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Do you like to play? SHOPS AND SHOPPING

Про матеріал

Брейн-ринг у 6 класі на тему: SHOPS AND SHOPPING”. Захід можна представити як на тиждень іноземної мови в школі, так і на інше свято.

Перегляд файлу

Брейн-ринг у 6 класі на тему: SHOPS AND SHOPPING


Практична: закріпити вивчену по темі лексику; розвивати навички діалогічного мовлення; узагальнити і систематизувати матеріал з теми.           

Загальносвітня: розширити ерудицію учнів, поглибити знання з теми «Shopping».

 Розвиваюча: розвивати творчі здібності учнів, навики роботи в групі, розвивати  мовну здогадку та мовленнєву реакцію, інтелектуальні та пізнавальні   здібності.

 Виховна: виховувати ввічливість та уважність при покупці товару, підвищити інтерес до вивчення мови.


І. The beginning of the lesson

  1. Greeting.

Teacher Good morning, dear friends. I am glad to see you. Let me begin our lesson with some riddles. If you guess them, you will know what we are going to speak about. Listen to me and think.

  • Usually two or more people take part in this process.
  • We do it in a special place.
  • We do it very often.
  • Usually women like to do it, men don’t like.
  • We can’t do it without money.

Teacher What is it? 
P: Shopping

2. Aim.

Teacher Yes, you are right. The topic of our today’s lesson is “Shops and shopping”. We are going to speak about different kinds of shops and what we can buy   there. We’ll do some interesting tasks. All the suggested activities will increase your ability to speak appropriate English in any situation.

ІІ.The main part of the lesson

The class is divided into 2 teams. Each team has to do the tasks.

 Task 1. Types of shops. (Each team names the type of the shop. The winner is the team that names more types of shops then the other team).

- What kinds of shops do you know?  (Baker’s, supermarket, dairy, grocer’s, greengrocer’s, butcher’s, fishmonger’s, bookstore, stationer’s, sport goods, haberdashery, electric appliance shop, furniture shop, household items, ironmonger’s, hardware store, jewelry store, footwear, cosmetic shop, chemist’s, optician’s, boutique, men’s wear, newsagent’s, department store, confectionery, market, toy store, flower’s).

Task 2. True or False

  • Listen to the text and agree or disagree with me.
  1. Department stores are large stores which are popular both with the local residents and tourists.
  2. The fishmonger’s is the place where you can buy fish and seafood.
  3. The newsagent’s is the place where you can buy milk, cottage cheese and butter.
  4. The hairdresser’s is the place where we buy vegetables and fruit.
  5. I can buy a loaf of bread and rolls at the bakery.
  6. We can buy medicine at the chemist’s.
  7. In Great Britain people use dollars and cents doing shopping.
  8. In Ukraine people use pounds and pence doing shopping.
  9. Those people who buys things is a customer.
  10. Those people who sell things are shop-assistants.

Key: 1 +; 2 +; 3 –; 4 –; 5 +; 6 +; 7 –; 8 –; 9 +; 10 +.

Task 3. Complete the sentences

P1: We can buy rings (at the jewelry).

P2: We can buy milk (at the dairy).

P3: We can buy bread (at the bakery).

P4: We can buy apples at (the greengrocer’s).

P5: We can buy meat at (the butcher’s).

P6: We can buy buckwheat at (the grocer’s).

P7: We can buy jeans at (the market).

Task 4.  Guess the shop.

  • You task is to match things and places where we can buy them.


1) medicine, make-up                                           a) baker's

2) fish, crabs                                                         b) chemist's

       3) potatoes, bananas, onions, apples                     c) bookshop

4) a pair of shoes, boots                                        d) jewelry storе

5) a new pair of glasses                                         e) hardware store

6) meat, sausages                                                   f) butcher's

7) milk, sour cream, curds                                     g) grocery store

8) tea, sugar, salt                                                    h) haberdashery

9) a loaf of bread, cakes, rolls                               i) greengrocer's

10) pens, felt-pens, notebooks                             j) stationer's

11) stamps, envelopes                                         k) sport goods

12) an arm-chair, a sofa, a bookshelf                  1) footwear

13) a ring, a watch, a necklace                            m) fishmonger's

14) a hammer, nails, a screwdriver                      n) ironmonger's

15) a volleyball, a fishing-rod                             o) boutique

16) a newspaper, a magazine                               p) men's wear

17) a battery, a hair dryer, an electric shaver         q) cosmetic shop

18) a compact disk player, a word processor system    r) optician's

19) a raincoat, a skirt, tights, a dress                    s) furniture shop

20) cream, deodorant, shampoo, lipstick              t) household items

21) a city map, a guidebook, a dictionary             u) dairy

22) trousers, a suit, a pullover, a T-shirt               v) post-office

23) a belt, buttons, needles, a handbag                 w) newsagent's

24) an iron, a dish washer, a vacuum cleaner         x) electric appliances shop         

Key: 1b, 2m, 3i, 4l, 5r, 6f, 7u, 8g, 9a, 10j,11v,12s, 13d, 14n, 15k, 16w, 17x, 18e, 19o, 20q, 21c, 22p, 23h, 24t.

Task 5.  Proverbs.

 - Match each proverb to its translation.

1. It's not worth a penny

а) Покупець завжди правий

2. Buy a pig in a poke

б) Хочеш втратити друга — позич йому грошей

3. The customer is always right

с) Копійка гривню береже

4. Advertising is the mother of commerce

й) Людина з кислимnвиразом обличчя неnповинна відкривати магазин

5. A man with a sour face should not open the shop

е) Реклама — мати комерції

6. Look after the pennies, and the pound will look after themselves

ґ) Не варте й копійки

7. Lend your money and lose your friend

д) Купити кота в мішку

Key: 1-f; 2-g; 3-а; 4- е; 5-d; 6-е; 7-b.

Task 6.  Vocabulary

a) Complete the text with the correct word from the three options.

 An auction can be a great place to get a bargain / discount / reduction 1. You can find some really interesting old things for buy / offer / sale 2. You have lots of time to decide which things you want to exchange / purchase / sell 3, and then you can make bids / goods / lots 4 to buy them. Remember to bring a credit card or banknotes / receipt / wallet 5. And if you come to the auction by bike, don’t buy a grand piano!

Key: 1 bargain, 2 sale, 3 purchase, 4 bids, 5 banknotes

Online auctions are great. You can find almost anything for buy / offer / sale 1 on the Internet. You have lots of time to think about the things you want to exchange / purchase / sell 2, and then you make a bid / click / lot 3 for them. If you are careful, you can get a real bargain / price / trade 4! They usually deliver the goods / prizes / rewards 5 to you in a few days. Read the adverts carefully to avoid surprises!

Key: 1 sale, 2 purchase, 3 bid, 4 bargain, 5 goods

b) Complete the dialogue with the words below. There are two words you do not need.

exchange      hole      manager      money      receipt      refund      scratched

Kelly Hi. I’d like to return these jeans, please.

Assistant Is there a problem with them?

Kelly Yes, look. There’s a(n) 1____________ here, and the buttons have come off.

Assistant I see. I can 2____________ them. Is that OK?

Kelly I’d rather have a(n) 3____________ .

Assistant I’ll ask the 4____________ . Have you got your 5____________ ?

Kelly Yes. Here it is. 

Assistant OK. Please wait. I’ll be back in a minute.

Key: 1 hole, 2 exchange, 3 refund, 4 manager, 5 receipt

Complete the dialogue with the words below. There are two words you do not need.

come      exchange      money      problem      receipt      refund      scratched

Lenny Hi. I’d like to return this jacket, please.

Assistant Hm. Is there a(n) 1____________ with it?

Lenny Yes, look. It’s damaged. There’s a hole here and the buttons have 2____________ off.

Assistant I see. I can 3____________ it. Is that OK?

Lenny Well, I’d prefer a(n) 4____________ , please.

Assistant OK. I’ll ask the manager. Do you have your 5____________ ?

Lenny Yes, here it is. 

Assistant OK. Please wait. I’ll be back in a minute.

Key: 1 problem, 2 come, 3 exchange, 4 refund, 5 receipt

Task 7. Make of the given word new words:


Key: aim, rent, main, rat…

ІІІ. Summarizing.

Thank you, children. I am glad, that you have worked well today. I liked your work very much today. So, the winner is …





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