Конспект уроку з англійської мови на тему "My day"

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Конспект уроку розроблено на основі підручника Super Minds 2 (Cambridge Univerity Press. Містить такі аспекти, як Listening, Speaking and Writing. У розробці продемонстровано декілька ігор на засвоєння нової лексики.
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The topic of the lesson “My day”

Form: 2/3

Materials: Student’s book and Workbook (Super Minds 2), flashcards, pictures.


  1. Beginning of the lesson

Teacher: Hello kids! How’re you? What day is it today? What month is it today? What season is it today?

  1. Warm-up

Picture of the house on the board. (Addition 1)

Teacher: Let’s look at the blackboard. There is a picture. What can we see on this picture? Which rooms are here? Name them. (Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining room, Laundry, Living room, Hall or Corridor). How do you think what we can do in these rooms? Say or show. (Student’s answers)

  1. Presentation

Teacher: Ok. Now I show you some pictures and we guess together what it is.

(Some variants for entering new vocabulary with cards (Addition 2):

  • Teacher shows yellow picture, mimes and says phrases, then children repeat together.
  • Teacher holds up picture and students mime and say the phrase.
  • Teacher sticks cards on the board and students say a possible sequence\order. Teacher puts cards.)

Teacher: Open your Student’s book on page 10, look at the pictures and compare them with our sequence on the board. What is it different? (Teacher puts the cards in right sequence)

Teacher: Look at the pictures one more time. Whom can you see? Which rooms can you see? What do these children do?

Teacher: Now listen to the audio and look at the picture. (only part 1)

Teacher: Now we listen to the words and you point the right pictures in your books. (part 2)

Teacher: Listen to the audio one more time, when you hear our new phrases show me the actions and repeat the phrases.

Teacher: Now let’s play some games with our new phrases.

  • Game 1. Let’s divide into teams. Green team and red team. I give you flashcards. Mix them up. Now I say you phrase and you must find right picture and lift up it. All clear? Then, ready! Steady! Go!
  • Game 2. The next game is more difficult. Set your cards aside. I give you phrases. Now I show you picture and you must find right phrase and lift up it. Do you understand? Ok. Ready! Steady! Go!
  • Game 3. The last game. Take your pictures and phrases. Mix them up. When we start our game, you must match pictures with right phrases. Who will be faster? Red or green team? Are you ready? Let’s start. ___ The winner is___. But I have a little present for everyone. (picture of panda)

Teacher: Now let’s fix our phrases. Firstly divide into pairs. I give you paper. (Addition 3) There are pictures and words here. You must write necessary phrase under the picture. Then we check together. You can start.

  1. Chant

Teacher: Now take your SB, do you see the chant on page 10? Before listening it, I want to show you some pictures and we guess together what is it on the pictures. (Yawn – зевать, crunch – хрустеть, run, munch – жевать.)

Teacher: Now we listen to the audio and follow the chant in your books. Then we listen to one more time, I will make pause after each second line and we repeat together. At the end we will sing without pausing.

  • Game 4. Let’s divide into groups. You’re the first group and you – the second. The first group must chants and the second group must mimes the actions. I will help you. Let’s swap. Now the first group mimes and the second – chants.

Teacher: Ok. You’re perfect singers and mimes. Unfortunately our lesson is coming to the end. But I have some games for you.

  • Game 1. “Is it__?” I show you action and if you know the answer, you must say “Is it_____?”. If it is right answer, I say “Yes, it is.” And you go on my place and show another action. If I say “No, it isn’t”, You must continue to show further, until someone guesses. Are you ready? Let’s start.
  • Game 2. Now open your books on the page 10 and look at the pictures in ex. 1. Try to remember what is on the pictures. You will have 1 minute. Then you close your book, I say you phrase, for example “have dinner” and you must say me what is on this picture. “Misty with her parents”. Are you ready? Let’s start. Your minute is over. Let’s check.
  1. Ending of the lesson

I hope that you enjoy our lesson, remember names of the rooms and learn new phrases. I wish you great evening and see you tomorrow.

Addition 1 Addition 2


















Addition 3

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