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Конспект уроку на тему "Їжа"

Про матеріал
Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 5 класу на тему "Їжа". Урок побудований на основі рольової гри "Мастер шеф" і містить презентацію. У процесі роботи учні закріплять лексичний та граматичний матеріал (злічувальні та незлічувальні ісменники)
Перегляд файлу



Theme “ Food”

5th grade


Outcomes and Objective

Students will:

  • Develop skills needed to respond to inferential and critical questions
  • apply processes and skills in acting, directing, designing.
  • collaborate as participates of famous TV show “Master chef” in creating the dishes.
  • Develop oral and written skills

Materials needed

  • Blackboard
  • Computer
  • Screen
  • Worksheets



  1. Greeting
  2. Warming up:

Teacher: Do you have a good mood?

Students: Yes, we do.

Teacher: Do you want to have a fun?

Students: Yes, we do.

Teacher: Are you good at English?

Students: Yes, we are.

Teacher: So, are you ready?

Students: Yes we are.

Body of lesson

  1. Watching

Today we have a special lesson.   At the beginning I‘d like to show you one video.  So, pay your attention to the screen.

Video master chef


  1. Speaking

You’ve just seen a famous TV show in the world. Have you ever seen an Ukrainian one? Can you say members of this show? Of course, this is a chef and cooks.

What do you think about these things on the tray? Can you guess what do I have for you?

OK. These are aprons. Who needs to have an apron?

  1. Role play

I hope you can guess today’s theme. I offer to have a role-play. Just only imagine that I’m a chef and you are cooks.

Next step is falling into 3 groups

Come to me and choose one card. So there are three kinds of cards: fruit, sweets, drinks. According to these cards create your group. Choose your leader.

These are your aprons. Wear them.


The first activity has two steps. At first you watch the video. Pay special attention to how cook this dish and what do you need for it. You can choose Booba’s or mouse’s sandwich. What do you need to cook a sandwich? Write essential food.

Check your task 

We have 14 ingredients and ____ of them is correct.

Now we have task № 2

To cook some dishes you should know about measuring food. Your following task is writing under the picture following information like a cup of tea.

To check this task you should exchange your worksheets

Group of red aprons check results of white aprons

Task №3 it’s important to ask the questions and answer them when you work together.


The fourth task called “Cook the dish”

(the teacher gives sheets of letter to each group)

One pupil shows you actions and you should complete the recipe.

Well done

№ 5

As for me it was really interesting watching cartoon about booba and I offer to cook mouse’s sandwich. Don’t forget about collaboration!

Chefs! responsibilities must be shared!

№6 Show your dish and say the recipe


  I’m really satisfied with the way you were active and did everything. Thanks a lot. Our cooking course finished and you made a good job, therefore It’s time for awarding of certificate!





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