                   What / Where / When / Why/ How / How many


London is the capital of Great Britain. More than 7 millon people live there.




1. ______ is the capital of Great Britain?

2. __________ people live there?


 London is situated on the River Thames. There are twenty seven bridges over the river Thames.


 3. _______ is London situated?

4. ________ bridges are there over the river Thames?

London is the biggest city in Britain. There are about ten thousand (10,000) streets in London.


5. _____ is the biggest city in Britain?

6. _________   streets are there in London?

Oxford Street is London main shopping centre. You can buy clothes, shoes, and toys in it.

7. _______ can you buy clothes, shoes, and toys in London?

  When you are in London you can get around the city on foot, by bicycle, by car,

by boat,

                     by bus, by taxi,

Картинки по запросу The London underground clipart  by underground.

8. ______ can you get around the city?

 The double-decker bus  is  the symbol of London. It has seats upstairs and downstairs.


9. ______ is the symbol of London?

10. ______ does it have seats?

The double-decker bus is good for sightseeing because you can get on the top deck and have a great view.



11. _____ is the double-decker bus good for sightseeing?

Sometimes passengers can leap up and off the bus because some of the double-deckers are not very fast and there is no door there.

12. ______ can the passengers leap up and off the bus?

English people are well-mannered, they always join the queue.



13. _____ are English people well-mannered?

The colour of taxis in London is black. London taxis are called black cabs.

14. ______is the colour of taxis in London?

15. _____ are they called?

 There are more than 19,000 cabs in London. They are more expensive than the buses.

16. ______ cabs are there in London?

17. _______ is more expensive - the buses or the cabs?

The London underground is called the "tube". It is the oldest underground in the world; the tube was opened in 1884.


18. ______ is the London underground called?

19. _______ was the tube opened?

Картинки по запросу The London underground clipart  The Tube has 275 stations in many different parts of the city. It is faster than the bus.

20. ________ stations does the Tube have?

21. ______ is faster – the bus or the Tube?


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