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Узагальнити лексичний матеріал до теми, знати модальні дієслова: can, may, must, should, та правила їх вживання, дивитись відео з мережі u-tube «British sсhooling» , вміти виконувати до- і – після фільмові завдання;
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Тема . Сучасна англійська школа.Modern English school.


  • узагальнити лексичний матеріал до теми, знати модальні дієслова: can,                     may, must, should, та правила їх вживання, дивитись  відео з мережі

u-tube «British sсhooling» ,  вміти виконувати до- і – після фільмові завдання;

  • розвивати навички письма, читання, говоріння, аудіювання, самостійної роботи, роботи  в парах;
  • ціннісне ставлення особистості до навчання та до культури країни мова якої вивчається.

Обладнання: підручник, зошит, словник, зошит з граматики, відео з мережі  u-tube «British sсhooling», мультимедійна дошка, роздатковий матеріал.

Тип уроку: урок узагальнення та систематизації вивченого матеріалу.

Хід уроку

І. Організаційний момент.

Good morning pupils! I am glad to see you!

Good morning teacher! We are glad to see you too.

How are you today?

P1: I am get up on the wrong side of the  bed ( bed).

P2: I am out of sorts (bed).

P3: I am in my cup of tea (good).

P4: I am at ease ( to be comfortable).

P5: I am start the ball rolling (to start action).

II. Мотивація навчальної діяльності.

Answer the questions

  • What day is today?
  • What month is it now?
  • Do you like to go to school?
  • How many lessons do you have a day?
  • How many pupils are in your class?
  • How many pupils are in your group?
  • How many days a week do you study?
  • How many lessons do you have today?

Teacher: So , dear pupils let’s  complete the aim of our lesson together,  remind me please, what have we learned to the topic ”school life” ?

P1: We should revise the  words;

P2: We should  revise modal verbs: can, could, may, must, should;

P3: We should develop our skills in reading, speaking, auding and writing;

ІІІ. Повідомлення теми і мети уроку.        

Yes, you are correct today we are going to revise the words, revise modal verb: should, also we are going to develop our knowledge in reading, speaking, auding, writing and  watch a short video from u-tube “ British schooling”.

IV. Узагальнення та  систематизація знань.

What association do you have with the word “English”?







Let’s start with phonetic drills

                   Read and translate English school subjects

  • Biology
  • Art and design
  • Chemistry
  • Design and technology
  • English
  • French
  • Geography
  • German


  • History
  • Information and communication technology
  • Math
  • Music
  • PE
  • Science










TТranslate the words and match

1) National Сurriculum

2) Compulsory education

3) Boarding school

4) Nursery , gindergarten

5) Primаry school

6) Secondary school

7) Independent school

8) Preparаtory school

9) Grammar school

10) Comprehensive school


  1. Дитячий садок
  2. Обов’язкова освіта
  3. Школа-інтернат
  4. Середня школа
  5. Національна програма
  6. Школа з поглибленим вивченням предметів
  7. Приватна початкова школа
  8. Приватна школа
  9. Загальноосвітня школа
  10. Початкова школа



Check on homework

Your homework for today was to write a  topic “My school working day”. You have made your working day at home, let’s do Gimmy’s school working day..


We have an English boy in our text-book  whose name is Gimmy, let’s imagine his working day , some of you have pictures let’s do his working with their help.


  • He usually gets up at 7 o’clock
  • He has his breakfast
  • He goes to school
  • He is in the school
  • He goes home
  • He help his parents about the house
  • He does his homework
  • He watches TV
  • He goes to bed


  • Do you wear school uniform ? Why?
  • Is your school mixed?

Let’s watch a short video about British schools nowadays and after we shall do a lot of exercises to this film. Please be attentive and active.


Film British Schooling


Teacher: Now let’s see how attentive you were during watching the video British schooling.




The first our task will be to retell the chief information about system of education in Great Britain in  order.

British schooling

Pupil1: Some people say that school days are the best days of their life. Well if are  not the best but surtenly very important. Full time education in UK is compulsory between at the ages of  5 and 16. About 93 % percent of people receive free education and 7% per cent attend private school.

Primary school

Pupil2: Children attend primary school from  the ages of five to eleven. There about 25 to  27 children in each class. One of aim to teach  read well and count numbers. In UK there are computers in each school. In average in primary school there are sixteen computers and in secondary are more than hundred computers.

Secondary school

Pupil3: Children go to secondary school when they have eleven. They usually have to wear school uniform. These may be shirt and tie and special jacket. In most working day start at a quarter to nine and finish at around three o’clock. Many students stay for lunch and take their sandwiches or have their school dinner. There three core subjects : the Maths, English and Science. There are national tests  in these subjects at 14 years old. After 14 students also study subjects  Information and communication technology, design and technology and modern foreign language.



Pupil4: After 16 students have GCSE examinations. Around 70 % percent there continue  further education specialazing in 3 or 4 subjects they may take AS level exam after a year and at 18 Advanced or A-level exams. Students can choose any course in any university.

Ex. 2.   Say is it true or false

  1. At  the age of five they go to secondary school
  2. At the age of three they go to nursery school
  3. School is compulsory at the age of 5-16  years old
  4. 82% of children receive free education
  5. 7% of children attend private schools
  6. Almost 100 computers are in secondary school
  7. English, Maths and Science are core subjects
  8. They take GCSE exams at the age of 14.


Ex.2.  Answer the questions.

  • What ages children usually go to primary school?
  • How many pupils are in the class in primary school?
  • Have they any uniform?
  • What they are?
  • What are core subjects?
  • What ages they have GCSE examinations?
  • What ages they have A- level examinations?


What modal verbs do you know?

When we use modal verb Should?

When we use modal verbs can, could, must, may?

Look at screen using modal verb should or shouldn’t let do British School rules

  • Children should wear school uniform
  • Children should go around school quietly
  • Children shouldn’t fight
  • Children shouldn’t late
  • Children should be polite with teachers
  • Children should work hard with their lessons
  • Children shouldn’t leave school without permission
  • Children should arrive in school in time
  • Children should do their homework daily
  • Children shouldn’t laugh hard at the lesson



Fill in the correct propositions


  1. at  ten o’clock
  2. on  Wednesday
  3. at  five past twelve
  4. at  break
  5. on   Saturday
  6. at    two o’clock
  7. on    Christmas
  8. on    Halloween


Read translate and find equivalents to English proverbs about knowledge.

1) Live and learn

2) So many languages you know so many times you are a man

3) Knowledge is power

4) It‘s never too late learn

5) Repetition is the mother of learning

6) Learn young, learn fair

7) A little knowledge is dangerous thing


a)Вік живи, вік учись

b) Вчись молодим і вчись чесно

c) Повторення – мати навчання

d) Той, хто знає мало, небезпечний

e) Скільки мов ті знаєш, стільки разів ти людина

f)Знання – це сила

g)Учитись, ніколи не пізно


Describe the differences between the following pairs


Primary- Secondary

State school-Public school

Day school- boarding school

Pupil- student

V. Підведення підсумків уроку

Dear pupils, today you have been smart pupils , done a lot of exercises. Let’s make summarizing to our lesson. What have we revised today? I would finish lesson with the words by E. Hubbard  A school should not be a preparation for life. A school should be life.



V.Домашнє завдання

Підготуватися до контрольної роботи, повторити модальні дієслова, повторити лексичний матеріал до теми.





































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