Презентація"Види подорожі. Present Continuous."4 клас

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Презентація Уроку з використанням граматики

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Тема: Подорож. Підтема: Види подорожі

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Topic: Travelling. Micro topic: Ways of travelling. Objectives: to give some information about different ways oftravelling and revise previously learnt vocabulary; to introduce a new grammar point (The Present Continuous Tense); to develop speaking skills, thinking abilities; to teachpupils to respect the partner’s point of view; to widen pupils’ outlook; to create a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and promote interest in the culture.

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Travelling Ways of travelling“To travel is to live”

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Warm up: Take a or take a ,Take a or take a ,Take a , take a ,Maybe near or maybe far,Take a to the moon,But be sure to come back soon.

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Present Continuous Tense{5 C22544 A-7 EE6-4342-B048-85 BDC9 FD1 C3 A}to beverb + ing. Iamjumping. He/ she/ itisrunning. We/ you/ theyarelisteningstyle.opacity

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IMy brother. Children. We. Sheamisaremaking a voyagetaking a triphaving a journeymaking a tourby shipby trainby planeby carby bus. Speaking

Номер слайду 8

mklotokrrjourneytmntriptrvoyagegetkstourjournsty. Writing

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make a voyagetake a triphave a journeyto Europemake a tourby shipby trainby planeby busacross the seato Kyivto England. Group work

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