Гра з англійської мови " Time of stars" для учнів 6 класу

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Мета: удосконалювати лексичні навички з тем "Україна", " Англія", "Пори року"; розвивати граматичні навички; розвивати мислення, пам'ять, увагу; виховувати любов до англійської мови

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                          The game “The time of stars”

Мета: удосконалювати лексичні навички з тем « Україна», «Великобританія», «Пори року»; розвивати граматичні навички:; розвивати мислення, пам’ять; виховувати любов до англійської мови.

T.: Dear friends, our guests I`m glad to meet you here, in this beautiful room and welcome to our competitions “The time of stars”. Now I`ll present to you the participants of our competitions, the pupils of our school who likes English very much.  Let`s invite them.

       Our participants choose your numbers:







T.: We have our juries. Our juries are  _______

1. Each participant introduces herself (5 points)

2. Choose the correct answer. The right answer is given to you 1 point.

     1) How many states make up the USA?

          a) 24      b) 50       c) 46

     2) How many parts are there in the UK?

            a) 4       b) 3         c) 5

     3) How many regions make up Ukraine?

         a) 23        b) 25        c) 24

    4) How many letters are there in Ukrainian alphabet?

       a) 30      b) 33        c) 32

   5) How many letters are there in English alphabet?

       a) 23        b) 25     c) 26

   6) How many months are there in the year?

      a) 10        b) 11      c) 12

    7) How many days are there in the week?

       a) 7          b) 6         c) 5

    8) How many pence are there in a pound?

       a) 10      b) 100     c) 1000

    9) How many seasons are there in a year?

       a) 4        b) 2          c) 3

    10) How many days are there in February?

         a) 30      b) 28       c) 31

  2. Make up the proverbs and give the Ukrainian equivalent:

       All is well                                        likes its own nest

       Every bird                                      too late to learn

      Better late                                       home is best

      It is never                                         that`s ends well

      Never put off till tomorrow          than never

     East or West                                    what can be done today

     All is not gold                                    that glitters


                All is well that ends well.

             Every bird likes its own nest.

             Better late than never.

             It is never too late to learn.

             Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

            East or West home is best.

            All is not gold than glitters.

       3. Answer the questions:

         1) What is the official name of Great Britain?

         (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

         2) How many languages are spoken in Wales? (2, English and Welsh)

         3) What is kilt?  (a man`s skirt in Scotland)

         4) What river is Washington situates on? (the Potomac river)

         5) Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain? (Teresa May)

         6) What river is New York situated on? (The Hudson)

         7) What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)

         8) What is the traditional meal on Thanksgiving Day? (turkey)

         9) What animals eat eucalyptus leaves? (koala)

        10) What fruit is New Zealand the world`s largest producer of? (kiwi)

         4.  Look at the poem and learn by heart:

            It is in the evening.

            She is wondering what clothes to wear.

            She puts on her makeup,

            Then brushes her long blond hair.

             And then she asks me,

        “Do I look all right?”

          And I say, “Yes”.

        5. Make up words as many as you can:         important

T.: The score of the game is__________ I see that you know English well. Thank you for your participants.














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