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"Конспект уроку в 4 класі на тему " Going Shopping"

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Class:  4-A

Level: elementary

Date: 20.11.2017

Length: 45 minutes


Topic: Going shopping

 Objectives:- to review the vocabulary on the topic "Food and shopping"

- the differentiate between healthy and unhealthy food

- to write an invitation to the birthday party

- to practice the expression “be going to for future plans"



- to classify food as healthy or unhealthy

- to express their preferences while choosing food

- to use the vocabulary on the topic in short dialogues

- to write the invitation to the birthday party

 - to role-play the dialogues  while buying food

- to collect and analyze the data of the survey



 Materials and Resources: PPT, audio and video resources, flash cards, HOs


Lesson procedure


  1. Greeting.  Getting the students acquainted with the topic of the last and the last procedure.


2. Group division. Students are divided into two groups "Vegetables” and "Fruit". The lesson is conducted in the form of the competition and the students stay is there groups throughout the lesson

( to increase motivation, to lessen the stress. to create a challenging  atmosphere and to promote collaboration)


3.  Warming up. PPT. A vanishing saying.  "You are what you eat"-  to introduce the topic.  A short multiple choice question at the end is aimed at activating students' thinking skills.

a) You are not hungry

b) To be healthy eat good food

 c) Eat what you like


4.Speaking activity. Team Work.

    Students create posters " Healthy me" and "Unhealthy me" and classify food into healthy and unhealthy. The poster is presented by two students from each group.

 Point of special attention. To suggest other students to classify chicken which can be referred to healthy or unhealthy food according to the way it is cooked.


5. Survey. Students choose a question to ask one another concerning their food preferences. The data of the survey are written on the wall poster and are analysed by the students. Are the tastes the same or different?  What is the same? What is different?


6.  Relaxation. Song “Healthy food". After singing students are asked to complete the sentence:

 Healthy food makes you smile.

 Unhealthy food .....


7. Guessing game. Create a shopping list to buy products for the birthday party.HO

8. Grammar revision" Be going to" A video.


 Students play the guessing game trying to guess the product from each other's shopping list. Variation.  Students read and analyse the teacher's a shopping list  and replace unhealthy food with healthy one.


9.  Writing.  Students  write the invitation cards to the birthday party. Using the  prompts they complete the invitation card asking the other team for the birthday party. Variation: students help the teacher complete her invitation card.


10. Listening task. Students listen to the video recipe of all the fruit salad and fill in. Group work.

 Post listening. Complete the recipe.HO.


11. Getting feedback from the students.


12. Summarising, giving marks, praising students ,error correction, setting homework. PB Ex.2,3 P.50


Посилання на додаткові ресурси https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WhG4C9l6sRQm5ER9Ezy658eTlZ7OFb0u/view?usp=sharing



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