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Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 9 класу на тему Environmental Protection

Про матеріал

.Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 9 класу на тему "Environmental Protection ". Метою уроку є формування інтересу до природи та її збереження , розвиток навичок аудіювання, говоріння, критичного мислення , вдосконалення навичок роботи над проектом на уроках іноземної мови

Перегляд файлу

The topic of the lesson:   Environmental   Protection  Form 9


Objectives:  practice in expressing and exchanging opinions on subjects, to develop listening and speaking skils ,  to develop a creative way of thinking, to encourage pupils to work on project, to get pupils to realize the necessity of environmental protection.


Equipment : Articles for listening , pictures , placards with quotations

Types of the lesson: project work


Introduction into the topic


The topic we are going to discuss is one of the most actual problems of the world – it”s the protection of nature, keeping our environment clear and safe. The pupils of the 9th form understand the problem of environmental  protection and they work on project and today they present their project.

We live in a magic world. The world is full of  wonderful things. It's our nature. Nature gives us life. Nature teaches us to be kind and clever, attentive and creative. It teaches us to understand the world around us We are the happiest  people because we can walk along seaside or listen to songs of the forest or of the wind, or of the birds...Y. Gagarin said: "How beautiful our blue  planet is! How small it is! People of the world, take care of it, protect it". I want this poem to be the epigraph of our lessons.


Hog the Earth

Walking along, feeling

Feeling the Earth near with me

And I love her and she loves me free

I hug the earth and she hugs me

We'd like to go together forever.

She's our kindest friend



II.  Warming

Match these words with their definitions and explain their meanings:


— is the science that studies the conditions

to endanger

— of the habitat of man,

animals and plants





— is everything around us:

the soil, the air, the water

greenhouse effect



— is something which isharmful and dangerous

for people and animals



— is animal or plant which has just died

down or disa ppeared



— to create dangerous situ ation, to threaten one's life



— a place, where a certain animal or plant is usually




—is a heat which gets in the atmosphere and as a result

the atmosphere becomes warmer



— to dirt, to make something unclean


— is useless material

The main part of the lesson


T. The UN has received a letter. It is from na­ture. Listen to it, please.

Pre-listening activities

a) What do you think this text is about?

b) Presenting new vocabulary: a plea, garbage, to beg, fur, tusks

While-listening activities

While listening try to take notes and find out the answers to the following questions:

1. What ecological problems are discussed in this letter?

2. Who destroys the nature?

3. Will people be able to sell "air"?


Help, People, Help!

Help, people, help. I am dying. I'm sending you a plea. You are destroying me day after day. Don't you see my air is so polluted, my seas, my rivers and oceans are dark grey because of all that garbage, so many species of animals are ex­tinct already.

The last thousand of pandas from China beg you to save them. You destroy tigers, chimpanzees and elephants for their fur, meat, parts of bodies, tusks. But there are only few of them left. Pro­tect your furry friends.

Every year the earth loses 20 million acres of tropical rainforests. And water... the main com­ponent of your life. It has tons of toxic waste and sewage. Most big cities pour their waste into seas and oceans. Sometimes people don't realize the danger. People! Can you breathe this air? You I sell and buy water, but will you be able to sell air?

People! Quietly and slowly you are destroying yourselves. Please, stop it...


Post-listening activities

Answer the questions.

1. Why is our land dying?

2. Why do people kill the animals?

3. What is the main component of our life?

4. Do people realize the danger of pollution?

5. Will they be able to change the situation? 

6. What should you do to save our planet?


Т. Now, pupils , imagine that you are designer of an ecological company which produces T –shirts . Mention and  write words on this models of  T-shirts. The examples of words which  should be written on the models of  T-shirts:


  1. Help our planet to survive!
  2. Stop nuclear tests!
  3. Take care of animals and birds!
  4. Stop industrial wastes into rivers and seas!
  5. Protect  our animals and birds!
  6. Don’t throw plastic bags and bottles into rivers!
  7. Save natural resources!
  8. Control the use of  electricity!


Project presentation

  T. Environment is very important thing now. Environment is everything around us. Now look and listen.


P. I’m a sun. I'm very important body in the Universe. I give people, animals and plants light and head. I provide people with energy too. Noth­ing on the Earth can grow without me. I'm bright, I'm beautiful. But sometimes I can be dangerous. My ultraviolet radiation is bad for people. It can cause skin cancer. Don't do ozone holes in the atmosphere. Take care of your health.


P. II I'm the air. I must be clean and fresh. Noth­ing alive can exist without me. Trees are my friends. They produce a lot of oxygen for me. Human activi­ties pollute me with toxic waste. Sometimes people cut down and bum a big areas of forests. It is very dangerous for our fragile planet.

People! Take care of, forests and plants. Don't cut them down! Don't bum them! Don't forget.that people and animals must breathe oxygen.



P. HI. I'm water. I'm very important thing in the life on our planet. You know from your biology les­sons that human being cannot live and exist without water. Rivers and lakes, seas and oceans— they all are water.

Water gives people electricity, navigation, water cures and resorts. Mineral water is very useful for people health. Water brings cleanliness and fresh­ness, food and drinks. Water gives us tasty fish to eat. Water gives cool places in summer time for leisure. It serves borders between states.



P.Our resolution demands to stop self destraction  of human civilization. Our demands are:


1. Ask you governments to make laws to protect air, water and soil.

2. Save water, gas, energy and other natural resources.

3. Keep your cities, towns and countryside clean.

4. Don't put poisons into water, air and soil.

5. Don't dump or pour industrial waste into riv­ers, lakes, seas and oceans.

6. Take care of animals and birds.

7. Stop destruction of our countryside beauty. Protect our parks, gardens and forests.

8. Stop nuclear tests.

9. Don't turn our planet into a pile of rubbish.

10. Help our planet to survive.


Good of you. And now at the end of our lesson some pupils will recite poems and sing a song. Flowers.

I like flowers that are bright, I like flowers that are white. I like flowers with a nice smell, That blossom in gardens so well.


A Question.

Some people live in the country

Where the houses are very small.

Some people live in the city,

Where the houses are very tall.

But in the country where the houses are small,

The gardens are very big,

And in the city where the houses are tall,

There arc no gardens at all.

Where would you rather live?


Don't Kill the world.

Don't kill the world!

Don't let the Earth down! Do not destroy the ground! Don't kill the world!

Don't kill the world! Don't let the Earth die! Help her to survive! Don't kill the world!

This land is your land.

As I was walking that ribbon of highway I saw above me that endless sky-way, 1 saw below me that golden valley, This land is made for you and me. This land is your land, This land is my land.


The Beauty of the World

I used to see the stars at night.

I used to hear the birds.

I used to feel the warmth of the sun.

I used to smell the springtime flowers.

And sing so happily.

I used to sing a song about the beauty of the world.

It was a long, long time ago,

I used to sing a song.

Before the black srnoke filled the sky,

Ī used to sing a song.

I used to sing a song about the beauty of the world.

Did you use to see the stars shining in the night?

Did you use to hear the birds and feel the sun? Did you use to smell the flowers? Their colours were so bright. I used to sing a song about the beauty of the world.


A song:

"This is the life"

This is the life!

This is the life for me!

I feel good lure.

This is the place for me!

I feel good here. This is the place for me! I've got friends here. These are the friends for me.

I've got friends here. There are the friends tor me! I'm at home here. This is the home for me!

This is the life!

This is the life for me!

I feel good lure.

This is the place for me!



VIII. Conclusion, evaluation and marks.

IX. Home assignment.









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